Exide Battery Replacement Policy (What’s Covered + Repair)

Exide Battery Replacement Policy

Do you know what is Exide´s Battery replacement policy?

Exide is the leading battery manufacturer in India but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get batteries here, just that there is enough competition here to keep Exide off the top of the list.

There are a lot of different Exide Battery types so we will have to break down the individual return policy aspects of each type.

According to Exide battery replacement policy, you can replace your battery for free between 18 to 42 months after purchase, depending on the battery model you have. The warranty is between 12 to 77 months. There are 11 Exide battery types and each one has its own return policy timeframe. In addition to those batteries, Exide also manufactures Bosch batteries, Rural King, and Autozone Duralast, which have return windows of their own as well. 

Also, Exide has specific types of batteries for different applications, such as Marine and RVs, trucks and cars, SUVs, and Commercial batteries, so there are a lot of territories to cover here.

However, keep in mind that out of the 11 battery types, some or all are applicable to the above-mentioned applications. 

Battery Replacement Windows for all of Exide’s Batteries

Exide batteries are a dime a dozen, at least in terms of their variations and what they are typically used for.

In Marine and RV applications, Exide uses the Nautilus All-Purpose battery, Nautilus Dual-Purpose, Nautilus Deep Cycle, and the Nautilus Starting Battery. 

For Exide Commercial Battery applications, there is the Exide Select Performance, Extreme Cycler, Extreme Power 1000, Commercial Series, and the Roadforce AGM 200. 

Last but not least are the Exide auto batteries, which include the Marathon EFB, Marathon Max, Sprinter Max, and the Sprinter.

BatteryWarranty ReplacementPro-Rata
Exide Epiq77-MonthFree replacement for 42 months35 months
Exide Matrix Red66-MonthFree replacement for 36 months36 months
Exide Mileage55-MonthFree replacement for 30 months25 months
Exide Eezy44-MonthFree replacement for 24 months20 months
Exide Xpress36-MonthFree replacement for 18 months18 months
Exide Jai Kisan36-MonthFree replacement for 18 months 18 months
Exide Gold18-MonthN/AN/A
Exide Cabby12-MonthN/AN/A
Exide Eko18-MonthN/AN/A
Exide Xplore48-MonthFree replacement for 24 months24 months
Exide Bikerz36-MonthFree replacement for 18 months18 months

You would think that if you were within warranty that you would get a free replacement but all of the “free replacement” periods do not match up with the warranty coverage for the battery.

That’s because Exide views the warranty issue and the free replacement timelines as two different outcomes.

The warranty coverage affects the battery if it fails due to manufacturer defects and all of these batteries have an incredible amount of time for a manufacturer defect to show up. 

The free replacement portion means that Exide will replace your battery for free if it fails during the free replacement period.

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But that failure could be from something other than a manufacturer defect. If you use the battery extensively, you may exceed its charging cycles well before the warranty coverage is over. 

If you do that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the battery is defective, just that you used it up well before its warranty coverage expired and within the replacement window. 

Exide’s Pro-Rata Policy

The “pro-rata” period is even shorter than the free replacement and the warranty periods, however, if the battery fails while inside of the pro-rata period, it means that Exide will replace your battery for free and reimburse you for your trouble.

How much they will reimburse you probably has a lot to do with how long the battery lasted before it failed, how much it originally cost, and how much of the failure is determined to be a manufacturer defect. 

How to Know That Your Battery Needs Replacement

There are several signs that your battery is starting to fail and unless something drastic occurs, it’s usually a steady, degenerative process that doesn’t happen immediately. 

The overall age of the battery is certainly a factor and depending on the battery that you have from Exide, you need to know what the lifespan of the battery is supposed to be, especially if you want to take advantage of the pro-rata, free replacement, or warranty policies that Exide has for each battery type.


Corrosion is one of your earliest indicators that the battery is on a downward trajectory.

You may get another year out of it if you are lucky but it’s something that is worth paying attention to so you can set a time and date to go down and get it replaced.

Corrosion is the hard, foam-looking material that appears around the battery terminals and is usually a gray, blue, or green color. It can even be a combination of those colors as well.

Headlights are Weak Before You Crank The Car

It’s easier to notice this when you start the car in the morning hours before the sun is up and you can see your beams.

Normally, if your headlights are very weak when you turn the key in the ignition, starting the car will be a bit sluggish as well. 

You’ll know it’s the battery when the crank cycles are much slower than they normally are. If the car won’t start at all and you hear audible clicking sounds, the battery is all but completely dead and needs a jumpstart or immediate replacement. 

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Swollen Battery Case

This sounds more dangerous than it really is, however, it can become more dangerous if you don’t do anything about it.

The battery swelling is the result of the battery’s inability to fully charge through a cycle and the temperature changes in the battery cause it to swell up. 

It’s rare for a battery to explode, at least not when it is being used properly. However, if you notice visible signs of expansion, including cracking and discolorations, it’s time to replace your Exide battery. 

All Things Considered

Depending on which Exide battery you own, the replacement period or the pro-rata period will be different.

Exide provides its customers with a pretty extensive period of warranty coverage, pro-rata, and free replacements, so it pays to keep in mind the age and status of your Exide battery at all times. 





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