Louis Vuitton Return Policy after 30 days (What’s Covered)

louis vuitton Return Policy after 30 days

Can You Return Louis Vuitton? Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what Louis Vuitton’s return policy after 30 days is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Louis Vuitton is a symbol of high fashion and topnotch luxury couture. But their return policy is rather strict. And, lately, their return and exchange policy seems rather non-existent.

So, what is Louis Vuitton’s return policy after 30 days? Louis Vuitton does not have a return policy after 30 days. Ideally, Louis Vuitton rejects any returns beyond this limit. However, depending on the store where you purchased merchandise, you may be able to work with staff in receiving a refund, getting in-store credit, or making an exchange.

But, it’s important you understand they don’t publish this information. Therefore, the best thing you can do is return your items with in the allowable 30-day window.

Also, use the website to peruse items you like and its location at a freestanding store. This way, you can attempt a return if you think you won’t make that time frame.

How Do You Get in Touch with Louis Vuitton Customer Support?

What’s great about Louis Vuitton’s customer support is that you have many options to contact them for returns and exchanges.

They have online chat, email, certain social media platforms, and, of course, by telephone. They’re very quick, efficient, and timely in their replies too.

What’s Wrong with Seeing the Details of Louis Vuitton Return Policy?

During initial research for this article, it was difficult to view the exact terms of Louis Vuitton’s return policy. Therefore, it was unclear what they allowed and what the restrictions were.

When you go to the website, there is a link for Delivery & Returns at the bottom of the page. But, when you click on it, a 404 error appears and the page is not visible.

And, the Wayback Machine didn’t have an archived page in their history.

FAQ Has Insufficient Info

While there is some information in the FAQs, it’s insufficient in regard to the topic of making a return beyond 30 days.

So, upon realizing this, we initiated contact with their customer care department; first via Live Chat and then through email.

Live Chat Is an AI Bot

The Live Chat wasn’t much help. Because it’s an AI bot and the return information page wasn’t there, it repeatedly announced it couldn’t help at this time.

Therefore, an email ensued and we asked about making a return beyond 30 days.

What Happened After Emailing Louis Vuitton’s Customer Service?

The first response to the email thread came from Amauni B. who gave the basic rundown for online orders. Customers can make complimentary exchanges or returns online or at a freestanding store within 30 days of making a purchase. This doesn’t include sister retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale, Neiman Marcus, or Saks.

Amauni also submitted a link to their delivery and returns policy. But this was the same one with a 404 from the previous attempt.

Therefore, we asked the question once again and informed them of the 404 error along with how the AI chat wasn’t much help. We asked the following questions too:

  • Do you give in store credits?
  • Do you allow even exchanges?
  • If you do have any exceptions, what are the conditions for those exceptions to occur?
  • Is it different for online orders than it is for in-store purchases?

The Second Response

The subsequent reply came from Ashley M. and she emphatically stated that return policy documentation for store orders is on the receipt.

To summarize the information, as long as you make your exchange or return within the 30-day window, they will honor a store credit or full refund.

However, the original receipt is necessary for them to honor the return.

Standard Returns

Everything you no longer wish to have must be in perfect condition that’s saleable. If you make a purchase from Louis Vuitton in another country, you cannot return it in a different country.

You must make all returns and exchanges within the original country from where you bought the merchandise.

The exception to returns and exchanges are jewelry and watches. You cannot get a full refund for those items. Louis Vuitton will only honor an exchange or store credit.

For such merchandise, you have to bring back the entire product along with all it’s packaging and literature. This includes instructions with the warranty certificate, product certificates (GIA and COSC, for example), and the invoice.

Ashley then said that after this 30-day period, customers can continue their conversation at the store where they made the purchase.

While this doesn’t guarantee the store will grant a return beyond the 30-day allowance, it does increase the chances.

Are There Any Updates to Louis Vuitton’s Refund Policy?

Since the email conversation with their Client Services, they have reposted their Delivery and Return Policy page. While details are somewhat vague, much more appears after logging into your account on the website.

However, they have standard return details listed for online and in-store purchases as mentioned above.

What’s more, Louis Vuitton also offers a concierge service where you can arrange to have the store pick up your return or exchange with their Premium Delivery option.

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Apparently, it is not the policy of Louis Vuitton to honor returns and exchanges beyond the 30-day standard window.

So, it’s best to ensure you make the return within that time. You’ll avoid a lot of headaches and get a full hassle-free refund for any items you no longer want.





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