NAPA The Legend Professional Battery Warranty (Coverage)

NAPA Legend Professional Battery Warranty

If you buy your car battery from NAPA, you can be sure that it is protected under a warranty if anything should go awry.

What do you need to know about the NAPA warranty on the Legend Professional battery?

NAPA has a two-year or 24 month free replacement warranty on defective Legend Professional car batteries that ensures the buyer complete purchase satisfaction and coverage should the battery fail as a result of the manufacturer.

In this article, we will discuss everything that is covered and not covered under the NAPA Legend Professional battery warranty. Additionally, you will learn how long the warranty lasts and how to go about claiming your free battery replacement.

What Is Covered Under the NAPA Legend Professional Battery Warranty?

NAPA ensures the satisfaction of its customers who purchase Legend Professional car batteries by offering a limited time warranty.

If the battery is found to be defective due to the workmanship of the manufacturer or the quality of the materials, NAPA will replace your car battery for free.

The battery replacement will either be another NAPA Legend Professional battery or a similar sized and priced battery. If there is a difference in price, you are not expected to pay the balance since the fault of the original purchase was the manufacturer’s.

When you bring in your original battery to a NAPA location, make sure to have your receipt with you as proof of purchase and proof of date purchased to ensure it is still within warranty.

A NAPA associate will be able to verify the defective condition of the battery and issue you a new one right away.

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How Long Does the NAPA Legend Professional Battery Warranty Last?

The warranty on a NAPA Legend Professional battery lasts for two years. It is important to bring your purchase receipt with you so that a NAPA associate can verify that the battery was purchased within the appropriate timeframe.

If you do not have your receipt or it has been more than twenty-four months since the purchase, you are not eligible for the free replacement.

If you claim your free battery replacement within the given warranty timeframe, the warranty does not renew with the replacement battery. Rather, it remains set as two years from the date of the original battery purchase.

For example, if you replace your battery after eighteen months, the warranty will only have six months left, not a full twenty-four.

Other car batteries in the Legend series have a three-year warranty, and still, other brands sold by NAPA have only a one or one-and-a-half-year warranty.

The two-year warranty on the Leged Professional battery is a generous timeframe.

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What Is Not Included in the NAPA Legend Professional Battery Warranty?

While NAPA will replace Legend Professional batteries due to manufacturer’s defects, they will not replace batteries for reasons that may be the consumer’s fault or mere overuse of the product.

Discharged batteries that are unable to hold a charge anymore are not eligible for replacement under the warranty.

Car batteries that have been poorly maintained or suffer severe physical damage such as cracked cases, ripped off outside terminals, and broken posts do not fall under manufacturer’s defects so they will not be covered under the two year warranty.

Likewise, Legend Professional batteries that are badly damaged due to extreme conditions like freezing weather, fires, explosions, and collisions do not qualify for free replacement under the warranty.

The warranty only covers the replacement of the battery itself, so any installation or shipping costs will have to be paid by the customer.

How Do I Claim My Replacement Battery?

If your NAPA Legend Professional battery qualifies for replacement under the warranty, bring it to any NAPA location. A NAPA associate will verify the condition of the battery and offer you a replacement that is the same as or similar to the original.

You must have your receipt with you or else you will not be able to claim the free replacement.

At this time, it is not possible to initiate a replacement claim online. You must bring the defective battery to a physical store.

If the store does not have any replacement batteries in stock, you may have to wait for one to be shipped to you or the store.

NAPA will not cover installation costs, but they will cover any difference in price for the battery itself between the original and the replacement.

As long as you follow the qualifications of the warranty, you should be able to drive with your NAPA Legend Professional worry free knowing that you’re covered for the first two years of the battery’s lifetime.


NAPA Legend Professional car batteries are reliable and long lasting, but to ensure complete customer satisfaction, the automotive store offers a two year warranty with a free replacement.

The warranty only covers manufacturer’s defects.

Conditions that invalidate the warranty include not being able to provide proof of purchase date, damage to the battery due to misuse or other accidents caused by the consumer and claims after the termination of the warranty period.

However, if you have a valid warranty claim on your NAPA Legend Professional battery, you can get it replaced easily by bringing the original battery and your receipt to any NAPA location where a helpful associate will take care of you.



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