Visions Electronics Return Policy (Coverage, No Receipt)

Visions Electronics Return Policy

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop in Canada to buy any electronic device you can think of, look no further than Visions Electronics. However, there is never a guarantee that you’ll love what you get, so what is their return policy?

Visions Electronics accepts returns within thirty days of purchase; however, there are exceptions on certain items that involve the condition of the product, time frame for return, and restocking fees.

In this article, we will review all aspects of Visions Electronics’ return policy including how to make a return, return exceptions, non-receipt returns, refunds for returned items, and more.

How Do I Make a Return to Visions Electronics?

Unwanted products can be returned to Visions Electronics either at a physical store location or by shipping them back to the Returns Department via mail.

If you intend to return a product to one of Visions Electronics retail stores, make sure that you have the product plus all of its original packaging and accessories along with your receipt in order to make a valid return or exchange.

As long as a Visions Electronics employee verifies that the item you are returning qualifies for a return, you should receive a full refund back in the form of tender with which you paid.

If you intend to ship a return back to Visions Electronics, call their customer service representatives to start a return and they will provide you with instructions on the proper way to ship back your unwanted product. Make sure you include all of the accessories and original packaging.

You will have to cover the cost of return shipping unless your product is damaged, defective, or was sent to you in error.

Once the Visions Electronics return department has received and processed your return, you will receive your refund.

What Products Can I Return to Visions Electronics?

Almost every product sold by Visions Electronics can be returned including appliances, camcorders, car audio, remote starters, tablets, furniture, portable electronics, security products, electronics accessories, smart home products, headphones, chromebooks, computers, cell phones, drones, cameras, and more.

However, most of these products are only eligible for returns if they are unopened. Some, like video games, can be returned after they’ve been opened only if they are defective.

Other products if found to be defective after opening, like printers, cannot be returned and must be serviced directly by the manufacturer.

Visions Electronics does accept returns for reconditioned and refurbished electronics; however, there may be limitations specific to each product.

Make sure to review these or ask a customer representative about them if you are unsure how to proceed with a return.

Are There Any Items That Cannot Be Returned to Visions Electronics?

Despite accepting a majority of their products for returns, there are certain items that cannot be returned to Visions Electronics.

If you place a special order, you cannot return an item from this order because it cannot be resold by the store. Therefore, all special orders are considered final sale.

Labor, installation, delivery, third-party fees, and shipping charges are not refundable even if the product you intend to return is.

Consumables such as toner, paper, light bulbs, batteries, ink, and drum cartridges are not returnable if the packaging has been opened.

Headphones, major appliances, furniture, movies, and software are also not eligible for returns if they have been opened.

If you discover damages or a manufacturer’s defect only after opening the item, contact Visions Electronics customer service desk to see how to proceed because they may make an exception or direct you toward the manufacturer to determine a troubleshooting solution.

Can I Return Merchandise to Visions Electronics Without a Receipt?

Visions Electronics does not include a clause in its return policy stating that it will accept returns without a receipt.

It does state that returns must be accompanied by the original purchasing receipt, so it cannot be assumed that they will not accept receipt-less returns.

However, if you paid with a card and can provide a bank statement, you can ask a customer service representative if that provides sufficient proof of purchase to make a return.

Since Visions Electronics relies on receipts to inform them that the item was purchased at their store, the method with which the item was paid for, and the date of purchase, having a receipt on hand is necessary.

When in doubt, don’t throw it out. Keep your receipts for your Visions Electronics purchases and any order confirmations for items you purchase online.

This will make your return experience with Visions Electronics smooth and stress-free.

Will Visions Electronics Accept Returns with Open Packaging?

Certain items can be returned if they have been opened because Visions Electronics understands that you may not realize that you don’t want a product until it is out of the packaging.

You may be charged a 15% restocking fee for some items like drones, cameras, camcorders, and small kitchen appliances if returned opened.

Other items like movies and computer software can only be returned open if there is a manufacturer’s defect.  

Radar detectors cannot be returned if the packaging is opened but they can be exchanged as long as it remains within the valid return/exchange time frame.

For all other products that can be returned once they’ve been opened, the original packaging and any accessories that accompany the product must be included with the return or else Visions Electronics may reject it.

How Long Do I Have to Return Items to Visions Electronics?

For most products, Visions Electronics will allow you up to thirty days after purchase to return or exchange any unwanted items given you have the original receipt and packaging.

However, some products have a shorter return time frame.

For example, air conditioners, KitchenAid products, contract phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and Apple products have half the return window of only fifteen days after purchase.

Home or car installs must be canceled within a day of the appointment and any unused appointments only remain valid for a period of 365 days.

If you receive any damaged items from Visions Electronics online store, you must report them within twenty-four hours of receipt or else you may not be able to return them.

Visions Electronics must also be notified of any defective products within thirty days, or you may not receive a refund.

How Will I Receive My Refund for Products Returned to Visions Electronics?

Returns must be approved by Visions Electronics before a refund can be given. This will occur much faster for in store returns than those that are shipped back.

You will be refunded in the same form of tender with which you originally paid except if the payment was made in cash.

For cash purchases, you will have a choice of putting your refund on a credit or debit card and receiving a store credit or check.

Most refunds made to credit or debit cards will appear on your bank statement within ten business days of the return.

If you ship back your return, the refund will not be applied until the return has been received and processed by the Visions Electronics returns department.


Visions Electronics has a very extensive return policy that should be reviewed if you wish to bring an item back for a refund.

Although most products are eligible for returns, there are a lot that have different return windows than the general thirty days, open packaging requirements, and potential restocking fees.

Visions Electronics will accept returns via mail or in person, but you need to have your original receipt or else they may not accept it.

Refunds will be made in the original form of tender with which you paid except for cash which can be refunded on a card or as a store credit or a check.



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