How Much Do Target Employees Make? (Updated)

how much do target employees make

Do you know how much do Target employees make? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

On average Target employees, pay will vary between $15 to $24 per hour. Employees undergo an annual review where they can earn a raise. Salaried positions range from around $2,900 to $6,700 a month or $35,000 to about $80,000 a year. Target is a huge employer in the United States. They pay on an hourly basis for many employees, but also provide some salary-based positions.

Target offers a wide variety of types of positions. The pay is based off the specifics of the jobs. Some positions require a college degree, which earns you a higher wage. Others are entry level, so applicants will make the lowest wage.

Whatever you’re after, it’s best to know what you may be offered. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about how much Target employees make.

How Much Do Target Employees Make on Average?

Your pay at Target depends on what your position is. That’s true of most employers. 

Generally, the cashiers make the lowest wages. Cashier positions are entry level and thus are paid at the minimum the store offers. That’s usually around $15 per hour. 

Next on the list is usually the sales associates. They may make the same hourly pay as the cashiers, but sometimes get offered more based on previous experience.

There are also incentives in place to make more working on the sales floor. Associates can earn rewards and a form of commissions for meeting goals.

The warehouse workers make more than many of the in-store workers because of the nature of their jobs. Warehouse workers do much more physical labor.

They also work off hours sometimes. Target and other companies typically pay warehouse workers more to compensate them for the difficulties of their jobs.

If you go beyond the stores into the executive and director positions, you’ll find salaries upwards of $100,000.

These positions have many more requirements, including educational and experiential. 

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Did Target Raise the Hourly Pay of Its Employees?

Target made an announcement in February of this year that the starting salary for hourly employees was going to have a higher maximum.

While the lower end of the range is still set to $15 per hour, the higher end of the range increased to $24 per hour. 

Applicants with no previous retail experience should not expect to make $24 per hour at Target. Only applicants with the proper amount of previous experience will have a chance at getting a higher offer.

Do Target Employees Get Benefits?

Target does offer health and other benefits to its employees. At the same time the company announced the increase in starting pay, it also announced some changes to benefits qualifications.

Target employees used to have to work a minimum of 30 hours per week to qualify for health care benefits.

The company changed that hourly minimum to 25 hours per week. That made a difference for roughly 20% of Target’s entire workforce who were not eligible under the old guidelines. 

There was a long waiting period before some employees could enroll in any health benefits. Target reduced the waiting period so new employees would have access to health insurance sooner. 

Target also made other changes to help give benefits to more of its employees. They added mental health benefits, some fertility offerings, and more wellness opportunities for team members.

More employees will also get quicker access to retirement plans, as well.

Do Target Employees Get a Discount?

Target gives their employees a 10% discount on all items both in-store and online. It’s easy to use. The discount is attached to your Target account when you’re hired.

It’s automatically taken off your total when you checkout at a register. 

For all of you that are wondering, the answer is yes! Target employees also get 10% off at the in-store Starbucks shops at their locations.

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A Larger Discount on Wellness Products

When you work for Target and you’re purchasing health and wellness products, you’ll get a 20% discount. So, what falls under wellness products?

  • Athletic clothing
  • Target brand organic drinks and food
  • Fitness items

There are some other random items that can fall under this category, but you get the idea.

Do Target Employees Get Paid Vacation Time?

Target employees do get paid vacation time. How much each position is offered varies, though. It varies based on the region you’re in, the position you hold, and the hours you work. 

Full time employees get more paid time off than part time employees.

Employees may get just one week of vacation time paid or as much as five weeks of vacation time paid. 

Are There Any Educational Benefits Offered?

Target implemented a tuition-assistance program just last year. All employees are eligible to apply. The money granted pays for tuition and textbooks.

It’s applicable for associate, undergraduate, and graduate degrees.

Other Benefits

There are some other benefits that are worth mentioning. For instance, all employees can get a free flu shot annually. Insurance status is not considered.

Employees who qualify for the 401k program can get up to 5% matching contributions from Target. Not all employees meet the requirements to enroll in the retirement plan, however.

How Do Target’s Wages Compare to Walmart‘s?

Obviously, one of Target’s main competitors is Walmart. Both are giants in their industry of discount department stores. So, how does Target’s wages compare to Walmart‘s?

Target employees typically make more than Walmart employees. The starting pay range at Walmart is $12 per hour to $17 per hour.

Meanwhile, Target’s starting pay range is $15 to $24 per hour. On average, Target salaries are nearly $24,000 more than Walmart‘s.

The Bottom Line

Target employees are paid well relative to other people in similar positions with other companies. Team members can make anywhere from around minimum wage all the way up to six figure salaries.

It depends on the qualifications they bring with them and the experience they have to work with. There are also many benefits offered to employees and discounts to use store-wide.


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