Are Backpacks Allowed In Walmart? (Backpack Policy + More)

Are Backpacks Allowed In Walmart

Lindsey, do you know if backpacks are allowed in Walmart? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Backpacks are a popular way to keep your things with you, but in recent times, more and more locations have begun restricting their use. Stores such as Walmart and other retailers, have been trying to reduce their losses in stolen merchandise, and are considering restrictions on large bags in their stores to help deter would-be thieves.

No, backpacks are not allowed in Walmart. There are currently no rules prohibiting backpacks and other large bags inside Walmart stores. However, there are some things you should be aware of if you decide to bring your backpack in with you.

This article looks at Walmart‘s policies and concerns surrounding backpacks, and what you should know in order to make your shopping experience as stress-free as possible.

Are Backpacks Allowed in Walmart?

At this time, Walmart‘s corporate policy allows customers to bring in any personal bags they choose, including backpacks. There is no corporate-wide policy that states that backpacks cannot be worn while inside Walmart.

That said, some individual stores may request that you leave your backpack in your car or check it in at a designated location as part of their security measures.

While it is not corporate policy to do so, neither is it against any policy, or against the law.

Why Are Some Walmart’s Restricting the Use of Backpacks?

Unfortunately, shop-lifting has always been a problem for Walmart, as well as other major retailers. In 2015, the company as a whole began testing new methods to reduce the losses due to theft.

More frequent receipt checks and the restriction of backpacks or large bags are two of the methods that Walmart has been testing to reduce losses.

Why Are Only Some Walmart’s Using This Policy?

Some Walmart’s are located in areas with a higher crime level than others. These Walmart’s are more likely to implement stricter security measures like banning backpacks or insisting that bags be checked.

In the end, it comes down to the policy of the on-site store manager, and whether or not they believe that the benefits of implementing these measures would outweigh the irritation it causes customers.

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Why Are They Focusing on Backpacks?

Backpacks are among the largest of casual carrying bags, and also the most varied in size. They generally have more pockets and zippered compartments than other bags.

It can be difficult to tell how full a backpack is unless it’s completely full or completely empty. This makes it difficult for a casual visual inspection to identify if anything has been placed inside.

Is Walmart Allowed to Demand I Check My Backpack?

Legally, they can’t necessarily demand you leave your backpack or bag in a designated location.

However, under what is known as Shopkeeper’s Privilege laws, they can ask for you to do so, and consider denying entry if you refuse. It’s considered a legal method of protecting their merchandise.

What Safeguards Does Walmart Offer for Checked Bags Against Theft?

It depends on the establishment. Because the practice is not corporate wide and universally enforced, policies for protecting checked belongings are also somewhat flexible.

Some stores have lockers with a keypad lock to safeguard your belongings.

Your bags may also be guarded by an employee if you choose to check them in, just as your cart might be guarded if you left at the door for some reason.

Walmart employs the use of cameras in-store in several locations, and it is highly likely that a check-in location will have cameras.

Whatever the case, you have the right to ask what safeguards are being taken with your belongings before you agree or refuse.

What If I Buy a Backpack In the Store? Does it Have to Be Checked Too?

This is a difficult question. The answer is probably no, since you’re unlikely to wear it until after you’ve checked out.

What If I Need My Backpack to Carry My Things, or To Carry the Merchandise I Buy?

That is something that would have to be discussed with the management of the store. Alternative arrangements may be suggested for you.

You might also be asked to show what’s inside your backpack before entering and exiting.

Can Walmart Check My Backpack?

Legally, they are allowed to request a visual inspection, but only a visual inspection, and only under certain circumstances.

For example, if your backpack is much fuller when you leave than when you entered, they may ask to verify items in the pack against your receipt.

Also, if your backpack sets off the alarm entering or exiting the building, they may ask for a visual inspection.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you wait until after leaving the store if you wish to place purchased items in your backpack.

Do I Have to Permit My Bag to Be Checked?

You are legally allowed to refuse a visual inspection of your bags or your receipt. And legally, Walmart employees are not permitted to prevent you from leaving the premises.

However, if Walmart has sufficient evidence that you are shoplifting, they may detain you until the matter is resolved, under the rights of Shopkeeper’s Privilege.

Is the Policy Regarding Backpacks Likely to Change Any Time Soon?

According to the stores implementing bans or restrictions, the policies are permanent and unlikely to be reversed in the near future.

Several stores that do not currently have restrictions in place have indicated they may change their policies in the near future.

As to whether or not a corporate rule change regarding backpacks is imminent, there is no definite answer.

The current recommendation is to check with store management if you have concerns about a particular store’s rules regarding backpacks.

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