Can I Bring A Drink Into Walmart? (All You Need To Know!)

can i bring a drink into walmart

Lindsey, do you know if I can bring a drink or a coffee into Walmart? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

One of the most irritating things about going shopping is having to leave a drink in the car. Some stores have a ‘No Outside Beverages’ policy. Other stores, like Walmart, can be a little more flexible.

Walmart does allow outside drinks to be brought in and enjoyed by shoppers. They simply ask that you follow certain guidelines as a courtesy.

This article looks at Walmart‘s drink policy, and the guidelines they request customers follow for reasons of safety and courtesy.

Can I Bring An Outside Drink Into Walmart?

Outside drinks are definitely permitted in Walmart. In fact, many stores have vending machines outside the door that you can buy drinks from before you enter.

There aren’t many official Walmart policies regarding drinks, but there are a few common courtesies that Walmart employees request customers observe.

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Are There Any Drinks I Can’t Bring Into Walmart?

You can’t bring in open alcoholic beverages. And you can’t drink an alcoholic beverage while within the store.

Drinks in open cups without any sort of lid are somewhat discouraged, due to the risk of spills. This does not apply to open cans, which only have a narrow opening, but to drinks in paper, styrofoam, or regular cups.

Does Walmart Have a Way to Identify Outside Drinks From Drinks Bought In-Store?

Not all Walmart stores have an identification system for outside drinks. And if you’re drinking something bought in Mcdonald’s or Subway or another food service chain, then there isn’t any requirement for it.

However, in many locations, the door greeter can give you a sticker or another marking for your drinks when you enter to prove that the drink is yours. This can be helpful if you’ve got a bottled or canned drink.

What Rules Does Walmart Have Regarding Outside Drinks?

There are a few unspoken rules that Walmart stores request you follow if you bring an outside drink into the store. Most of these are suggestions made to keep the store clean and make sure the environment is as safe as possible.

Please use a container that’s at least partially closed.

This will minimize the chances of a spill. A drink with a screw-on cap is the best option.

This is also an issue due to health and safety regulations within the store, particularly around food in the grocery aisle. We want to minimize the risk of contamination as much as possible.

Keep hold of your drink, especially if it can’t be fully closed.

This will keep your drink from being lost or tipped over. There’s less chance of accidents if you keep your beverage close at hand.

Please throw away finished beverages in a trash can or recycling station

The store has trash cans in various places throughout the grounds where you can deposit empty containers or finished drinks.

Many stores also have recycling stations you can put bottles or cans into. If you want to use recycling, check with an associate as to the location of the recycling stations in the store.

Please do not leave containers, whether empty or partially empty, on shelves or around the store.

Abandoned containers have the potential to create spills or an unsanitary environment.

It also creates more work for the employees and a potentially unsafe environment for them.

If you have a spill, please alert a nearby employee to attend to the matter. Don’t leave the mess unattended.

Spills are a hazard to everyone. Walmart employees receive training in how to safely handle messes like spilled drinks with minimum risk.

They also have radios or other means to contact the maintenance staff to make sure everything is properly wiped down, cleaned up, and sanitized.

Once an employee is onsite, they can take care of the issue so that you can return to shopping.

Wash or wipe your hands before handling merchandise, especially if there is any chance you may have gotten liquids from your beverage on them.

This is a matter of courtesy to other shoppers. Keeping a clean and relatively sanitary environment is important.

Non-alcoholic drinks only

It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in a store setting. Likewise, being publicly intoxicated is grounds for removal from the premises, with the possibility of being detained.

Are There Any Other Rules Regarding Drinks In Walmart?

In addition to outside beverages, Walmart has places you can pick up a beverage just inside the store, aside from the usual grocery shelves.

The Front Coolers:

Many Walmart stores have coolers containing drinks near the front of the store, beside the registers. While these are available for purchase on your way out, you can also take one on your way into the store.

If you choose to take a drink from the cooler, you can pay for it at any time, but please do not throw away the bottle or can without first paying for the beverage.

This does not apply to drinks on the shelves in the main part of the store.

Water Fountains:

Walmart stores usually have water fountains near the restrooms in the stores. You are free to refill bottles from these fountains.

In-Store Food Establishments:

Many Walmart stores have an inside restaurant, such as a McDonalds, Subway, or Starbucks. If you get a drink from one of these establishments, you are free to carry it with you when you enter the main part of the store.



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