Pandora’s Return Policy on Damaged Products (Full Guide)

pandora return policy damaged

Pandora sells some beautiful, unique jewelry pieces that will turn heads whenever you have them on. Receiving any new item from Pandora can be an exciting feeling.

But, what happens if you get a damaged product? What is Pandora’s policy for that? 

Any damaged product you receive from Pandora can be returned for a total refund or exchange. Damaged goods can only be sent back to the company through the mail and not in stores.

Accidents happen, and there is a chance the beautiful jewelry you order isn’t in perfect condition when you receive it.

Luckily, with Pandora, you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a piece of junk.


Pandora’s Return Policy on Damaged Products

If you receive a damaged or defective item from any Pandora store or after purchasing it online, you much get in touch with their customer service department ASAP. 

From there, the store will determine whether or not the damaged item qualifies for a return and will assist you further from there.

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Does Pandora Provide a Full Refund on Damaged Items?

If you received a damaged product from Pandora and you already contacted the company, and they agreed you qualify for a refund, you will get all your money back.

However, the company has complete control over all returned goods. This means they get the final decision on whether or not you are entitled to a refund.

Other options include:

  • Exchanges
  • Cleanings
  • Repairs

So, What Qualifies as a Damaged Item?

According to Pandora, it is doubtful you will receive a damaged product from any of their stores or their online site.

However, in the event a piece of jewelry goes home with you in less than brand new, perfect condition, you can return it.

Damaged items typically occur during transit, which means you likely won’t take anything home in poor shape from a brick-and-mortar store. 

Damage to Pandora items typically include

  • Dents
  • Deformations
  • discoloration
  • Missing parts or pieces (charms, gems, etc.)
  • Dirty 

Is Return Shipping Free on Damaged Items From Pandora?

Pandora will cover the shipping cost on a damaged product when sending it back to the store.

However, if your item does qualify for a refund, you will get all of your money back, except for the shipping cost associated with the first transaction.

If you choose to have the damaged goods exchanged for a new product, that shipping fee will also be waived. 

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How Do You Send Back Damaged Items to Pandora?

Shipping packages back to Pandora is quite simple and similar to returns through any other company. While you can technically go onto your personal account, select the product to return, and request a shipping label.

It is better to contact customer service by phone or chat.

You can also request a return by completing the online return form from the Pandora website.

Once approved for a return, you can print the pre-paid return slip and place it on the package to send back.

How to Ship a Damaged Pandora Product Back to the Company

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where a product needs to be returned to Pandora. Everything you received from the company must be sent back in its original condition.

When sending the item back, make sure to include:

  • All parts, pieces, and extras that came with the purchase
  • The original packaging and box
  • Proof of purchase
  • The Return slip provided by the company

Without any of these items, your return can be rejected, and you will not receive a refund.

If you choose to send the damaged item back on your own. Make sure to include everything listed above at the address below.

9250 N Royal Lane

Suite 100

Irving, TX 75063

Can I Exchange a Damaged Product for a New Item?

Pandora is open to exchanges as long as the item you are returning to them has damage caused by the company during transit or in the facility and is not due to any accidents or negligence on the customer’s part.

If it is determined the product made its way to you in poor condition, you can request to have it exchanged for a new one in place of the old one rather than wait for a refund. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Refund on Damaged Items From Pandora?

Pandora offers a fairly typical time frame on returns. Once your product makes its way back to the facility, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 10 days for a refund as long as you qualify for one. 

You can expect the same turnaround time for exchanges as well.

How Will I Receive My Refund?

Your refund will be returned to you in the same manner in which you paid. So, if you purchased the jewelry with a credit card, the refund will go right back to the same card. 

If you bought the product through PayPal, the company would only issue you store credit. In this case, opting for them to send you a replacement item is probably the better choice.

What if an Item is Missing From My Order?

A product that isn’t complete is considered damaged, and you are entitled to a refund or, at the very least, a resolution.

In this situation, Pandora will more than likely ship you the missing part of the item as long as it is a plausible solution. 

If the missing item is a charm to a charm bracelet, or something similar, contact the company asap and request it be sent to you.

If the missing item should be physically attached to the product, you will probably have to return it and wait for a repair or an exchange to take place.

Does Pandora Offer a Warranty On Damaged Products

Pandora does have a “warranty,” but it isn’t much different than the rules regarding returns on damaged products.

If your item was damaged or altered in any way during manufacturing or distribution, you are entitled to your money back.

The jewelers will look over the item to determine how the damage occurred.

You are entitled to a return and refund through the warranty for 12 months after the original purchase if approved.

With that being said, there are many reasons for the company to deny your request for a refund, including but not limited to:

  • Lost or stolen items
  • Defects or damage due to normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by abuse, misapplication, an accident, misuse, or use of products not provided by the company/
  •  Attaching non-PANDORA charms 
  •  Stretching of PANDORA chains and bracelets is not considered a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals like cleaning agents, pool and spa chemicals, etc.
  • Exposure to the elements such as sunlight, dirt, debris, etc.

The employees of Pandora have the right to decide the end result in the approval of a warranty. Customer service can modify, extend, or add to the warranty at any time as they see fit.

(This doesn’t seem very fair. However, most customers claim they never have an issue with their warranty claims.)

What Happens If I Temporarily Fix a Damaged Pandora Product?

If you receive a damaged item from Pandora, contact the company immediately and never try to fix the issue yourself or take it to another jeweler.

If corrections or repairs are made by anyone other than a Pandora employee, the warranty will be voided, and the refund policy is tossed out.

Anytime a piece of jewelry is altered in any way (even repairs), the company no longer has an obligation to help you or refund your money because there is no way to prove the repairs or alterations weren’t the cause of the original problem.

It can be very tempting to make temporary corrections to a damaged item you just received and want to wear really bad. But, DO NOT EVER DO THIS.

Is it Hard to Get a Refund From Pandora On Damaged Products?

It doesn’t look like Pandora has any interest in cheating their customers.

If you have a legitimate claim and your product came to you damaged, you won’t have any issues getting a refund or, at the very least, a replacement. 


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Summing Things Up

Pandora sells a variety of beautiful jewelers, with their charm bracelets being their most popular option.

If your product comes missing charms or the item is damaged or defective in any way, send the jewelry back to the company. Here a refund or exchange will often be a non-issue.



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