Is Pandora Jewelry Real Gold? (Materials, Quality + More)

Is Pandora Jewelry Real Gold

Lindsey, do you know if Pandora jewelry is real gold? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Pandora is probably best known for its popular charm bracelets, which allow jewelry lovers to customize their very own bracelet with a variety of charms–like a life story told in bracelet form. Pandora also sells a variety of other jewelry, but is Pandora Jewelry gold? 

Pandora sells a variety of 14-karat and 18-karat solid gold pieces in yellow and rose gold colors, but much of Pandora’s yellow gold and rose gold jewelry is plated in 14-karat gold over a unique metal core.  

Pandora strives to make its baubles available at a variety of price points, so it makes sense that some pieces will be available in solid gold while others are gold-plated–allowing for the gold look but at a lower cost. Read on for everything you need to know about Pandora gold Jewelry. 

What is Pandora Jewelry? 

Pandora sells a large assortment of jewelry for women, including rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and charms.

Small items and gifts can be purchased for under $50, many items are available for a few hundred dollars, and lab-created diamond rings are available for over $1,000. 

Pandora is probably best known for its charm bracelets, which can be customized with a variety of detailed charms selling below $100.

Pandora sells both cubic zirconia sparklers and jewelry with genuine lab-created diamonds and sells most items in a choice of yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. 

Does Pandora Make Real Gold? 

Yes, but you have to read carefully to determine if an item is solid gold or 14-karat gold plated. Many of the less-expensive items are listed as “hand finished in 14-karat gold,” which means they are made from a metal core covered with a layer of Palladium and then a layer of gold. 

According to Pandora, the Palladium is a strong, durable metal that allows its gold-plated jewelry to stand the test of time.

Gold plating is much cheaper than making jewelry out of solid gold, so you can get a similar look for less (though it may not last as long–see below). 

Solid-gold jewelry, such as that found in Pandora diamond rings, will be listed as “solid gold.” This means the entire thing is made from gold. 

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Does Pandora Use Gold Alloys?  

Yes–everyone does. Pure 24-karat gold is simply too soft to make jewelry out of. For this reason, it is mixed (alloyed) with other metals to make it stronger.

Eighteen-karat gold has more gold (75% pure gold) than 14-karat gold (58.5% pure gold), which means 18-karat is slightly more yellow and 14-karat slightly more pale. Eighteen-karat gold generally costs more because it contains more actual gold. 

You may find that you prefer one color over the other, but they are both considered “real” gold. 

Rose gold is also made with real gold, though it is alloyed with copper and silver. 14-karat rose gold contains 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% copper and silver. 

Is Pandora Jewelry Good Quality?

Many users have complained about the quality of Pandora craftsmanship in recent years, noting that their jewelry has broken within a few years of ownership.

Many have complained of clasps breaking and metals turning colors. 

Pandora is not a high-end brand, and many items are available in sterling silver and cubic zirconia, though they do carry some higher-end items like lab diamonds and solid gold. 

Keep in mind that gold plating can wear off with time, so you will need to take very good care of jewelry that is gold-plated so it continues to look new. 

Gold plating will also oxidize, so you will need to keep your jewelry clean and away from cleaning products, chlorine, sweat, and perfume.

According to Pandora, oxidation and plating fade naturally over time, which is “natural wear and tear and not a defect.” This also means that any warranty doesn’t cover fading. 

Keep in mind silver will tarnish and needs to be polished frequently in order to keep its shine. Pandora offers tips for keeping your jewelry looking new on its website. 

Is There Fake Pandora Jewelry?

You may be wondering if the jewelry at Pandora is real. As stated above, much of it is made from sterling silver or is gold-plated.

Pandora uses Cubic Zirconia in much of its jewelry (it doesn’t claim to be using diamonds, and the jewelry is priced accordingly). 

However, there are a lot of Pandora fraudsters out there trying to sell fake Pandora jewelry.

Most authentic Pandora pieces are marked with “ALE” on the inside. Solid gold should always be marked with G750 (18k) or G585 (14k). 

Does Pandora Use Recycled Metals? 

In 2021, Pandora hit the benchmark of using 54% recycled silver and gold in its jewelry. The company aims to use recycled gold and silver in all its jewelry by 2025. 

Pandora Jewelry FAQ

Does Pandora Jewelry Fade?

According to the Pandora website, all gold-plated items will undergo oxidation and fading over time, and this is not a defect but rather natural wear and tear.

Fading can be reduced if you keep your jewelry away from chlorine, perspiration, cleaning agents, and perfume. In other words, you need to take good care of gold-plated items. 

Much gold-plated jewelry experiences this fading, and the only way to completely avoid it is to buy solid-gold. 

Can You Shower With Pandora Jewelry? 

Pandora recommends that you remove your jewelry any time you are in the water. This includes bathing, swimming, and cleaning.

It is also advised to keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, and UV light.

Pandora also recommends that you don’t wear Pandora to bed, as it adds to wear and tear on the jewelry. 


Pandora does use real gold in its jewelry, although only a small percentage of Pandora’s jewelry is solid gold.

Other items are gold-plated, which look nice but may not last as long if the plating wears off.

That being said, gold-plated items are almost always cheaper than solid-gold, so you may be able to get the same look for less.



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