How Much Do Walmart Employees Make? (Salary Updated)

how much do walmart employees make

Do you know how much Walmart employees make? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

On average Walmart, employees can make as little as $12-13 per hour or as high as $18-22 per hour. Walmart salaried positions range from around $2,000 to $3,000 a month or $25,000 to about $36,000 a year. However, Walmart has many in-store sales and service positions, as well as business executive positions in headquarters locations that are paid a salary that could be into the six-figure range.

This article is about what Walmart employees get paid. We’ll look at entry-level positions and those in different departments. We’ll also talk about what types of jobs there are with Walmart.

So, read on to get a better picture of what you can make at Walmart.

How Much Do Walmart Employees Make?

Walmart employees make all sorts of different wages. Entry level positions, such as cashier make the lowest hourly starting rate.

Customer service representatives make an entry-level rate, also, but slightly higher than a cashier.

The sales associates you see working all around the store are generally paid a few dollars more than cashiers and customer service clerks that work the counter. 

Walmart warehouse workers start at higher hourly rates than many of the in-store workers. Depending on what position you’re offered in the warehouse, you could make around $18 per hour or $21-24 per hour.

Department managers in the store, such as customer service managers usually make $20-something per hour.

Some of the more complex departments in the grocery side of Walmart stores likely pay managers more because of the experience it takes to run those specialized sections.

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What’s the Highest-Paid Department at Walmart?

Employees in different departments of Walmart get paid on differing scales.

Employees working in the healthcare department make the highest salaries on average. That department has an average salary of $43,000.

Do Employees of Walmart Get Benefits?

Walmart offers employees many benefits. All employees get to enjoy the associate discount on purchases. The company also offers several healthcare plans to choose from.

Walmart matches a percentage of allotments for employees who opt into the 401k plan, too. 

All employees are offered some amount of paid time off according to the guidelines of their respective positions.

Walmart workers also have plenty of opportunities for overtime at different times of the year, as well as for quarterly bonuses that are earned when goals are achieved.

Do Walmart Employees Get Pay Raises?

Walmart does give employees raises based on performance. There are reviews held every six months where supervisors assess the job performance of their employees to determine a potential raise. 

Sometimes the company will assess the entire workforce to see if there is a need to increase pay randomly across the board.

They may also decide to do this in one region of the country. In 2021, Walmart raised the pay of nearly half a million employees to get closer to a national average.

What’s the Highest Paid Position at Walmart?

Walmart employs some software engineers. People in these positions must have specific educational achievements and meet various other requirements. The highest paying job at Walmart is often a software engineer. 

Some store managers make pretty hefty salaries, too. We’re not talking about managers of departments inside the store.

The store manager is the only one it has. He or she is in charge of maintaining that entire location. A store manager at Walmart may make as much as $180,000 in some cities.

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Can You Promote at Walmart?

Walmart encourages employees to find a path for their careers with the company. In fact, 75% of Walmart‘s upper management, executive staff, and supervisors started in entry-level jobs with Walmart

Many employees stay with Walmart long term. Nearly two thirds of Walmart employees promote into other roles.

The growth and development of their employees is something that’s highly important to Walmart as a company. 

Are Walmart Employees Happy?

In recent polls, Walmart employees aren’t as happy as those working for some similar companies. The biggest complaint is surrounding wages. 

That being said, just over half of the Walmart employees surveyed felt they were paid fairly. A slightly higher percentage of workers are happy with their benefits. 

Many employees are happy with the work environment. There have been some specific instances of employees being treated unfairly or illegally, but those are few and far between.

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Starting Pay Is Good

The general feedback from Walmart employees is the pay is great for entry-level positions.

Teenagers and young adults looking for some of their first jobs will find the pay to be quite good compared to other jobs with similar companies.

The thing to remember is sometimes the job can be physically demanding or a lot of standing. Walmart employees need to be ready for some tasks to be more labor-intensive than others and some days to be long.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Walmart?

It’s fairly easy to get a job at Walmart. There are many locations and plenty of positions open in most stores. 

Many of the positions have low-level requirements for experience. Sometimes applicants get hired right on the spot.

The application and hiring process is nice and simple. Generally, if you want a position at Walmart, you can get one.

You may not get exactly what you want, but you’re likely to get a position if you complete your application successfully.

What Kind of Jobs Are There with Walmart?

Walmart has almost any job under the sun available, just not in every location. Many in-store jobs don’t require college degrees. 

Some of the corporate level jobs, software engineering positions, marketing department jobs, and others outside of the stores require higher education.


Walmart employees are paid fairly for entry-level positions. Some employees state it’s tough to live on Walmart wages but everything is relative. It depends on what type of position you hold. 

The bottom line is, there are plenty of positions at Walmart with room to grow. Your job at Walmart has a lot to offer if you work hard at your development.


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