Is Walmart 10k Gold Real? (Quality, Reviews + More)

Is Walmart 10k Gold Real

When it comes to jewelry, particularly gold, there are a number of factors involved in the pricing, based on the purity of the metal. But what makes 10k gold different from 24k gold, and are places selling 10k gold, like Walmart, selling ‘real’ gold?

Walmart 10k gold jewelry is real gold, according to the official designation, however, the designation marks it as one of the lowest levels of purity that can still be considered ‘real gold’ as opposed to a ‘gold alloy’.

This article explores the details behind 10k gold, and how it compares to other types of gold.

Is Walmart 10k Gold Considered Real Gold?

Walmart jewelry is classified as real gold, regardless of whether it’s labeled 10k, 12k, or 14k.

However, if you want to be precise, 10k gold – the metal the majority of Walmart jewelry is made of – is not ‘pure’ gold.

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What Exactly Do They Mean By 10k Gold?

10k gold is also called 10-karat gold. 10-karat gold is the lowest designation that can be given to a piece of gold jewelry and still have it be classified as ‘real’ gold.

10-karat gold is actually a gold alloy containing about 40% real gold, with the remaining percentage being other metals.

How Do They Determine What ‘Karat’ a Piece of Gold Jewelry Has?

To determine what ‘karat’ a piece of jewelry should be labeled, the percentage of gold versus other metals is measured. The percentage is divided by roughly 4.2, and the resultant number is the karat.

An item listed as 10 karat would be ~42% gold, ~58% other metals such as copper.

For a 50/50 ratio or higher, you’d look for a 12-karat or higher label.

What Other Metals Are Used in 10k Gold Alloy?

The primary secondary metal used in gold alloy is silver, and the third most likely is copper.

Copper, zinc, nickel, and palladium are the most common additions, with the proportions being determined by the ‘color’ gold being alloyed.

Copper is the primary secondary metal for rose gold. White gold usually uses a higher level of palladium or zinc to achieve the paler color.

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Is Walmart 10k Gold Worth Purchasing?

If you’re looking for something that’s worth the ‘gold standard’…Walmart 10k gold isn’t exactly high value.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something gold but affordable and durable, it’s not a poor investment.

The value of Walmart 10k gold lies in the fact that it’s low cost and fairly sturdy, rather than its metal content.

Is Walmart 10k Gold Actually Worth the Money?

The calculated value of 10k gold per gram (weight value) is roughly $23.04.

So, if you’re looking at a pair of ‘Solid 10k Yellow Gold’ Earrings from the Walmart website, priced at $33 – that’s not really a bad deal.

On the other hand, a ’10k Yellow Gold’ Lightweight 4mm Wedding Band for ~$116 might not be such a good deal.

A plain 10k gold band for upwards of $150 dollars…you might want to look at different options.

It all depends on what you’re looking for, so be sure to do your research on different manufacturers that supply Walmart jewelry before deciding if a particular piece is a good bargain.

When Would Walmart 10k Gold Be a Good Investment?

For individuals who have an active lifestyle but still want something stylish, Walmart 10k gold offers a balance between durability and style.

It also has the benefit of being a low-budget option, for young couples or individuals who are operating under financial restraints that make purchasing more expensive or higher quality jewelry difficult. 

It also has the potential to be a good choice for ‘starter’ jewelry for adolescents, when looking for something dressy and classy that can withstand youthful behavior and wears well.

What Are Some Things I Should Be Aware of When Considering Purchasing Walmart 10k Jewelry?

Double check to see if the item you’re looking at is marked 10k or has notations such as GP or GEP.

GP stands for ‘Gold-Plated’ and GEP for ‘Gold Electro-Plated’, meaning that it’s actually a thin layer or veneer of gold over a base metal.

Also, you should be aware that the higher percentage of metals such as zinc and nickel, may trigger metal allergies in some individuals.

Individuals with known metal allergies or sensitivities are advised to look for the higher karat gold items to avoid the risk of allergic reactions.

Will 10k Walmart Gold Turn My Skin Green?

10k gold is a pure enough alloy that it should not cause skin discoloration. If your 10k gold jewelry is turning your skin green, then it is not actually 10k gold.

If you notice skin discoloration caused by your jewelry, double check to see if it’s actually gold-plated rather than actual gold alloy.

If something is labeled as a 10k gold or higher alloy and is leaving discoloration, you may need to have it independently assessed for potential fraud.

Note: If this is a problem you encounter with Walmart jewelry, report it to Customer Service or Corporate so appropriate steps can be taken to remedy the matter.

What Sort of Reviews Does Walmart 10k Gold Get In the Jewelry Market?

Most reviewers label Walmart gold as being a prime example of ‘get what you pay for’.

In other words, it’s real gold, and the gems – such as diamonds – are legitimate gemstones, but the affordability comes from the fact that the materials come from the lower end of the quality scale, just barely within the industry standards to be included as ‘real’ or ‘marketable quality’.

Expert Review:

While 10k is the minimum standard for something to be called ‘real’ gold, the industry standard for fine jewelry – otherwise defined as high quality – is actually 18k, which means most Walmart pieces don’t qualify.

It’s also been observed that Walmart jewelry is appraised for value in-house, by gemologists employed by the suppliers rather than a third-party.

The lack of third party appraisal means most Walmart jewelry is not considered to have any sort of valid or impartial certification.

Overall, the value is about what you’d expect to get for the price tag.

CBS and JCK Magazine Review:

According to the industry experts of JCK Magazine and reporters at CBS News, Walmart jewelry generally provides low quality and low ticket items, with very few pieces or labels that would qualify as ‘fine jewelry’.

The consensus among jewelry professionals is that if you want true high quality jewelry, you’re better off going to a specialty shop. The prices are higher, but the value and quality generally warrants the difference in price.

One individual voiced the opinion that Walmart 10k gold jewelry ascribes to the idea of ‘pay discount prices, get discount quality’.

Diamond Pro Opinions:

10k gold from Walmart or any other source will be less likely to dent, warp, or scratch, due to the higher concentration of sturdier metals in the composition.

10k gold, however, does not have the deep luster and color that the purer alloys have. 10k gold is usually a paler, duller color than gold of 14k quality or higher.

Even in colors such as white gold or rose gold, where the influence of other metals is crucial for the coloration, the lower concentration of pure gold in the alloy gives it less luster.

Very few vendors will use this level of gold purity for jewelry outside of necklaces or earrings – Walmart is one of the very few places where you might find items like engagement rings in 10k gold.

14k gold from Walmart or a professional jeweler doesn’t cost too much more and looks much nicer without sacrificing much strength and durability.

Industry Magazine Opinion:

Walmart 10k gold is absolutely real and highly affordable. In terms of quality, it’s on par with many vendors you might find at a mall.

Walmart 10k gold is not worth purchasing for any sort of resale value and does not have any investment value.

Walmart 10k is advertised as affordable real gold jewelry, however, Walmart is also generally upfront about the reason for its low cost, so you’re not likely to make a bad bargain. Just don’t expect James Allen’s levels of quality.

When shopping for jewelry at Walmart, in-store shopping gives you a better idea of what you’re getting for your money

Are There Any Other Considerations Involved in Walmart 10k Gold?

According to Walmart Corporate Offices, the gold supplied through their stores is produced and marketed with an eye to not only affordability, but sustainability.

Since 2008 Walmart has engaged in business practices meant to offer transparency and allow customers to trace the creation of their product from original mining to design to production.

Their first example was the Love, Earth line of products.

10k gold is meant to offer more affordable and Earth-friendly options in the world of jewelry.


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Final Thoughts:

Walmart 10k gold is definitely real gold, and if you’re looking for an affordable ‘real’ gold jewelry item, you can probably find something you like in your price range.

Just be aware that you’ll get the value you paid for, and that Walmart 10k tends to be marketed more for durability and affordability rather than high quality.



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