Under Armour Backpack Lifetime Warranty (How It Works + Claims)

Under Armour Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Under Armour backpacks come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, and they’re expected to be fairly durable.

They’re also on the higher side, price-wise, so you’ll want to look into the warranty and return options for your Under Armour Backpack if you decide to purchase one.

Under Armour backpacks come with a 60 day guaranteed return policy and a Universal Guarantee of Performance, but as far as their official website reports, lifetime warranties are not available, or difficult to obtain.

We’ll take a closer look at UA policy here.

Does Under Armour Offer a Lifetime Warranty on their Backpacks?

There are claims of a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ for Under Armour products, including backpacks, but very little information on it, even on Under Armour official sites.

The only guaranteed warranty that Under Armour posts on their site is the 1 year warranty for their headphones.

What Under Armour does offer is a Universal Guarantee of Performance, and a 60 day Free Return Policy.

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What Is Under Armour’s Universal Guarantee of Performance?

Under Armour guarantees 100% satisfaction under their Universal Guarantee of Performance.

This guarantee is issued with the company statement that Under Armour Products will always be supportive and make your life better.

The Universal Guarantee of Performance is extended to all products and promises that every item is high-quality, durable, and high performance.

How Does Under Armour Ensure Their Universal Guarantee of Performance?

Under Armour products are all extensively tested by paid product testers. Each of these testers are athletes who use the product extensively in a ‘Field Test’ to ensure maximum product performance.

Field Testers and products are matched through a series of criteria and questionnaires including basic demographic information, athletic activity and type, and levels of experience.

Field Tests can be as short as a few weeks, or as long as a few months, and involve using the product in all conditions possible.

During the Field Testing, product testers report back regularly to share insights that are used to improve quality of the end product.

How Do I Apply The Universal Guarantee of Performance to My Backpack?

If you have a problem with your backpack and feel like it’s a manufacturer concern or a quality problem you can fill out a form online or a hard copy that you print.

This form includes a shipping label and a return form as well as a refund and exchange form to fill out and expedite the process. If you have questions, the form includes a number to contact Customer Service.

The Return and Exchanges Form also comes with options to choose between a full refund or an exchange. It also has the option of returning a gift purchased by a third party.

Fill out the form and mail your backpack in to the Under Armour Distribution House.

Under Armour recommends using a trackable mailing service to ensure your package arrives, then calling Customer Service for Information after the order has had time to be processed.

The Universal Guarantee does not cover shipping costs for returns.

How Does the Return and Exchange Policy Work?

According to the Official Under Armour website, any purchase made at a store, on UnderArmour.com, through an app or UA Factory Store can be returned for free within 60 days if returned with proof of purchase.

Items being returned must be in the original purchase condition.

Exchanges for items in different colors or sizes can be made at no cost if made within the 60 day window for returns and exchanges.

What Do I Need To Do To Make A Return?

For returns of online packages, you’ll need the original shipping label or the original packing slip.

For returns in-store, you’ll need to include at least proof of purchase.

If you don’t have a packing slip you can do the following:

– Print a free Shipping and Return Label from the official website.

– Print out the Free Shipping Label and the Return Authorization Form

Mail the return or bring it to an in-store location to make your return.

What Are the Steps In The Return Process?

Items need to be returned in the same condition they were purchased, with proof of purchase in the form of a packing slip, order number, or other verification.

Returns that are mailed to an Under Armour location will usually take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at the location.

Once a return has arrived, it takes 10 to 14 for the return to be processed.

Exchanges for equal values are processed and the new item is sent if the return is accepted.

In exchanges where the new item is more expensive than the previous one, more information may be required for everything to be processed.

How Are Refunds Handled?

Returns that are accepted for a refund will have the refund processed and funds delivered to the original method of payment.

Refunds without proof of purchase will only be refunded for the last known selling price of the item, and the refund will be made in Gift Card form only.

Refunds made in-store without a receipt may require a photo ID.

If the price changes within 10 days of the sale, Under Armour will provide a refund for the difference in price if asked.

Are There Any Reasons a Return Would Be Refused?

In-store refunds cannot be processed if the original payment was made with ApplePay, PayPal, or Klarna. Items paid for with these methods need to be returned via mail and processed through off-site locations.

Returns can be refused if:

– The return is made after the 60 day deadline is passed.

– There is no proof of purchase provided.

– Issues involve excessive wear and tear and improper use

– The item was purchased through a third-party vendor.

Under Armour can also insist on limiting the number of returns you can make, even with receipts.

Are There Exceptions That Can Be Made On The Return Policy?

Under Armour may make exceptions to the return policy if:

– the item in question still has the tag attached and looks new or unused.

– The manufacturing date on the tag is less than 2 years old.

Is There Anything Else to Know About Under Armour Policies for Items?

Under Armour does not offer any repairs for items.

Even if a refund or return does not necessarily get accepted, the items will be discarded or donated. They will not be shipped back once they are sent to the warehouse.

Third party sellers such as Amazon may have different policies that they apply to returns, refunds and exchanges.

Final Thoughts

According to the official Under Armour website, there aren’t any Lifetime Warranty guarantees for their products, including backpacks.

The Universal Guarantee of Performance may serve as a guideline for consideration if your backpack has a notable and provable manufacturer’s defect.

Outside of an obvious defect, there’s no guarantee of any return or exchange being accepted outside of the 60 days of the return policy, or any refunds made.

The best thing to do if you’re not sure about your specific backpack and whether or not it will fit the criteria for free returns or exchanges, you’ll want to call Customer Service.




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