Is Trifari Jewelry Real Gold? (All You Need to Know)

Is Trifari Jewelry Real Gold

Do you know if Trifari jewelry real gold is, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you like costume jewelry, you have probably already heard about the famous Trifari brand. While this company offers beautiful pieces, it isn’t easy to know for sure what materials each of them is made of. When it comes to gold jewelry, do you know if Trifari is real?

Trifari Jewelry does not use real gold in any of its pieces. The gold jewelry you see from the company comes from a metal designed by the store’s owner, called Trifanium.

So, what other materials aren’t as they appear? Let’s take a look at Trifari Jewelry, the metals they use, and other items that might now be exactly what you think.

What is Trifari Jewelry?

Trifari Jewelry is costume jewelry at its finest. Gustavo Trifari, the founder of Trifari jewelry, opened his store in 1910.

Although Gustavo was born in Italy in 1883 to a family of excellent goldsmiths, he came to America before designing his brand, making his mark in American costume jewelry history. 

Trifari Jewelry uses a mix of materials to create eye-catching pieces of jewelry that are easy to recognize and worn by celebrities, royals, and fashion icons worldwide. 

Is Trifari Jewelry Real Gold? 

While many might be shocked to hear it, Trifari jewelry is not made of natural gold. The metal used to create Trifari pieces is called Trifanium.

This product is a metal designed by the store’s owner, formed to provide customers with long-lasting items that won’t tarnish and cost less than other metals with similar characteristics.

Trifanium is an alloy metal that starts off silver and is then plated in gold to create “golden-toned Trifanium.

While gold is one of the most popular colors made with this metal, you will also find ‘platinum-toned Trifanium,’ which is the silver metal coated with rhodium.

What Other Metals Does Trifari Use?

Trifanium is the most common metal used in Trifari Jewelry. However, it isn’t the only metal they have in the collection.

You will find that the company offers an array of options, including the use of silver, genuine gold, and vermeil-plated silver.

Gold (Triamond)

Okay, we did say Trifari Jewelry isn’t real gold, and for the most part, they aren’t. However, in 1970, the company did come up with a trademark ring, the “Triamond.”

This was a Trifari original with a fake diamond marketed to the public as the most sensational alternative to natural diamonds.

The Triamond ring was set in 14-carat real gold bands. 

Silver (Real Silver)

While not many items in the Trifari jewelry line are made from silver, there are a few pieces that are still lingering from the WWII era.

Silver had to replace metal-based materials during this time because base metal materials were needed for the war. 

It wasn’t until after WWII was over that Trifanium came to be. Thus, making silver jewelry from this brand is a bit pricey and much harder to find. 

What Other Materials Are Used in Trifari Jewelry?

The materials used by this company will depend on the type of jewelry you are looking for and the designer who created them.

Head designer, Alfred Philippe, worked for the Trifari company from 1930-1968. His pieces are some of the most sought-after today. 

High-Quality Austrian Rhinestones

During his time with the brand, Philippe would only use hand-finished, finely cut Austrian Rhinestones on his pieces.

He was also the mastermind behind the “invisible settings” for gemstone creations. 

Pressed Glass

Press glass was a great way to create the look of moonstone without spending a fortune on the actual rock.

This was one way that Tifari created beautiful jewelry that looked similar to high-end pieces without that high-end price to match. 


Lucite is a transparent plastic that can simulate the look of gemstones, providing a cheaper way to construct a beautiful work of art.

This material is most notable in the company’s Jelly Belly line. 

Iridescent Oyster Shells

The iridescent finish found on oyster shells simulates that of pearls in the most amazing way. Trifari realized how easy it was to mimic the look of pearls using much cheaper material, oyster shells.

Types of Trifari Jewelry

Trfiari jewelry is still popular and sought after today. They have an array of products on the market with many styles and designs that go for a wide margin of prices, highly depending on the piece.

The Popular Crown Brooch

The infamous Crown Brooch is a design by Alfred Philippe, sold between the 30s and 50s. These brooches are often large and colorful, with a mix of Rhinestones and colorful gemstones displayed on top of a Trifanium setting.

You will also see crowns in Trifari’s Coronation Gem Series, which celebrated the day Queen Elizabeth II took the throne. 

Unique Clip Mates

Trifari liked to create unique pieces that would make his collections stand out. The Clip Mates collection is brooches that are separated into two, allowing the wearer to wear one or two pieces. These are often made from faux gold and colorful Rhinestones.

Colorful Jelly Belly Brooches

Lucite is typically the material used to create these pieces and placed on top of a Trifanium base.

Jelly Belly brooches came in various animal designs such as cats, roosters, seals, and the rarest piece, the poodle.

Many of these brooches are made with neutral colors; some will flaunt a bright tone here and there.

Popular Patriotic Pins

Trifari also made a lot of patriotic pins in his time, most of them depicting the American Flag, with others showcasing a red, white, and blue American Eagle.

You might also find a few unique pieces online with planes, flies, and other designs adorn in red, white, and blue gemstones.


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Summing Things Up

Even though Trifari gold isn’t the real deal, it doesn’t take away from the quality or look of each piece.

While these items are vintage pieces and are sold as such, you can typically get them for a lot less than other high-end costume jewelry thanks to the low-cost faux materials, such as Trifanium.



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