Does Walmart Sell Real Gold Jewelry? (All You Need To Know)

Does Walmart Sell Real Gold Jewelry

Walmart is known to sell all kinds of precious jewels at a surprisingly low cost. But does this mean the ornaments contain real gold?

The uplifting answer here is yes! The jewelry, particularly gold sold at Walmart, is, in fact, precious metal. However, it should be noted that the ratio of gold to other metals is the game changer here. Most of the gold jewelry contains 40% real gold, and the remaining 60% is compensated for by various other metals. 

To know more about Walmart‘s jewelry and more, read the article below!

Does Walmart sell real gold jewelry?

While the jewelry sold by Walmart is classified as “real” gold, it is to be noted that real gold is not the only thing that makes up gorgeous ornaments.

While 40% of the internal composition of the jewelry is real gold, the remaining 60% is accounted for by a mix of various metals, collectively called “metal alloys.” The general rule here is that the more karats of gold in the ornament, the higher its price and the more precious the jewelry is.

These include a variety of mixes as mentioned below:

  • Fourteen karats: This includes real gold in 14 parts of the whole (i.e.58.3%) and 10 part alloys (i.e., 41.7%).
  • Eighteen karats: This includes real gold in 18 parts of the total (75%) with 6 parts alloys (25%).
  • Twenty-four karats: Pure gold is 24 karats. However, it is too soft and quickly loses its shape to be entirely used in jewelry making; hence the addition of alloys becomes a necessity.

When shopping for gold jewelry from Walmart, it must be noted that the jewelry there, no matter how cheap and real it may be, does not face a critical verification system.

This means whatever is labeled as “real” is sold this way, without any certification to back it up. If you believe otherwise in the metals authentication, there is no system for you to fall back on to accompany your claim!

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The Diamonds

Like gold, the diamonds sold at Walmart are genuine in all their definitions. However, the game changer here is the quality of diamonds sold there.

The most common way of selling diamonds at low prices is to sell low-quality diamonds or selling artificially made ones. Walmart does both with its diamond jewelry.

A low-quality diamond is still a diamond, but it is best when used as a piece of jewelry with no intention to sell it off for business purposes.

Low-quality diamonds are not for sale when they need quick cash as they lose their value quickly when worn regularly. Additionally, low-quality diamonds lack the finishing touch doted on mined diamonds.

This makes their edges particularly sharp, which easily damages clothes that come in contact with them.

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What makes Walmart’s jewelry reliable?

Despite the usual doubts one might have about Walmart‘s jewelry, it is reliable and not a scam when considered for shopping.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that despite what comes to mind, the gold or diamond sold is very accurate.

The ratios and quality might differ, but you purchase the authentic metal.

Secondly, Walmart‘s current sales from its jewelry section are rated one of the top five in USA’s e-commerce market. It has a wide variety of up to 2.7 million online products, and the jewelry section alone accounts for 6.5% of Walmart‘s catalog.

Additionally, Walmart sells the highest number of jewelry online, only coming second to Amazon in this list.

This means the variety available is extensive and fresh designs are promised to owe to their dynamic business.

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What are the different kinds of gold jewelry available?

Gold jewelry has four main types. The price and value of each depend on the type and amount of gold in the jewelry.

These are mentioned in the list below:

  1. Gold Plated: This contains a metal or alloy that makes up the ornament, with little to no gold in the internal makeup. Liquid gold is washed on the ornament to make the final product gold-colored. This type of jewelry is the least expensive as no real gold is used in the jewelry. Not only is the gold highly likely to fade, but the mixture of alloys in close contact with the skin can cause irritation, allergies, and even rashes.
  2. Vermeil: This type contains a small amount of gold along with the alloy mixture to make the body of the jewelry. It is much better in quality as compared to gold-plated jewelry, and it is also affordable and long-lasting. It is safe for everyday wear and does not lead to allergies either. It is slightly higher in the price range but worth the money. 
  3. Gold filled: This type is much like the Vermeil type; however, the amount of gold in the alloy mixture to make the body is higher. This makes the jewelry slightly more expensive but still in the affordable bracket. Like the Vermeil, this type of jewelry is safe for the skin and can be worn for long hours during the day. It is also not affected by water and is prone to tarnishing. 
  4. Solid Gold: As the name suggests, it is solid gold inside. The jewelry of this type is of the highest quality and cost. However, it is a safe and long-term investment with a good touch of aesthetics and durability. The solid gold jewelry is safe for the skin and can be worn for long durations, even years. It is water and chemical resistant, therefore won’t affect your daily routine of washing, sweating, and skin cleansing. 

Should I buy jewelry online?

A tricky thing to consider, however, is that if you start at the right store, you are safe through and through.

So, when purchasing real gold or diamond jewelry online, it is safe and competent to search for reliable sites with a promise of a refund if things go wrong.

Buying jewelry online can prove to be better than in-store for several reasons. First, you get to scan all sections and designs available in one place, in the comfort of your home. A high chance of discounted prices will likely meet you when shopping online, which would not be possible in a retail store.

Finally, when shopping online, you can easily compare prices, materials, and designs without any issues.

Additionally, online stores can be checked for their credibility and customer reviews from the numerous shoppers and raters available online, making filtering easy. Additionally, online shopping offers details of each product that is clearer than any shopkeeper explaining them.

Therefore, in case of ambiguity, you can effortlessly search things up and make a sound decision.

Lastly, online shopping for precious and expensive jewelry offers privacy and protection from strange eyes, a factor not applicable to any retail shop.

In addition, the ease of online payments means your money and purchase are safe throughout the process.

What if I get a duplicate instead of the real one?

Although the chances of receiving a duplicate are improbable, in case such a deed is done, reaching out to customer support is an easy option. If you opt for a high-standard store, they are particular about their policies and will cooperate in exchanging or returning the item.

This makes you protected in every way. The only thing to consider is shopping from a high named store to being with!


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Whether you buy jewelry online or in person is up to you. However, when making a pricy purchase, it is best to be present in person instead of relying on images online.

When buying jewelry at a low price, the gold may not be of the best quality, and the diamond may not be the shiniest, but the authentication is still something to hold on to when making such purchases.

With a guarantee, Walmart will sell you the right thing with its perks and flaws in clear sight. Making the final decision, however, is solely your choice.



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