Osprey Backpack Lifetime Warranty (How It Works + Claims)

Osprey Backpack Lifetime Warranty

There are a number of backpack manufacturing brands out there offering warranties to keep a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

Mishaps can happen either on the company’s side during a backpack’s manufacturing phase, or on the user’s side, like during a hiking session. In such a case, it makes sense to contact the company for a warranty.

Osprey, in this regard, stands out amongst its competitors through a lifetime warranty offer it coins as the ‘All Mighty Guarantee.’

Read below to know more about the details regarding this offer and how you can make the most out of it.

Who Are Osprey?

Founded in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer, Osprey is an American brand manufacturing and selling custom-fit outdoor backpacks. 

The founder is famous Pfotenhauer for designing his first backpack at the age of 16. Today, Osprey boasts over 48 years of experience and has about 270 employees working together to design backpacks for users around the globe.

Osprey has its design and manufacturing department in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where it forms its headquarters, while it has offices in Poole and England. 

During Osprey’s humble beginnings, Pfotenhauer collaborated with skilled Nawajo female sewers to design quality Osprey packs.

These Nawajo women continue to be employed today at Osprey’s original warehouse which lies at Cortex, CO.

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What Parts Does Osprey’s All Mighty Warranty Cover?

Osprey’s All Mighty Warranty implies that any damaged Osprey backpack regardless of whether it was manufactured/purchased during 1974 or the current day can be repaired or replaced free of cost. 

The company prioritizes repairing when it comes to parts which have minor damages that can be fixed easily, such as buckles, zippers, bite valves, etc.

In case the backpack has undergone heavy and permanent damage, it is replaced with a brand new backpack and is shipped to the user. 

The warranty excludes components such as rain covers, harnesses, hip belts, etc. which it does not exactly consider as ‘parts’ of the backpack.

These components can, however, be bought independently by contacting Osprey’s customer support service. 

Another part that does not come under the All Mighty warranty is a broken reservoir. Reservoirs can be replaced only in the case of manufacturing and material defects, and that too within a warranty period of 1 year.

Damages caused to the reservoir on the user’s end, such as through accidents or mishaps, do not count.

What If Your Backpack is Too Dirty?

The All Mighty Warranty does not include damaged backpacks that are excessively unclean and odiferous as it goes against the law. This is to protect the workers against toxic waste that may be caused by unclean packs.

 It is recommended to thoroughly clean your backpack before sending it out to Osprey for repairing or replacement.

To wash the backpack, Osprey recommends on their website to first separate the detachable components such as the harness and hip belt and brush-clean any form of spills or food remains.

The pack should be cleaned in lukewarm sink water with a mild detergent, after which the individual parts such as zippers, compartments, etc. can be brush-cleaned.

A final rinse should be carried out at the end, after which you can leave your pack to dry out in a well-ventilated area.

Do You Need To Pay Anything To Claim The All Mighty Warranty?

Besides paying charges for shipping while sending a damaged backpack to Osprey, the customer is not required to pay anything to benefit from the warranty.

Osprey repairs or replaces the pack based on which option is more appropriate considering the amount of damage sustained by the pack, and this is done free of cost.

To stay on a safer end and make sure the backpack does not get misplaced or lost while delivering it to Osprey, it is recommended to use a shipping method that provides you with a tracking number.

Osprey does not take any responsibility for packs that failed to reach the shipping department. Once the pack has been repaired or replaced, it is returned to the customer through FedEx or UPS.

Additionally, Osprey provides options for expedited shipping in case the customer wishes to receive their backpack on an urgent basis.

How Do You Claim Osprey’s All Mighty Warranty?

In order to claim Osprey’s lifetime warranty, you first need to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) through their website’s customer support service, after which you are able to send a request to Osprey’s customer support team for getting your backpack replaced or repaired. 

The team usually takes a couple of days to respond, depending on their availability and the volume of requests they may be receiving in a particular time period.

Once the team has acknowledged your request, they send you shipping instructions with exact details regarding what condition must you send your pack in to Osprey.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Your New Pack?

It may take several days for your parcel to be shipped to you, depending on your location and the time of the year.

Expedited shipping options are available for quick delivery, but they are not a guarantee of how well the pack will be repaired quality-wise within a short period of time.

Does Osprey’s Warranty Cater to Customers’ Personal Preferences? 

Aesthetical personal preferences such as color, style, etc. are not covered under the warranty. The warranty mainly ensures rectification of the issue of a damaged pack from a purely functional perspective.

For instance, you may receive a repaired pack that is fully functional as when you first received it, but it would not have the worn-out color or peeled-off logo renewed.

As for choosing the backpack with the right size and storage capacity, a detailed specification guide is available on Osprey’s website that you can refer to before making a purchase.

What If You Send a Product That is No Longer in Osprey’s Production?

In this case, the product will be replaced instead of repaired – the customer service team will contact you for suitable options regarding the obsolete product’s replacement that you can choose from.

You can choose the product that is not just functional but better in terms of its quality and application as compared to the obsolete one.

What Happens to the Replaced Backpacks?

Since Osprey is a brand that maintains environmental sustainability as one of its core values, the replaced and damaged backpacks are not discarded but become raw materials for other products.

Not only does this reduce waste but creates a unique identity as a brand that focuses on the finest craftsmanship and fulfills the needs of its users while keeping a sustainable mindset.

Can You Avail Osprey’s Warranty Through Third-Party Platforms?

Simple answer: no. The All Mighty Warranty is a signature service of Osprey. To avail it you must send your pack to no platform or company other than Osprey.


Osprey is a company that aims at building a close relationship with its clients by providing them a free-of-cost lifetime warranty they can always turn to in case their product wears out.

On the customer’s end, this builds a level of trust with the brand, while on the company’s end, it creates a sustainable approach as no waste is generated.

The defective products become raw materials for new, upcycled products, which benefits the company in the longer run.




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