Renting an RV With a Driver: What You Need to Know


You are planning a big event or special road trip for fun, necessity, or work on the road. Renting an RV with a driver for your trip sounds like the perfect idea. When you think about it, it makes so much more sense to have someone else worry about the road and the traffic while you sit back and relax until you reach your destination.

Renting an RV With a Driver: The best way to find out what you need to know when you rent an RV with a driver is to ask the right questions. Start by asking yourself why you want to rent an RV with a driver in the first place. Then, go to your RV rental company and begin by asking them how they can help you find the best options for renting an RV with a driver.

Before you begin your trip, there are a lot of things to think about and decisions to be made. You may know why you want to rent an RV with a driver, but what do you need to know to take your idea to a real plan?

What You Need to Know Before You Rent an RV With a Driver

While traveling in an RV motorhome may sound fun, driving an RV motorhome may not sound as enjoyable. Now more than ever, more people want to rent an RV motorhome for extended trips instead of buying an RV.  In addition, they are renting the bigger, more sumptuous class A and class C motorhomes that allow them more indulgences to enjoy their trip in luxury.

Companies that rent RV motorhomes are beginning to notice this trend and are starting to take action. More and more companies are offering RV rentals with drivers so their customers can sit back and have a relaxing trip.

Here’s the first thing you need to know when you start to look for a company that will rent you an RV with a driver. If you want to rent an RV with a drive. Not every RV rental company has an option to allow you to rent an RV with a driver. Do your homework and check their website to see if the RV rental company you want to use has options to rent an RV with a driver.

 In general, you will have two choices:

  • Rent a driver with your RV
  • Rent an RV and hire a driver from another company

The process is a little different for each choice, and what you need to know differs as well.

Can You Rent an RV With a Driver?

Some RV rental companies, especially those that specialize in high-end, luxury RV’s and motorhome rentals and sales, have options to rent an RV with a driver. If you know you will need a driver and the company you use to rent your RV from has the option to rent your RV with a driver, it makes sense and it is very convenient to do everything all in one place, at one time.

Can You Hire a Driver For Your RV?

While it is becoming more and more popular for businesses to offer a driver with an RV rental, not all RV rental companies have that ability. While hunting for a driver separately may be an extra step in your process, don’t worry. If your RV rental company does not offer an option to rent an RV with a driver, ask if they have suggestions about where you can hire a driver.

What to Expect From a Driver

When you are looking to rent an RV with a driver, whatever option you choose to go with, you want to make sure the driver you hire has the following characteristics.

  • Mature: You want an adult who is experienced and reliable.
  • Insured: The company you are hiring your driver from should cover this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Professional: Your driver should be the best representation of the company they work for.

Where to Find Drivers for Your Rental RV Motorhome

If you need a driver for your rental RV motorhome, there are quite a few businesses out there. One hint: make sure to read the description of the service thoroughly. Some companies are transport services meant to help people move their vehicles, not plan their vacation. RV transport companies are meant to move your personal vehicle from one place to another. They are more like truck drivers who drive or haul your personal vehicle to your destination and meet you there. Although they may take your pets, they do not take passengers.

There are three basic categories where you can start looking for a driver if your rental company does not have the ability to rent an RV with a driver. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each category.

  1. RV Rental Company
  2. Chauffeur Service Companies
  3. Professional Driver Services

1.RV Rental Company

To make things simple and easier for you, some RV Rental companies offer an all-in-one service where you can rent an RV with a driver. This makes your life less difficult because you have all your paperwork in one place, and you don’t need to look for a driver. The downside of renting an RV with a driver from the RV rental company is that the RV rental company may not have all the luxury options you want.


RVShare, like Outdoorsy, is a traditional peer-to-peer RV rental service that allows RV owners to make their RV available for rent to other people. RVShare also has an extensive network and offers many different choices for people looking to rent an RV.

All of that being said, you can still rent from private owners on RVShare if you prefer lower costs. Similarly to Outdoorsy, renting on RVShare can be as expensive or inexpensive as you would like, with prices ranging widely depending on your area and what exactly you are renting


Anyone who has been looking for RV rentals has probably come across Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy is a traditional peer-to-peer service in that it allows RV owners to list their RV for rent on their online platform. It does a great job of giving RV owners a way to make money with their RVs when they’re not using them themselves, and in turn, gives people interested in renting a great marketplace to search for RVs.

Outdoorsy is excellent for renters for reasons beyond just having a wide selection, though. Outdoorsy has a media through which renters can write detailed reviews of their experiences renting with a particular person and RV, giving future renters an idea of what they can expect from the RV that they are renting.

2.Chauffeur Service Companies

For all-out luxury, a chauffeur service may be the way to go. A chauffeur is a hired driver that is experienced in driving luxury vehicles such as limousines. Some chauffeur services that usually provide drivers for bigger vehicles like tour buses, now offer driving services for RV motorhomes as well.

Some high-end chauffeur companies offer full service, one-stop shopping and will take care of your every need during your trip. When considering a chauffeur service, look for a company that offers long-distance drivers if your trip will be covering a lot of miles.

3.Professional Driver Services

No-frills professional driver services are available for RV rentals also.  A professional driver should have the same level of driving experience and confidence as a chauffeur but may offer fewer options. While professional driving services may not have the ability to offer the same range of services as a chauffeur service or big RV rental company, they usually have a name or two they can recommend to help you with your travel arrangements.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV and Driver?

The cost of renting an RV with a driver varies on how you plan your trip. You have already decided how you are getting to your destination. Now you need to look at what three main categories play into how much it costs to rent an RV with a driver.

  1. The Cost of Renting the RV
  2. The Cost of the Driver
  3. Special Packages and Services

1.The Cost of Renting the RV

RV motorhome rental costs vary from state to state and company to company. The average cost of renting an RV can range from $100 to almost $450 a day depending on the size of the RV. Those rates are for the RV only. These are some of the variables that will add to your RV rental cost.

they vary depending on the class and the age of the RV. Typically, you can expect to see the average price RV rentals in these ranges:

Types of RVsAge of the RVPrice/night (USD)Age of the RVPrice/night (USD)
Class A10+ years or older $150-$250newer$350-$450
Class B10+ years or older$100-$200newer $200-$350
Class C10+ years or older$100-$200newer$225-$400
Travel Trailer10+ years or older$50-$125newer$125-$200
Fifth Wheel10+ years or older$60-$150newer$150-$300

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2.The Cost of the Driver

A hired driver’s rates can start at about $30 an hour and increase from there, depending on what you are asking for. While some drivers are paid by the hour, some are paid by the day. In some rental agreements, the cost of hiring a driver may be included the whole package. Let’s look at some extra costs of hiring a driver for your rented RV.

  • Pickup Service: Door-to-door pickup services are often available for an extra cost. This is convenient when you don’t want to drive to the RV rental lot and park your car for the length of your stay. The driver can also pick you up at the airport or your business if you want.
  • How Many Hours Can Be Traveled in a Day: There is a limit to how many hours a hired driver can drive each day, both legally and physically. Usually, a driver is assigned to you for the entire trip no matter the length of time or distance. However, sometimes drivers may hand-off the assignments to more local drivers for a longer job. Keep this in mind as you plan your trip and calculate how long it will take.
  • Food and Lodging: A long trip will mean an overnight stay. You will need to pay for a hotel room for your driver as well as all meals.  You will also need to include transportation from your parked RV to the driver’s nightly accommodations.
  • Gratuities: Your driver is going to be with you and focused on making your trip as successful as possible. Don’t forget to tip.

3.Special Packages and Services

Half the excitement of renting an RV for your trip is the fun you will have along your journey to the final destination. Added excursions, more activities, extras like spa treatments and catered food, all add into the final bill.

These special concierge services can include much more than just a rented RV driver. If it’s in your budget, the options are limitless. Just because you are renting your RV and a driver, doesn’t mean you need to skimp on indulgences. Let’s look at some of the concierge services that some companies offer.

  • Catering or Special Food Preparations
    • Spa Treatments
    • Event Tickets or Reservations
    • Help Planning Your Trip

Catering or Special Food Preparations

Depending on what you want, some companies offer options to have all your favorite foods prepared and stocked in your RV before your trip. Perhaps your trip includes special promotional stops such as for entertainers or politicians. You can arrange for a caterer to travel with you or plan to meet you at each stop.

Spa Treatments

For that special adventure or events such as a faraway wedding or girls-only weekend, some companies can arrange a spa package. This can include manicures and pedicures as well as facials and massages. Think of it as an all-day spa treatment that travels. Arrive at your destination in style, looking and feeling fabulous.

Event Tickets or Reservations

You are off to the big game or maybe a family vacation at a theme park. Maybe you’ll need a car rental once you arrive at your destination. Some RV rental companies will include tickets and reservations in your vacation package along with the driver for your RV.

Help Planning Your Trip

So many things to think about. How can you be sure that you don’t miss anything? Ask the company you are renting your RV and driver from if they can help with planning your trip. Many are willing to help if you ask.

Why Rent an RV with a Driver?

Now that you know what to look for when you rent an RV with a driver, let’s look into why you would want to rent an RV with a driver in the first place.

1.You Have a Disability

Maybe you use a wheelchair or need assistance to get around. Maybe sitting for several hours is uncomfortable for you. Whatever your circumstance, hiring a driver for your rental RV will help you get to your destination in comfort and safety.

2.You Are an Older Traveler

Age has its advantages. Don’t worry about traffic and dealing with all that stress. Sit back and enjoy the view, you’ve earned it.

3.You Want to Bring Your Pets

People like to include their pets on their adventures. Sometimes Fido needs a vacation too! Renting an RV with a driver lets you hang out with your canine companion while someone else worries about the road.

4.Flying Makes You Uneasy

Plane travel isn’t for everyone. Don’t spend your time sitting in an airport lobby or crammed in an uncomfortable seat breathing recycled air. When you rent and RV with a driver, you will be on the open road, relaxed and enjoying your trip while your driver speeds you down the road on your comfortable, stress-free, adventure.

5.You Are Intimidated by Driving A Big RV

 A luxury RV motorhome is big. A class A motorhome may even require a CDL license to drive. Hiring a driver for your rented RV provides an experienced driver that can safely maneuver and park a large motorhome easily and with confidence.

6.You Want to Spend Time with Your Guests

Usually, you are renting an RV to relax while you reach your destination. Hiring a driver with your RV rental allows you to spend time focused on your guests and not the road.

7.You Want to Party

The party begins when the RV starts rolling! Renting a driver with your RV lets you party all night and recover the next day while someone else worries about how to keep your journey on the road. Any of these events is a reason to rent an RV with a driver so you can celebrate.

8.Promotional Tours

Politicians, musicians, and actors, all need a place to stay while they travel. A tour bus can be cramped and uncomfortable. Renting an RV with a driver promotes your professional image and lets you arrive in style.

9.No plane tickets, No hotel rooms, No hassle

When you rent an RV with a driver, you don’t have to worry about buying tickets for planes or trains or reserving hotel rooms. Renting an RV lets you keep everything you need for your trip in one place. Hiring a driver for your rented RV ensures you get there with ease.

Rent an RV with a Driver: What You Need to Know to Begin

Now that you know what you need to rent an RV with a driver, you need to start planning your getaway or special event.

  1. Decide where you want to go and how long the trip will take.
  2. Figure out what sort of RV you want to rent.
  3. Find a reputable RV rental company.
  4. Ask if you can rent an RV with a driver.
  5. If you can’t rent an RV with a driver, look for a chauffeur or professional driving service that handles driving your rented RV.
  6. Ask questions to make sure there are no hidden charges.
  7. Make your campsite reservations.
  8. Pack your bags and get ready for your voyage!

The most important thing to remember when you rent an RV with a driver is to have fun. You are embarking on an adventure. Renting an RV with a driver lets you relax and let someone else worry about the traffic and the road ahead.

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