Is Jared Jewelry Overpriced? (All You Need to Know)

Is Jared Jewelry Overpriced

Purchasing something for a loved one or a special occasion should be fun; however, nothing adds stress like having to wonder whether you’re paying too much for jewelry!

You may find yourself wondering, especially when shopping at a chain: is Jared jewelry overpriced?

Jared’s jewelry is not overpriced, since it is sold at prices which compete with other chains while maintaining certifiably high quality in terms of their jewelry’s materials.

In this article, we’ll begin by learning how to evaluate jewelry for pricing, then apply those to Jared’s jewelry and prices.

We will even cover some frequently asked questions!

How to Tell if Jewelry is Overpriced

Though it is always possible to consult an expert, it is also a doable solution to find out how to appraise the worth of a piece of jewelry ourselves.

By determining how jewelry is evaluated, then applying those standards to the average Jared jewelry offerings, we can tell if Jared’s jewelry is overpriced!

Below are the general ways to tell how jewelry is evaluated for price:

  1. The Quality of the Jewels
  2. The Quality of the Metal
  3. The Certification of Authenticity

Let’s take a look at how each of these components can be analyzed for worth.

1.   The Quality of the Jewels

Jewelry chains like Jared sell a wide variety of jewels, but the ones they are most well-known for are their selection of diamonds.

Diamonds can be evaluated based on the following qualities:

  • Clarity – The clarity of a diamond is very much what it sounds like. It refers to how few blemishes are found in a diamond. A blemish is any kind of mark, scratch, or color disfigurement that keeps the diamond from appearing smooth and reflecting light.
  • Cut – A diamond’s cut is determined by examining how “bright” a diamond is when light enters into it. When light does go into a diamond, it tends to reflect many times over: this is known as “fire.” A diamond’s symmetry, shine, and fire are all part of the cut.
  • Carat Weight – The weight of a diamond’s carat is synonymous with how heavy the actual stone is. A “carat” is a very light unit of measurement, only reaching about 0.2 gs. If the carat count is higher, the diamond is more valuable and will be priced higher, as well.
  • Color – The color of a diamond is the opposite of what it sounds like: if a diamond is closer to the letter “D” on a letter scale, this means it has very little natural color and is close to transparent. However, if it is close to “Z” on the same scale, this means it is yellow or opaque, and less valuable.

The above standards are known as the “4 C’s” in diamond evaluation. They are the prime way to determine a diamond’s worth. 

2.   The Quality of the Metal

The second thing to consider when evaluating the worth of a piece of jewelry is the metal that the jewels are set in, as well as the chain or quality of bracelet material. These can be tested for worth in purity.

The purity of a metal refers to how much precious metal is in the overall product compared with how many less-valuable metals are mixed in.

For example, if a piece of jewelry’s silver sheen begins to fade and give way to another color, like yellow, it is either inauthentic or a very impure metal and should be considered cheaper.

The best way to determine a piece of jewelry’s purity is by looking at the hallmark companies will often stamp into the metal in the form of a number. 

Check out the tables below to get an idea of a piece of jewelry’s metal purity based on the hallmark number it is assigned.

Type of MetalPurity Hallmark Number

3.   The Certification of Authenticity

Perhaps one of the most reliable ways to determine a piece of jewelry’s worth is to simply rely on the experts.

Though some jewelers, like Tiffany’s, utilize their own in-house professionals to certify the authenticity of their products, Jared’s and many other chains rely on the Gemological Institute of America to certify pieces.

In fact, there are four types of gem certification that Jared routinely uses on their diamonds, in particular. These are listed below:

  • GIA – The acronym stands for the aforementioned Gemological Institute of America. This institution is one of the more renowned for it’s high standards. In fact, the experts at believe that the GIA and the AGS are the best certifications that can be obtained for rare gems. The majority of diamonds sold by Jared have this certification.
  • AGS – The American Gem Society, or “AGS,” is known for being the first gem lab to invent diamond cut grades. Their grade scale runs from 0, which is “ideal,” to 9, and evaluates how well the diamond’s brightness and shape shine through. Jared uses the AGS’ Diamond Quality Document to certify some of their diamonds.
  • IGI – “IGI” stands for International Gemological Institute, and is not as widely-revered or respected in diamond-evaluating circles as the GIA or the AGS. However, the IGI does analyze diamonds for the quality of the 4 C’s mentioned above, and it offers certificates for some of Jared’s diamond products, as well.

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Is Jared Jewelry Overpriced?

So, with all of the above information, the question is, is Jared overpriced? Their metalwork is varied, but the purity of their jewelry metals, such as platinum, is usually between 90% and 95%. 

Additionally, Jared’s jewels are known for having top-notch clarity, cut, and color, as well as a wide selection of carat-weights. This is proven by the certification standards their pieces receive from some of the top gem certification societies in the world.

Altogether, though Jared’s jewelry is considered to be sold at premium prices, you get what you pay for. Not only are the jewels and their settings of high quality but purchasing jewelry from Jared earns your item the renown of the brand name, too.

Therefore, it seems likely that Jared jewelry is no more overpriced than the average high-quality, certified gems sold at any other chain would be.

 Are Brick and Mortar Jewelers More Money than Online Jewelers?

Yes. This is almost always true. If saving money is your main goal, you will want to stick with online jewelers. 

Online jewelers don’t have to staff and pay as many sales people, and they don’t need to pay for that brick-and-mortar store.

In addition, most retail jewelers like Jared have to hold inventory of diamonds and other jewelry, while online retailers can purchase the diamonds at the time of sale to a customer–which means they aren’t holding onto inventory. All of this allows online retailers to sell for less.  

  • Save an Average of $350* on Lab-Created Diamonds
  • James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales

Is Jared a Good Jewelry Store?

Jared Customer Experience

Jared is owned by Signet Jewelers, which also owns Zales and Kay jewelers. Of the three, Jared focuses on higher-quality diamonds and jewelry, more knowledgeable staff, and more customer interaction and support. 

The customer experience seems to vary according to store and what types of items you’re purchasing. If you are buying diamonds, make sure to do some online research even if you want to see the stones in an actual store. 

Jared salespeople may be able to help you find other types of jewelry, but some shoppers have found their knowledge of diamonds limited. 

Jared Jewelry Quality

Jewelry quality will vary depending on what you are purchasing.

Smaller, less expensive items at Jared will be higher-quality than what you would find at a mall jeweler, though probably slightly less-quality than you might find at an high-end independent jeweler. 

Jared does have a nice selection of different styles if you are looking for just the right item. They use select gems and high-quality metals. 

Jared does stock diamonds with GIA and AGS certificates, which are typically higher-quality stones than those with other certificates.

These stones may cost a little more, but the certificate shows that you are getting exactly the diamond you think you are. 

If you are in the market for very high-quality jewelry, like colorless or flawless diamonds, you won’t have a lot of options at Jared. 

Jared Cost

Some secret shoppers have found that Jared has less markup than other retail jewelers. In recent years, the Jared markup over online jewelers has been around 20%, compared with 30-40% for other retailers and mall jewelry stores. 

Conflict Free Diamonds at Jared

The Signet company is the largest retailer of diamond jewelry in the world, so it has a lot of clout. The company is committed to selling only conflict-free diamonds.

You can find more information about their commitment on the website

Should I Buy A Diamond Online? 

It may seem a little nerve-wracking to make such a large and personal purchase online without ever seeing the jewelry in person. But rest assured many rings and other jewelry are now purchased online. 

For diamonds, you can see high-definition images of the stones on many sites (Jared’s online imaging is limited at this time compared to others’) and you can always return the jewelry after 30 days if it isn’t quite right.

Shipping is insured, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Jared offers a customizable ring option on their website, so if you are shopping for a diamond ring, you can get exactly what you want.

However, Jared simply doesn’t have access to the inventory of an online diamond seller like Blue Nile or James Allen, so you won’t have as many choices of stones. 

At Jared, the best quality diamond available for online custom ring building is I color/VS2 clarity. 

Should I Buy Jewelry at Jared? 

As long as you know that you might be getting a better deal online, you can always check out your local Jared and see what they have.

You might find the perfect piece of jewelry right in the case, and you can rest easy knowing that it is a good-quality item. 

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like shopping online or just needs to see the jewels and hold them in your hand–maybe even try them on–Jared can be a good option.

Jared’s commitment to quality and service puts it ahead of mall jewelers. 

Keep in mind many independent jewelry stores are still in business, and probably have the most knowledgeable salespeople and possibly the highest-quality items. 

Jared Jewelry FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Jared jewelry and the question of whether or not their products are overpriced:

Is Jared high quality jewelry?

Jared does use select gems and metals in their jewelry. Jared stocks some good jewelry designers, and uses high-quality settings. You can purchase diamonds with GIA or AGS certificates. 

Does Jared use real diamonds?

Yes. Look for the GIA and AGS certificates to confirm. Jared sells both natural and lab-created diamonds in their stores.

Both types of diamonds are considered “real” diamonds and it is impossible to tell the difference without specialized equipment. Lab diamonds are marked as such. 

Do Jared Jewelers make commissions?

Yes, according to their website, Jared jewelers can earn as much as seven percent commission when selling watches and fine jewelry. 

Is it OK to haggle with a jewelry store?

Some jewelry stores do allow haggling, but most big chains, like Jared, have a firm no-negotiation policy, which means customers looking to argue for lower prices are out of luck!

Does Jared clean jewelry for free?

If a diamond or jewelry piece with colored gems is brought specifically to a Jared The Galleria of Jewelry location, it can be cleaned and inspected by professionals for free!


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In Conclusion

To sum it all up, the jewelry sold by Jared may have premium prices, but thanks to their certifications of authenticity and high-quality gemstones, they should not be considered overpriced.

The certifications from the GIA and AGS alone ensure nothing but the best in terms of gem cut and clarity, and many of the metals used in Jared products are at least 95% pure.

This means that while Jared’s pricing is competitive and high-end, it’s name and quality of products are worth the price tag.



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