How To Get Free Coupons For Walmart? (Print + Use Coupons)

How To Get Free Coupons For Walmart

There’s nothing quite like a coupon for getting you great deals at your favorite retailer’s, but you need to know where to look if you want to take advantage of these offers.

If you’re chasing some savings, then you might be wondering how to get free coupons for Walmart.

Walmart always has coupons and deals on offer, it’s just a case of finding them. There are many online locations where you can find various discounts or coupon codes that could be active today. Sometimes, coupon codes are time-sensitive or specific to certain customers, but there are many different kinds to try out.

Read ahead in this article to find out how to get hold of free coupons for Walmart, how to use the coupons that are available, and what other offers you might be able to find to get a few dollars off your next shop.

What Is Walmart?

Before we get into the different coupons and offers that you can find for their stores, let’s take a look at Walmart as a company and what they’re all about. Walmart is an American retail corporation that is best known for the massive number of hypermarkets and grocery stores that they operate.

There are more than 10,000 stores that are currently run by Walmart, located in 24 different countries. Since its founding in 1969, the retail giant has gone on to become the world’s largest company by revenue, making over $500 billion every year.

They are also the largest private employer on the planet, with over 2 million people currently working for the company.

Walmart stores offer almost any products that you can think of, and they are usually at a very competitive price, but there are always ways to get a little off your next Walmart shop.

Does Walmart Have Coupons?

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, then you’re in luck. Walmart almost always has some coupons available that can get you significant amounts of money off commonly purchased items. Many of the coupons that they do have, though, are unique to individual locations.

There are also other coupon codes that you can use to save money when shopping at Walmart online, often for other deals like Walmart Plus membership or a discount on delivery items.

These are generally for one-time use, but they can take a large percentage off the bill.

Does Walmart Have Other Offers Too?

Although coupons can be store-specific and are perhaps not as reliable, there are almost always offers and discounts on various items at Walmart.

The convenient thing about these savings is that they are available to all customers, regardless of whether or not you have a specific code or coupon – and you don’t need to meet any eligibility requirements.

How To Find Free Coupons for Walmart at

The easiest way to find coupons for your local store is to look on the Walmart website: There is a simple way to search for coupons that your nearest store is offering.

  1. Select “Services” at the top of the page.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select “Get Inspired”, then “Weekly ad”.
  3. On this page, search for your nearest store by putting in your zip code.
  4. Select “Coupons”
  5. Browse the coupons that are available to find what you want to use.

You may need to verify yourself to be able to print these coupons the first time that you visit, but it is a simple process.

All you need to do is enter a phone number so that you can receive a verification code which will give you access to the coupons.

Can You Find Walmart Coupons Elsewhere?

The coupons on the Walmart website are often quite limited, and they are generally specific to individual stores.

You might not even be able to find any if your local Walmart is not currently running any promotions. That doesn’t mean that there are no coupons around for you to use.

Walmart is always running promotions of some kind, you might just need to be a bit savvy with how you find them. Sometimes, promotions are specifically sent out via marketing campaigns, emails, or other forms of advertising.

To get direct information from Walmart about the promotions that they are running, you can:

  • Sign up for a Walmart account and consent to email marketing
  • Download the Walmart app
  • Get a Walmart Plus membership for exclusive offers and discounts.

Alternatively, you could seek out the current promotions yourself, instead of waiting for Walmart to send them to you.

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How To Find Other Walmart Coupons Online

There are many different websites online that collect and display the current coupons that are available for various retail companies.

These websites are updated by real users who share the coupons, offers, and codes that they have found.

They even tell you whether or not the coupons are currently active and working. You can find many of these websites by simply searching for “Walmart coupons” in your favorite search engine.

Websites like tend to have coupons for individual savings, that you can print and scan when you purchase.

Other websites, like, often display the large promotional offers that Walmart is currently running, like a percentage off your first online delivery shop.

How Do You Claim Walmart Coupons?

Walmart coupons are incredibly easy to use. For those that you find on the website, for offers in a store near you, you just need to print out the coupon itself and take it with you when you are shopping.

The printed coupon will have a bar code on it that you can scan as you are checking out your purchases.

For most of the online offers that use a coupon code, you simply enter the code during checkout.

 For many of these offers, using the direct link from the website where you found the code will automatically apply the coupon to your basket.


What you need to know is that there are always coupons to be found for Walmart.

You can search on to see the offers that your local store is running and print out coupons to scan at checkout.

You can also search for Walmart coupons online, at websites like or, to find even more offers that you might be able to take advantage of.



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