Pandora Return Policy On Earrings (All You Need To Know)

Pandora Return Policy Earrings

Lindsey, do you know what Pandora return policy on earrings is? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Pandora offers high-quality, durable jewelry. Although their earrings are designed to last you a long time, you might change your mind after your purchase and want to return the earrings.

In that case, what is Pandora’s return policy? How long do you have to return Pandora earrings? What is required during the return?

To learn the answer to all of these questions and more, keep reading. This guide tells you everything you need to know about returning Pandora earrings.

What Is Pandora’s Return Policy on Earrings?

Pandora offers a standard return policy that applies to most of their jewelry. This return allows you to exchange or return the earrings for a refund within 30 days of the purchase, assuming you have the original receipt.

Unfortunately, this return policy does not apply to earrings. Pandora lists out that pierced earrings do not fall under their return policy.

Instead, earrings are unreturnable for safety reasons. What this means is that you cannot return or exchange your earrings for any reason.

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Can I Return My Pandora Earrings for Any Reason?

No. You cannot return or exchange your Pandora earrings for any reason. Because earrings go into your skin, it is considered unhygienic to return Pandora earrings.

Pandora does not accept returns on their earrings as a result.

That being said, Pandora does offer a warranty. This warranty covers all jewelry that is defective or damaged due to a manufacturing flaw. With this warranty, you can repair or replace your earrings if they are damaged because of a manufacturing defect.

The warranty is not the same as a return, though. You will not get your money back. Instead, the broken item will either be fixed or replaced.

Additionally, the item must be defective due to a manufacturing flaw. If the earring is still in great condition, it won’t qualify for the warranty.

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What If My Pandora Earrings Are Defective?

Because there is a warranty that covers all Pandora jewelry, including earrings, you don’t have to deal with Pandora earrings that are defective due to a manufacturing error.

If your earrings are defective, they are covered by the warranty, and Pandora will cover the repair or replacement of the jewelry.

Warranty Coverage

Under the Pandora warranty and repair policy, Pandora will repair or replace jewelry free of charge if the jewelry has manufacturing faults.

The warranty does not cover jewelry that has been lost or stolen. Instead, this warranty only covers jewelry that has been damaged due to a manufacturing issue.

Warranty Window

The warranty window depends on the material used in the earrings. All silver and gold jewelry is covered by the warranty for two years after the original date of purchase.

Anything that includes leather, wood, glass, or string has a warranty window of one year.


In order to be eligible for this warranty, you need proof of purchase. The original receipt is best, but you can use a credit card statement or a bank statement to prove proof of purchase as well.

This proof of purchase is used to confirm that you purchased the item and that it is still within the warranty window.

Do I Have to Buy the Warranty at the Time of Purchase?

No. All Pandora jewelry comes with an automatic warranty that protects your jewelry either one or two years from the purchase date, depending on the material used in the jewelry.

As such, you don’t have to buy a warranty in order to get a defective product repaired or replaced.

What If It Is Past the Warranty Window?

If you want your Pandora jewelry to be repaired or replaced completely free of charge, it must be within the warranty window.

If the earrings break outside of the warranty, there will be a charge associated with the repair or placement. The charge gets paid to the retailer responsible for the repair or replacement.

What If I Don’t Have Proof of Purchase?

Just as in the situation above, there will be a fee associated with the repair or replacement if you do not have any proof of purchase.

This fee will go to the retailer who performs the assessment, repair, or replacement.

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Can Pandora Jewelry be Repaired?

If your Pandora earrings are broken or damaged due to manufacturing flaws, the warranty will either replace or repair the jewelry, depending on what is wrong with it.

In the case that your earrings can be repaired, Pandora will repair them. If the damage is irreparable, they will replace the jewelry instead.

Some frequent repairs include damage involving soldering work, clasps, threading charms, clips, and stuck beads.

How to Replace or Repair Pandora Earrings Through the Warranty

If you believe that your Pandora earrings are broken due to a manufacturing flaw, contact the Pandora Repairs and Services Department.

It’s best to go to the Pandora retailer you purchased the piece from, but any retailer will do if your original purchasing location is inconvenient.

Whenever you take the piece to this department, they will assess the jewelry to determine if it falls under the warranty.

If it does, they will repair or replace the piece as deemed most necessary. They will also keep you up to date about the assessment progress and repair or replacement progress.

What If My Earrings Are Not Defective and I Want to Return Them?

Unfortunately, there is little to nothing you can do if you are earrings are not defective, but you don’t want them anymore.

Because earrings are non-returnable at Pandora, you will not be able to return your earrings for any reason other than a manufacturing defect.

Can I Return Other Jewelry?

Even though you cannot return Pandora earrings, Pandora has a comprehensive return policy that applies to most other jewelry.

Earrings are about the only popular jewelry piece that is non-returnable due to hygienic purposes.

Under this return policy, you can return approved jewelry for up to 30 days after the original purchase date. You can return your jewelry simply because you change your mind or want something else.

In order to complete the return, you will need proof of purchase, most notably your original receipt. Without the receipt, you will not be able to return any product.

With a valid receipt, you have two return options. You can either return the product for a refund or you can exchange it. If you wish to return the product for an exchange, you must go to a Pandora retailer location.

With a mail-in return, you only have the option of a refund. Refunds can also be issued at an in-store location.

Refunding the product is faster at in-store locations because you don’t have to wait for the product to arrive at Pandora’s address. It normally takes an additional three to five days for the refund to hit if you choose the mail-in option.

Regardless of where you return the product for a refund, the price will be refunded to the original payment form. If you use PayPal to pay for the product, you will be refunded in the form of a gift card.

FAQs About the Pandora Return Policy

Can I return my Pandora earrings?

No. Pandora does not accept earring returns or exchanges for hygienic purposes. Since earrings go directly into your skin, it is considered unsanitary to return or exchange these items.

Do I need a receipt to return Pandora earrings?

Even if you have Pandora earrings and a matching receipt, you still cannot return the earrings. Pandora earring sales are final.

Can I return Pandora earrings that were purchased with a gift card?

No. You cannot return Pandora earrings no matter what, regardless of the payment form used to purchase the earrings.

Does Pandora replace earrings?

In some cases, yes. Pandora replaces earrings that are defective due to a manufacturing error and are irreparable.

The earrings must still be in the warranty window, though. Pandora will not replace earrings that are lost, stolen, or damaged due to your own flaw or error.

Will Pandora repair earrings?

If the Pandora earrings are under warranty and damaged due to a manufacturing error, Pandora will try to repair the earrings. If they are irreparable, they will replace them instead.

Final Thoughts  

Unfortunately, Pandora’s return policy outlines that you cannot return Pandora earrings. It is considered unhygienic to return earrings for a refund or exchange.

The only exception is earrings that have damage or defects due to a manufacturing error. In that case, you can have the earrings repaired or replaced under the warranty policy.



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