Marshalls Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Marshalls Christmas Return Policy

If you need a great holiday gift, Marshalls has something for everyone. But what if that something from Marshalls, someone got you is not for you? Here’s what you need to know about their holiday return policy.

Marshalls has a special return policy that extends the timeframe for returns to encompass those receiving gifts during the Christmas season. Gift recipients of Marshalls products have until the end of January to return items that were originally purchased during October, November, and December.

In this article, we will cover everything about Marshalls’ Christmas return policy from its extended timeframe to returns without a gift receipt and much more.

What Is the Return Window at Marshalls During the Holidays?

During the holiday season, Marshalls extends its return window in order to accommodate shoppers who prefer to purchase gifts well in advance.

If you receive a gift purchased from Marshalls that you wish to return, as long as it was bought between October 10 and December 25, you have until January 25 to take it back.

Normally, returns can only be made within thirty days of purchase. However, Marshalls realizes that the holiday season is busy, and most people would rather not wait until less than a month until Christmas to do their shopping.

With the extended holiday return window, you have the full thirty days from Christmas to return a Marshalls gift even if it was purchased back in October.

Likewise, if you received the gift for a different holiday within that timeframe such as a birthday or wedding, you still have the advantage of a later return date since there is no rule stating the gift must be given for Christmas.

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How Do I Return a Holiday Gift Purchased from Marshalls?

If you received a gift from Marshalls, you could return it to any physical Marshalls location. The product you return has to be in like new condition.

If you attempt to return the gift you received in a damaged condition, used, or worn, Marshalls will reject the return. Returned items must be in a sellable condition in order to complete a valid return transaction.

Make sure to have the gift receipt with you as well, since this will help make your return easier. If you try to return a gift to Marshalls without a gift receipt, they may accept it, but it is more likely to be rejected.

Once you present the receipt and item to the Marshalls associate, they will be able to tell how much the gift giver spent on the purchase.

You will be reimbursed with a gift card in the same amount as the total paid for the gift. Under most circumstances, Marshalls does not require a signature for returns made with a gift receipt, but sometimes they will, especially if the store is experiencing a high volume of fraudulent returns.                                                                                                                                      

How Will I Receive Reimbursement for a Returned Holiday Gift to Marshalls? 

If you receive an item from Marshalls as a holiday gift that you decide to return, you will receive reimbursement for the product in the form of a Marshalls gift card.

The gift card you receive will be equal in value to the price that the gift giver paid according to the gift receipt.

Marshalls cannot give you cash back for items you return with a gift receipt. While you will be credited a Marshalls gift card, you can usually use Marshall’s gift cards at other TJX affiliate stores such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Winners.

Although Marshalls return policy does not mention exchanges, you may be able to ask your local Marshalls store manager if they will allow exchanges for similar or the same product if your gift is damaged or you simply need a different size or color.

Either way, your options for reimbursement of a Christmas gift from Marshalls will still mean that you are coming home with Marshall’s merchandise or nothing at all.

Can I Return a Holiday Gift from Marshalls to Another TJX Store?

Although Marshalls is one of many retail stores that fall under the TJX parent company, if you receive a gift from Marshalls that you don’t want, it must be returned to a Marshalls store.

Even if the item you receive is sold at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or one of the other TJX stores, only Marshalls will accept the item for a return.

Even though you are bound by the Marshalls name, you don’t have to return the gift to the same exact Marshalls location where it was purchased.

If you live across the country or just the next town over, you can return it to any Marshalls store location.

Keep the sticker or tag on the item so that it can be easily identified as Marshalls merchandise and not mistaken for another TJX store’s product.

If the sticker or tag is not still attached, keep it with the item so that the Marshalls associate can facilitate your return more easily.

If you don’t have the sticker or tag, your return may be rejected due to suspected fraudulent activity.

Can I Return a Holiday Gift to Marshalls Without a Receipt?

If you received a Marshalls product as a holiday gift but the gift giver failed to supply the gift receipt, you can still return the product to Marshalls.

With or without a receipt, you will be refunded for the price of the item in the form of a Marshalls gift card.

However, any returns without a receipt are more likely to be rejected due to suspected fraudulent returns. If you do not have your gift receipt or the original tag or sticker, your return is much more likely to be rejected.

Marshalls already offers extremely low prices on their products so any profit loss due to faulty returns can impact the store.

If you return a gift without a receipt, you will be asked to provide a valid form of photo identification as well as your name, home address, and signature.

Through Marshalls’ refund verification system, they will be able to keep track of your non-receipted returns and may deny you the ability to return items at all if you make too many returns without a receipt.

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Are There Certain Items That Cannot Be Returned to Marshalls?

While most Marshalls products that you may receive as gifts are eligible for returns, they are certain items that cannot be returned as well as specific conditions under which an item may not be eligible for a return.

Intimate wear and swimwear specifically need to have the tags still attached in order to make a return. If you still possess the tag but it is not attached to the item, it will not be accepted for a return since it could indicate that it has been worn.

In order to keep their customers healthy and safe, Marshalls will not accept non-tagged swimwear and intimates.

Any other clothing or product that shows signs of wear, usage, or damage will not be eligible for a return to Marshalls. You may receive an item as a gift that was already damaged or defective when you opened it.

If this is the case, do not remove the tag or sticker and take it to the nearest Marshalls location to explain your situation.

Under these circumstances, Marshalls should let you return the item for a gift card refund or replace it with the same item if it is still available.

Can I Return an Item to Marshalls That I Purchased As a Gift But Then Decided Not to Give?

If you bought something at Marshalls for a friend or loved one for Christmas but then found a better gift or for some other reason decided not to give it to them, you can always return the original gift to Marshalls.

Present the unused gift along with your original purchase receipt in order to be reimbursed with the same form of tender with which you paid.

If you cannot find the original purchase receipt but you still have the gift receipt, you can use that to return the ungiven gift.

However, instead of a refund in cash or back on your credit or debit card, you will be given a Marshalls gift card as a reimbursement.

Don’t forget that any items purchased between October 10 and December 25 are eligible for returns until January 25, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you need to return it or give it away.


Marshalls has a generous holiday return policy that allows the gift recipients of early shoppers the ability to return gifts within an appropriate timeframe after Christmas.

For any items purchased from Marshalls starting October 10 and ending on Christmas Day, you will have until the 25th of January to return them if you don’t want them.

With or without a gift receipt, Marshalls will reimburse your gift in the form of a gift card.

Hang on to the receipt though because non-receipted returns are more likely to get rejected.



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