Kirkland VS Members Mark Toilet Paper (The Truth!)


Buying toilet paper is no small feat. Your whole family uses it on a daily basis, and it can be hard to find one that everybody loves.

So, we’re going to dive into a direct comparison of Kirkland and Members Mark toilet paper to figure out which one reigns over the TP kingdom.

Kirkland VS Members Mark Toilet Paper: A Close Comparison Table

We’ll start by comparing various important toilet paper factors on a scale from “low” to “high.”

Value Kirkland Members Mark
Value$1.25 per 1000 sheets through Costco$1.72 per 1000 sheets through Sam’s Club
Dry StrengthMediumMedium
Wet StrengthMediumMedium
Perforation StrengthLowMedium

Who’s The Winner Here?

Members Mark wins this first round. With seven medium to high rankings, it won by two points!

Kirkland VS Members Mark: Features

Members Mark toilet paper is strong yet oh-so-soft. Its two-ply structure with dotted texture perfectly captures moisture from the messiest of situations.

The sheets even feature a somewhat abstract floral design to give your bathroom a luxurious aesthetic. What more could you want?

As for Kirkland’s features, it’s also a two-ply tissue. Absorbency, thickness, and strength are all pretty average, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

As for the appearance, it’s pretty bog-standard (pardon the pun). Although, we can’t fault the price!

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Who’s The Winner Here?

We believe Members Mark takes the cake as far as features go. Where Kirkland was primarily average, Members Mark seemed to excel.

So, it was a pretty easy decision for this round. 

With that said, you may well disagree if your main objective is to save some cash.

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Kirkland VS Members Mark: Costs and Savings

Let’s look at how much Kirkland and Members Mark costs for an average household. For this analysis, we’ll look at a home with one adult male, one adult woman, one male child, and one female child.

This family size probably uses around 60,000 sheets every year. So, here’s a breakdown of how much it’ll cost per brand:

  • To buy Kirkland from Costco it equals $75 per year. 
  • To buy Member’s Mark it equals $103 per year.

Buying Kirkland toilet paper, therefore, saves you $28 over buying Member’s Mark!

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Who’s The Winner Here?

In the money category, Kirkland wins. Saving $28 might not seem like a lot (especially over a year), but every little helps!

Kirkland VS Members Mark: Where to Buy

Members Mark toilet paper is only available through Sam’s Club. But you don’t necessarily need a membership to purchase it.

If you don’t want to pay for a membership (and we recommend you don’t if you only want to buy toilet paper), there are some other options, including:

  • Ask a relative or friend with a membership to buy it for you and then give them the money.
  • Go to a Sam’s Club open house event for non-members. You might have to pay to get in, however.
  • Acquire a free day pass for Sam’s Club. You’ll pay a 10% non-member charge, but the toilet paper is still great value.
  • Buy it from a 3rd party seller via Amazon. Watch out for fluctuating prices, however. Use a comparison app to ensure you’re still getting a fantastic deal.

Kirkland, on the other hand, is a Costco brand. However, it’s much easier to get your hands in other stores like Amazon.

Who’s The Winner Here?

For this category, we’d say the winner is Kirkland. It’s much easier to obtain than Members Mark.

Kirkland VS Members Mark: Pros and Cons List

We’ve thrown a lot of information at you so far. Let’s take a step back and look at the pros and cons.

Kirkland Pros and Cons

Pretty strong when it’s wet Comfortable Visually pleasing Great value for money (better than Members Mark in this category)The dissolvability isn’t great The plies separate easily

Members Mark Pros and Cons

Excellently comfortable Perfectly durable Wonderfully thick Feels like Charmin quality-wiseCan be fairly linty (although they have worked hard to reduce the lint in their newer packs) More expensive than Kirkland toilet paper

Who’s The Winner Here?

We have to say that Members Mark wins for the quality of the pros. It seems that an extra $28 a year might be worth it after all!

The Bottom Line

The toilet paper you end up choosing largely depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re willing to pay that bit extra for abundantly softer, more durable TP, Members Mark is for you.

But Kirkland wins if you’re looking to save money and don’t mind compromising on softness.

Our opinion? Well, we’d go with the overall point winner — Members Mark.

This brand won three out of five of our categories. We can’t argue with that!


Is Cheaper Toilet Paper Better for The Environment?

Not usually. However, some affordable brands are using recycled paper. Be prepared, though, to sacrifice softness with these brands.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad. Despite the rough, thin paper found inside public toilets, most of them are made from recycled paper!

At least we’re not using hard-as-nails tissue for no reason (although we’re pretty sure they’re stocked for savings).

Does Kirkland or Members Mark Make Colored Toilet Paper?

No. In fact, no toilet paper brands make colored sheets anymore. Manufacturers scrapped it in the early 2000s, following studies that showed the dye could be toxic to some people. 

Alongside that, the ink slowed down the normal disintegration process. 

With that said, it’s worth noting that colored products are produced as a novelty for the luxury consumer market.

How Is Toilet Paper Made?

Toilet paper is typically made from water, trees, chemicals, and whiteners. The manufacturing factories receive virgin or recycled paper as a raw material to process and pack for retail.

Generally, all toilet paper looks the same. It really hasn’t changed since the 1950s (after the colored paper phase).

But as soon as you touch them, the differences shine through. And then, when you actually use them, the differences are abundantly clear.

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