Walmart Electronics Return Policy (What´s covered? + More)

Walmart Electronics Return Policy

Everyone knows Walmart has some of the most flexible return policies out there, making it easy for customers to bring back items they don’t want or need without any issues.

However, do you know what Walmart’s electronic return policy is? With a receipt, Walmart allows customers to return almost any electronic item, undamaged, within 30-days of the original purchase date to receive a full refund. 

While Walmart might make things a little easier than other retailers, even they have stipulations and regulations, and in this article, we are going to go over them all.

What is Walmart‘s Electronics Return Policy?

Customers have 30-days to return their electronics to Walmart to receive a full refund. This time frame is much different than their old policy where you had 90-days to return just about anything bought in this store. While this applies to most items you purchase, there are some exceptions to the rules (which we will get to later.)

While most products purchased at Walmart can be sent back opened, used, etc., any electronics that you return need to be in the new condition, with some requiring the original packaging upon return.

If you already opened the products and decided you no longer wanted them, you might lose the option of returning them, or you will be given store credit as opposed to a cash refund.

Is this Policy for All Electronics?

The 30-day return window applies to most electronics purchased at your local Walmart or their online marketplace. However, there are always exceptions to the rules depending on the products you buy. 

Some electronics are only returnable for 14-days after the initial purchase.

  • Prepaid wireless cellular phones (undamaged and only in-store)
  • Most postpaid (contract) cellular phones (undamaged and to the original store it was bought from)
  • Opened or used unlocked wireless phones (undamaged and can only be exchanged)

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What About Exchanging Electronics at Walmart?

Sometimes the color or size of a product you get just isn’t what you were expecting when you get it home and actually take time to inspect it. If you bought that product at Walmart and it is electronic, you have 30-days to exchange the item for the one you would rather have without any issues. 

However, like returns, there are some requirements when it comes to exchanging Walmart products that don’t usually apply to most other items. 

To exchange your electronics, you must have the original proof of purchase. You will also be asked for a valid photo ID.

This information is stored in their computer systems that track returns and exchanges to identify how often someone brings items back. 

This system is designed to protect businesses from fraudulent activity and to stop chronic returns from coming through the store.

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Do I Need the Original Packaging to Return My Electronics?

No. While it is ideal to have the original packaging to return your electronics, you don’t have to have it to get your money back or to exchange the item for the one you want.

Typically, Walmart will do everything in its power to make the process as smooth as possible, and they will refund you for your opened product as long as it isn’t damaged, and you have your receipt.

What About a Used Electronic Item, Can That Be Returned?

Walmart is famous for allowing customers to bring back literally anything under the sun, including used products. This seems to be the case for electronics as well.

As long as you can provide your original receipt and the electronic item is not damaged in any way, you can return it for a full refund within 30-days of the initial purchase. 

Walmart Electronics Return Policy Without a Receipt

If you bought your electronics on a credit or debit card or on a Walmart card, you might be in luck. These types of transactions are usually pretty easy to track down these days, and the cashier may be able to locate the purchase in their computer system.

However, if you bought the item in cash or with a gift card, technically, you won’t be allowed to return the product.

With that being said, Walmart employees have the ability to accept products even if it isn’t compliant with policy, and it seems that more often than not, the company is outstanding about taking back unwanted products no matter what.

In this case, there is a good chance you will be offered store credit or an even exchange as long as there is no damage to the item.

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How Do You Return Electronics To Walmart?

Returning products to Walmart couldn’t get any easier. If you decide to take the item back to a physical store, simply make your way to the customer service counter with the product and receipt in hand (if you have it.)

There the employee will let you know whether or not the item qualifies for a return or what your options are.

The refund will be provided to you in the same fashion as initially purchased; if you put it on your Walmart credit card, don’t expect to get the money back in cash; it will simply be refunded to your card. 

What About Online Purchases?

You can take the items you bought at back to any local Walmart store or send them back by mail. If you want to return it by mail, you will have to initiate the return through your personal Walmart account.

Once in your account, click on the product you wish to return. There, you will be given the option for returns, including a prepaid return postage label for free. 

Pack up the item into a shipping safe box and send it back to the company. It usually takes about 48 hours once the item is received for the employees to inspect the product and then issue a refund.

What About Third-Party Sellers on Walmart‘s Marketplace?

The return policy is a little different when it comes to electronics with third-party sellers; the difference is that for most electronics, you are only given a 14-day period to send the items back. After this time period, you might have to contact the seller directly to work something out or to initiate any warranty they may offer.

For the most part, all products purchased through the marketplace with third-party sellers can be returned for free.

However, always read the entire post and all the “fine print” because there are some companies out there that refuse returns or will require you to pay for any shipping expense and even restocking fees.

Can You Take Marketplace Items to Walmart Stores?

Many products purchased through third-party sellers can be returned to a Walmart store for a full refund. However, there are also a few that cannot.

It is important that you check into the return policy and procedures when working with these sellers before making any purchases or before starting the return process.

What About Large Items? How do You Return Those?

If you bought a large electronic item, such as a big-screen TV or a huge sound system, you could request a return and opt for a pickup from Walmart‘s customer service center.

They will schedule a pickup time for professionals to come to your home and retrieve the item you wish to return, typically at no additional cost to you.

Does Walmart Refuse the Return of Any Electronics?

Very few items cannot be returned to Walmart, even when it comes to electronics. The only things we found that cannot be returned are used game codes or damaged items. 

There are also a few products that can not be returned but can be exchanged, which include opened used drones and used unlocked phones. 

Summing Things Up

If you are looking for a great place to shop for electronics with peace of mind, a return is possible if you aren’t 100% happy with the product; Walmart is one of the best.

Here you have the option of returning almost anything and getting a result you are most satisfied with.



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