Marshalls Return Policy Without Receipt? (Secrets You´ll Never Imagine!)

marshalls return policy without receipt

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Marshalls return policy without receipt is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Marshalls is a business that profits by selling ‘off-price’ merchandise so that its consumer base can purchase premium clothing without having to pay a premium price.

This is usually because premium stores will sell their merchandise to Marshalls at a steep discount. 

So, what is Marshalls return policy without a receipt? Marshalls goes with the tried and true practice of most retailers when it comes to returning items without a receipt. They will accept it, however, you will only get a store credit in return for bringing the item back. Also, as always, there are a few caveats to go along with it. 

Marshalls isn’t alone in this because most retailers go with this kind of return policy when the customer has lost their receipt.

You should always do everything that you can to keep up with your receipts, even if you have to file them away somewhere. This is especially true if you return things often. 

Marshalls Online and In-Store Returns Without a Receipt

For the most part, nothing changes here, outside of the method behind the return because it’s obvious that an online return would be different than an in-store return.

Marshalls keeps it simple which is a huge attraction for customers and it elevates a company’s standings in the consumer’s view. 

In-Store Returns at Marshalls

Marshalls has a pretty generic return window of 30-days from the date of the original purchase, however, it’s a loosely enforced mechanism because you can bring just about anything back after 30 days. 

The only difference is both returns with and returns without receipts, that come back after 30 days, are treated the same in that the consumer gets an in-store credit for the return.

If you manage to find the receipt and return the item within 30 days, you have more options in terms of how you want your refund. 

In-store returns without a receipt are relatively simple, just be sure to bring your item back to Marshalls in the original packaging (if at all possible).

Bring your ID with you as well, just in case. They may never ask for it but Marshalls, like most other retailers, lists identification as a must when returning items. 

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Online Returns at Marshalls

The good thing about online returns is that you don’t have to return them online if you don’t want to. The Marshalls policy with online returns allows you to bring an online purchase to any Marshalls store that you want to.

The opposite is not true. You cannot purchase items in-store and return them online.

Of course, not everyone lives right next door or even within driving range of a Marshalls. So the option to return the item via shipping is a viable alternative.

Marshalls makes online purchases relatively simple, as the shipping label is automatically created along with your order. 

So you won’t need to jump online and locate your Marshalls order before generating a shipping label. It should all be in your email order confirmation.

Simply go back to your email and retrieve the shipping label, place the items in a protective package, around the original package, box it, and mail it. 

Unfortunately, using the shipping option with your online return is the longest way to get your return. It will usually take about a week for the item to arrive at Marshalls and get processed through.

Then, you will have to wait for Marshalls to process a replacement item and ship it back to you. 

There are also a few exceptions to returns when it comes to online ordering with Marshalls.

  • The returned items have to be in ‘new’ condition and unused, worn, or washed
  • You cannot return anything to Marshalls that cost over $1k
  • Handbags are the same way and cannot be returned if they cost more than $500
  • A long occasion gown purchased online can only be returned online, not in-store
  • Cosmetics and accessories will not be accepted returns if they are opened or used
  • Final Sale items are not returnable either (for the most part)

There are some ‘final sale’ items that you can return to Marshalls, however, Marshalls isn’t specific about it.

You should contact Marshalls Customer Service and find out whether or not your final sale item is returnable before you take the time to package it up and send it back. 

Exceptions and Outliers 

Clearance items are not to be confused with final sale items as the former can be returned to Marshalls.

If you bring the clearance item back inside of the 30-day window, with a receipt, you will get a full refund in the form of the payment that you used to purchase it initially. 

If you bring the clearance item back without a receipt, you will get store credit, even if you bring it back outside of the 30-day window.

Holiday and Close-Out items are usually considered to be final sale items, so they will not be returnable. 

The one thing that Marshalls is pretty strict about is opened items. Their official stance on the matter is that if you open it, you cannot return it because Marshalls will not accept the return. 

Whether or not you can get away with returning an opened product anyway is probably up to the management at your particular Marshalls.

Some may be willing to work with you and some may be a little more obstinate about it. You can always escalate, however, you will need to remain polite but forceful when doing so. 

You cannot return a Marshalls gift card, which is a fairly generic and typical policy throughout the industry. The same goes for swimwear and lingerie where the tag has been removed.

If you get a bathing suit or underwear from Marshalls, don’t remove the tag unless you are sure you will never return it. 

Last but not least, any store credit that you receive at Marshalls can be applied to TJ Maxx and Sierra Trading Post.

All Things Considered

Shopping at Marshalls is a lot like shopping at other discount outlets, especially in terms of returning items without a receipt.

Marshalls is always happy to accept returned items without a receipt, so long as they are new, unopened, and you are willing to accept store credit.

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