Does Tiffany’s Have a Lifetime Warranty (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

tiffany lifetime warranty

Do you know if Tiffany has a lifetime warranty or a full lifetime warranty? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Tiffany and Co. may sound like one of the newer jewelry retailers when stacked up against Kay’s and Jared’s, however, Tiffany was established in 1837 and has been in the jewelry making and selling business for nearly two centuries. 

So, does Tiffany´s have a lifetime warranty? Yes, Tiffany and Co. do have a lifetime warranty on all of their diamonds, however, claiming the warranty is a slow and methodical process. Determining a lifetime warranty claim on a diamond is not the same as returning a pair of shoes to Foot Locker. 

If your claim holds weight, you can have it replaced with a diamond that is equal in value to the original price of the diamond, including the jewelry set that it came in, or you can get a full refund for the cost of the diamond. 

How Does Tiffany & Co Process a Warranty Claim?

As you can imagine, bringing a diamond into Tiffany’s and claiming that it isn’t real, or returning broken jewelry isn’t exactly a speedy process.

In terms of the gold, platinum, or silver jewelry, Tiffany will repair it, for a fee. 

That’s right, you won’t get it done at no cost, even if you feel that it was shoddy workmanship that caused the break.

This is exacerbated by the fact that some of the jewelry is going to be extremely delicate and repairing it is painstakingly difficult. 

The possibility that the repaired jewelry will have to be altered is pretty high, especially when it comes to delicate and intricately designed pieces. For diamonds, several things have to happen before your warranty claim can be processed. 

  • You have to have the original certificate of authenticity 
  • A jeweler will examine the Diamond Certificate
  • You will have to turn over the diamond in question
  • The diamond will be sent to a certified gemologist for examination
  • The gemologist is an independent professional
  • Within 45 days, you will receive a response from Tiffany & Co
  • If your claim stands, you will receive payment in full or a full replacement
  • If your claim does not stand, you will get your “diamond” back and nothing else

You may feel that it’s in Tiffany’s best interests to tell you something other than what the “independent” gemologist will determine, however, Tiffany & Co hasn’t survived for 200 years by attempting to fool their customers. 

Once you have your answer, you’re always welcome to take the diamond to your own, independent gemologist and get a second opinion, which is entirely up to you. 

Will Tiffany & Co Replace Lost Jewelry?

Most likely not. If you stop and think about it, some of the lower-tier jewelry that Tiffany sells can still cost hundreds of dollars and if tiffany went about replacing lost jewelry they would have been bankrupt a long time ago. 

Nothing is more heartbreaking or frustrating to lose a nice piece of extremely valuable jewelry, especially if it happens soon after you purchased it.

It’s not hard to do either. Diamond stud earrings, even with larger diamonds, are still pretty small and can easily fall out.

The shower drain has been known to claim its fair share of precious jewels, including gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and anything else you can imagine. Tiffany & Co does not have any kind of policy concerning lost jewelry. 

After all, unless the jeweler loses the jewelry in the act of handing it to you following a purchase, it’s on you when your jewelry gets lost.

Tiffany will do things like selling you the portion of the jewelry that you lost, rather than the entire set. 

For instance, let’s say that you lose your diamond stud earring out of your left ear while you are taking a shower.

Of course, you’re distraught and freaking out because of the wasted expense and the loss of a precious piece of jewelry.

You’re hopeful that Tiffany & Co can make it right but you know that they’re not just going to give you a new set of diamond stud earrings for free.

Instead, Tiffany will offer to sell you just the left earring. That way, you at least only have to pay half the cost, rather than buying the set once again. 

If you’re good at acting, you may even draw some additional sympathy and get a discount on the half set. 

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Will Tiffany & Co Repair Your Broken Jewelry?

Tiffany & Co have nothing in the fine print that says they will repair your jewelry if it breaks. It’s a lot like the lost jewelry scenario in that Tiffany does place a high level of value on their craftsmanship, however, how is Tiffany & Co supposed to know that a link in a gold chain failed rather than you broke it through neglect?

Who is to say that you weren’t wearing a gold chain on the job when it got caught on something and was torn off? Understandably, Tiffany & Co wouldn’t put something like that in their policy.

That doesn’t mean that they won’t repair it, but don’t be surprised if it comes with an additional charge; something like a repair fee for example. 

Can You Sell Your Jewelry Back to Tiffany & Co?

Tiffany will not buy back any jewelry that they sell to you. They aren’t a pawn shop after all and the river of selling that takes place at Tiffany only flows in one direction. 

The only thing that Tiffany & Co does is offer an upgrade program similar to that of the Apple upgrade system for changing your iPhone over to a newer one. 

If you have a bracelet in a series that Tiffany is running and the newest bracelet in that series is released, you can purchase the new bracelet by turning in your old one and getting credit for the new bracelet. 

Final Thoughts

Tiffany and Co is a jewelry store in both name and reputation. They do offer a full lifetime warranty on their diamonds and most of their jewelry but they don’t operate like a traditional retailer would when it comes to warranty. 

Of course, this is nothing new, and most, if not all jewelers act in the same manner and have similar policies. 

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