Marathon Toilet Paper vs. Kirkland (2-Ply Bath Tissue)


Marathon toilet paper and Kirkland are both options for buying in bulk and saving our pennies when it comes to bath tissues. Yet Marathon Toilet Paper vs. Kirkland, which brand is a better buy?

The facts you need to know regarding Marathon toilet paper vs. Kirkland is that Marathon is the more economical, but Kirkland is better for overall quality on a budget. Marathon lacks the tensile strength of Kirkland, yet breaks down more easily due to its thinness and is better for sewer and septic systems.

Marathon and Kirkland are both excellent options to suit a tight budget if you are on the market to buy bulk and stock up on some essentials.

Marathon 2-Ply Bath Tissue

Who Owns Marathon Toilet Paper?

GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, owns the Marathon label toilet paper and is retailed primarily at Costco or sold online through Amazon and several other online retailers.

The two-ply Bath tissue also comes in a more commercially designed Marathon Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue, Septic Safe.

Who makes Marathon Toilet Paper?

Marathon toilet paper is owned by a subsidiary of Georgia-Pacific, one of the global leaders in manufacturing tissue, pulp, building products, and packaging. 

Marathon Brand Toilet Paper Products

Marathon 2 ply Bath Tissue 

Marathon two-ply toilet tissue is a reliable toilet tissue with an efficient coreless design for maximum capacity. The budget-friendly 48 roll case delivers two-ply paper that is both soft and absorbent.

Great for both home and commercial use, this individually wrapped bath tissue is flushable and septic safe for standard sewer and septic tanks.

The Jubo marathon rolls are a competitively priced bathroom tissue option for restaurants, educational and industrial facilities.

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Marathon 2 ply Specifications:

  • Size: 48 Count per pack
  • Ply number: 2-ply
  • Sheet Count per Roll: 470
  • Sheet Count Total: 22,560 
  • Dimensions: 4.0″ x 4.0″
  • Color: White.

Online Price 56.99(Subject to change and area-specific) 

Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply

The commercial 2-ply jumbo bath tissue offers a soft and absorbent commercial product with a high capacity for less frequent refills. These non-perforated rolls are both septic and sewer safe.

Marathon Jumbo rolls two-ply Bathroom Tissue Specifications

  • White
  • Number of plies: 2-Ply
  • Roll size: 3.5″ x 900′
  • Diameter: 8.5″
  • Rolls per case: 24
  • Sheet count per roll 600.

Price $25,49 (Subject to change and area-specific)

Marathon Toilet Paper Sustainability

Marathon toilet rolls are certified by the Sustainable Forestry initiative sourcing label, which shows that Georgia pacific sources fiber from responsible and legal wood sources to make their bathroom tissues. 

However, a year after a damning FDRC exposure of big tissue companies, including Georgia pacific in 2019, the NDRC still regards Georgia pacific as responsible for unsustainable sourcing of 100%  virgin tree forest fiber. 

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Marathon Toilet Paper Customer Reviews

The amazon rating for the Marathon toilet tissue range averages out of 3.9 out of five stars. Customers frequently mention that Marathon paper does not stand up well in performance and tends to fragment, leaving pieces behind.

Customers also remark that the paper is relatively thin and takes a large number of squares at a time to be effective. 

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue

Who owns Kirkland Toilet Paper? 

Kirkland toilet paper is a signature label created by Walmart in 1992. Named after their then head office in Kirkland, the now-iconic red signature label is a hallmark of quality products placed under Walmarts banner.

The manufacturer of many of Costco’s signature Kirkland range is a closely guarded secret, although insider leaks have often exposed big name brands behind the Kirkland packaging.

Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper?

The Kirkland toilet tissue products manufacturers are a closely guarded secret, although evidence has linked Clearwater Paper Corporation with Costco’s toilet paper supply.

The sheer volume of Kirkland toilet paper suggests that several tissue production companies supply Costco according to their ability to fulfill Costco´s standards of quality. 

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Kirkland Toilet Tissue and Sustainability 

The NDRC gave Costco’s Kirkland signature toilet paper a failing F in sustainability. The Kirkland range uses virgin softwood pulp primarily sourced from the exploited Canadian arboreal forest belt.

This vast stretch of forest plays a critical role in absorbing carbon dioxide and is home to a variety of wildlife and ecosystems. 

An updated report after 2019 still maintains that the larger tissue pulp suppliers to larger retail giants such as Costco had failed to improve their environmentally destructive sourcing substantially.

These suppliers included Procter and Gamble and Georgia-Pacific, which fuel climate change and environmental damage. 

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Kirkland Products 

Kirkland Signature 2-Ply Bath Tissue, 425 Sheets, 30 ct

The Kirkland signature range is a top seller in Costco and is a popular choice for quality toilet paper on a budget.

Although Kirkland is not the softest toilet paper on the market, it is better quality than several budget brands and further away from the dreaded ‘çommercial’ look and feel. 

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Number of plies: 2-Ply
  • Tissue dimensions: 4.5″ x 4″
  • 425 sheets per roll
  • Rolls per case: 30.

Price: $43,99 (Subject to change and area-specific)

Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Bath Tissue, 36 Rolls

The Ultra Soft version has fewer sheets per roll than their signature brand but increased softness for users.

The customer reviews are relatively consistent regarding this range, although the Ultra Soft did not break down as well as other products in its price range. 

Kirkland Ultra Soft Specifications

  • 2-Ply
  • Sheets Size- 4.5″ x 4.0″ Sheet size
  • 231 Sheets per Roll
  • 36 Rolls
  • Septic Safe
  • White.

Price: $26,99 (Subject to change and area-specific)

Kirkland Toilet paper Customer Reviews

This Costco offering is two-ply with a decent 425 sheets per roll. It has consistently average scores for softness and absorbency and high scores for softness and absorbency but relatively higher results for strength when wet.

Amazon reviews rate the product at 4.6 stars out of five, considerably higher than the marathon brand. Customers make multiple mentions of the higher-than-average lint fallout when using the brand.

There have, however, been consistent remarks that the Kirkland has declined in size and quality post COVID. 

The Bottom Line: Which is Better, Kirkland or Marathon Toilet Paper?

From customer reviews, Kirkland or at least pre covid Kirkland seemed a better quality and more consistently high rated toilet tissue than Marathon.

Unlike Marathon, Kirkland toilet paper is often a home toilet paper option, whereas Marathon seems a better choice for commercial use. 

Kirkland tops Marathon hands down on its strength when wet, with Marathon consistently being reviewed for its thinness and lack of cohesion when in use.

With the Marathon coming in slightly lower in price, the general quality of Kirkland toilet tissue is the overall winner between the two options. 


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