Tops Customer Service Desk Hours (Full Guide)

Tops Customer Service Desk Hours

Tops are not clear on the hours their customer service desk is open, but the store itself is usually open from 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM the following day. Customer service desk hours are likely to change between stores, as they may depend on things like staff hours and how regularly the desk is used.

In the following article, we cover all the information you need to know about Tops’ customer service desk hours.

What are Tops customer service desk hours?

Tops do not state the hours their customer service desk operates for.

Instead, it is likely that the operating hours for the desk differ between stores, as some stores may have more use for the customer service desk than others.

Other factors like staff working hours might also affect how long the desk remains open for throughout the day.

Tops stores are typically open from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM the following day, every day from Monday to Sunday.

The customer service desk is unlikely to be open the whole time the store is open and may close down a few hours before the store does as it gradually gets quieter. In most cases, the desk is likely to be open for most of the time the store is.

What does the Tops customer service desk do?

The Tops customer service desk is there to provide customers with answers to their problems, queries, and concerns.

Customer service staff should be able to help shoppers find what they need, address any concerns, and overall make sure their shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Staff at a customer service desk are likely to be your first port of call should you have any problems while shopping.

Customer service staff can help customers with everything from locating an item or helping with coupons and vouchers to arranging a delivery or making a return.

The customer service desk can also help you with any complaints or suggestions you might have.

If you have any complaints about your shopping experience or think that something could be done better, the customer service desk is the first place you should go.

Staff, there should be able to help you resolve your complaint or log your suggestion for improvement. 

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Why might someone visit Tops customer service desk?

As we have seen, the Tops customer service desk has many functions and staff are able to assist customers with a lot of different things.

But each individual shopper is likely to use and benefit from the desk for different reasons, some of which we will look at now:

  • To access support while shopping,
  • To query the price of an item,
  • To suggest something that might make shopping easier for others,
  • To complain about something that has made their shopping less successful,
  • To access help in finding a specific item,
  • To comment on the store and its staff,
  • To ask for a stock check. 

Can you only contact Tops customer service in store?

Going in store is just one of the ways you can contact Tops customer service.

From 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday and 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on weekends, customers can also contact Tops customer service on the phone at 1-800-522-2522 to speak to a representative about their concerns or queries.

The benefit of going in store and visiting the customer service desk is that customers can get access to queries or concerns on a smaller scale, such as stock issues or making a return.

Calling customer services might be more appropriate for more general questions that do not necessarily relate to the store you are visiting.

How do you contact Tops customer service?

As we have seen, you can contact Tops customer service by going in store to the help desk or calling 1-800-522-2522 to speak to a representative.

Alternatively, you can also write to Tops at their mailing address or fill out a customer comment card on the Tops website.

Customers can log complaints, questions, or suggestions on the website.

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Pros and cons of Tops customer service desk


  • Tops customer service desk is there to help shoppers deal with any concerns they may have, answer any questions, and help them to have a smoother and more successful shopping trip. Customers are more likely to get what they need and resolve any issues quickly with the help of the customer service desk.
  • Customers have some options if they have an issue and are unable to get to a Tops store. The Tops customer service is also accessible via phone or by writing, which may take longer to resolve an issue but is an ideal backup for instances when a customer cannot access a store.
  • Tops currently operate 150 supermarkets, many of which are likely to contain a customer service desk. This is great for making sure customer service is accessible to a large number of people and means that customers who cannot travel far may not have to miss out on dealing with queries and concerns.


  • Tops aren’t clear on the operating hours of their customer service desks, so customers might be disappointed if they go in store and are unable to resolve a concern or query. Customers may find that they have to contact Tops via phone or by writing, which is likely to take considerably longer.
  • As with any store with many locations, customer service is likely to differ from store to store. Some customers have found that the service offered at the desk was lacking and sometimes staff was found to be quite unhelpful. It’s worth remembering that experiences can differ between stores and individuals.

Final Thoughts

Tops do not state the operating hours for their customer service desks, but it is likely that they differ between stores.

Although Tops stores are generally open from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM the next day, the customer service desk hours are likely to depend on staff working hours and how often the desk is used.



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