Does Walmart Sell Real Jewelry? (Quality, Review + More)

Does Walmart Sell Real Jewelry

Lindsey, do you know if Walmart sells real jewelry? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Walmart sells practically everything, including jewelry. Because their jewelry is much more affordable than the competition, many people wonder if Walmart sells real jewelry that is worth the price.

You’ll be happy to know that Walmart sells real jewelry, including real gold and diamonds, but you will need to read the specifics of any piece you buy to learn about the item’s quality.

Keep reading for a complete review of Walmart’s jewelry collection.

Does Walmart Sell Real Jewelry?

Whenever people are looking for real jewelry, they mainly mean jewelry that contains real gold, silver, diamonds, and other gems.

The short answer to this question is yes and no. Some Walmart products are real jewelry, whereas others are not. Walmart makes it easy to find real jewelry available. Anything under the “Fine Jewelry” category classifies as real jewelry.

Likewise, Walmart lists out the specifications of all fine jewelry pieces so you know their exact quality.

Walmart sells two main types of real jewelry: gold and diamonds.


Most of the gold at Walmart is 10 karat, but some are also 12 karats and 14 karats. Any time you see a karat rating when looking at Walmart jewelry, you know you are looking at real gold.

Karat is the objective measurement that measures the purity of the metal. The highest karat rating is 24 karats. 24 karat gold is 100% pure gold that is not alloyed with other metals.

10 karat gold, conversely, has been alloyed with other metals to some degree. As such, Walmart gold is real gold, but it has some alloyed metals included.


Walmart primarily sells artificially made diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and white topaz, but you can find authentic diamonds at Walmart as well. Most diamonds at Walmart are considered middle range.

The more expensive diamonds at Walmart are normally IGI certified. IGI stands for the International Gemological Institute. IGI-certified diamonds are those that have been objectively evaluated by this institute.

As such, the described quality of the diamond is accurate since an objective third party has determined its quality.

When purchasing expensive diamonds, you always want to get a third-party certified product. The third party ensures that the diamond you are purchasing matches the quality described by the buyer. As a result, it ensures you make a wise decision based on the diamond’s quality.

Not all diamonds require certification. For example, cheap fashion jewelry that does not contain real diamonds is not certified.

The fact that Walmart provides some certified diamonds means that you can find real, high-quality diamonds at Walmart.

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Why Is Walmart Jewelry Cheap?

One thing that’s unique about Walmart jewelry is that it is incredibly cheap. Given the fact that Walmart sells real gold and diamonds, you’re likely confused about why the jewelry is cheap.


Although it is true that any gold sold at Walmart with karat age is real gold, it’s important to understand that the product you are buying is likely not 100% gold.

As mentioned above, most Walmart gold is 10 karats. What this means is that the gold is alloyed with other materials, meaning that the piece of jewelry is only about 40% actual gold. The remaining portion is made from other metals.

Additionally, the abbreviations can tell you exactly why Walmart jewelry is cheaper. If you see an abbreviation like GEP, GP, or RGP, it means that the jewelry is gold-plated. Gold-plated jewelry is primarily made of metal, but gold is glazed on the top.

Since the main material is made from a regular metal, the overall price is lower than something that is 100% gold.


Understanding why Walmart diamonds are cheap takes a little bit more explanation. The most expensive diamonds have been produced over millions of years in the ground.

These diamonds are the most expensive. With today’s technology, we can create diamonds that are much more ethical and more affordable.

Because there are so many alternatives to the classic diamond, it’s a lot easier to sell diamonds for cheap today. Walmart primarily sells the more affordable alternatives, allowing them to keep its costs down for buyers.

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Not to mention, there are many different grades of diamonds. Gemological institutes have created diamond grading systems that tell you the quality of the diamond.

The quality of a diamond is determined by the four Cs: carat, color, cut, and clarity. Note that a diamond’s carat is different from a gold’s karat.

Because of this grading system, diamonds can be priced in different ranges. The better quality the diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Walmart does not generally sell diamonds that are high quality because these diamonds are thousands of dollars.

Instead, Walmart sells diamonds that are low to mid-range so individuals can have a more affordable option.

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Should I Buy Jewelry from Walmart?

With everything considered, it’s time to ask the real question: should I buy jewelry from Walmart? The answer to this question ultimately depends on your shopping purchase and preferences.

Yes, If…

If you are looking for an affordable piece of fine jewelry, Walmart may have what you are looking for. Although Walmart’s fine jewelry is not of the highest quality around, the fine jewelry is real and authentic, but it is much more affordable than the competition.

Furthermore, Walmart may be a good choice for you if you don’t care about the quality at all. For example, you may be looking for fashion jewelry that looks cute but that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Walmart definitely has you covered in this regard.

No, If…

Although there are instances when fine jewelry from Walmart is a good idea, it isn’t right for all situations.

If you want high-quality jewelry and don’t mind spending a hefty price tag for it, Walmart may not be the best for you.

Even though Walmart products are authentic, Walmart rarely sells medium to high-tier products that you may want for an engagement or another important event.

What Is the Jewelry Warranty and Return Policy?

Walmart has a 90-day return policy for all jewelry items. You will need the original packaging and receipt to return the jewelry.

Anything that was received damaged is eligible for return and refund, but you cannot return a product that you have damaged yourself.

When returning products under $300, you can return the product via mail or in-store. Anything that costs over $300 must be returned via the mail.

Some fine jewelry has a longer return policy. For example, many IGI-certified diamond products have a 180-day warranty and come with a money-back guarantee.

Because the jewelry you are returning may impact the warranty, make sure to learn about the return policy at the time of purchase.

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About Walmart’s Jewelry Collection

Before we dive into the quality of Walmart jewelry, let’s take a moment to talk about their jewelry collection.

According to the website, Walmart has six main categories of jewelry:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids
  • Wedding and Engagement
  • Watches
  • Jewelry Storage and Care

Within each one of these categories, there is further clarification or subcategories so you can purchase items based on jewelry type, quality, and price.

Here is a look at all the subcategories within the six major categories described above:

WomenMenKidsWedding and EngagementWatchesJewelry Storage and Care
AnkletsBraceletsBabyAnniversary ringsDesignerCleaners and repair
Body jewelryCufflinks and shirt studsBoys’ jewelryEngagement ringsEverydayJewelry boxes and organizers
Bracelets and charmsEarringsBoys’ watchesHis and Hers setsKids’ 
Necklaces and pendantsNecklacesGirls’ jewelryMen’s wedding bandsLuxury 
Diamond jewelryRingsGirls’ watchesPre-owned luxury wedding and engagement ringsMen’s 
EarringsWedding bandsCharacter jewelryPromise ringsPre-owned luxury 
RingsWatchesCharacter watchesRing enhancersSmartwatches 
Watches  Wedding ring setsSport 
Jewelry sets  Women’s wedding bandsWatch bands and accessories 
Fashion jewelry   Women’s 
Fine jewelry     

Among all these categories and subcategories, Walmart sells a number of brands. The top brands sold at Walmart include:

  • Alex & Ani
  • Casio
  • Claire’s
  • Disney
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Michael Kors
  • Rolex

There are also a few brands that are only sold at Walmart. These brands include:

  • Brilliance Fine Jewelry
  • Believe by Brilliance
  • Sofia Jewelry by Sofia Vergara
  • Color of Love
  • Time and Tru

Whenever you are shopping online, the website makes it easy to browse for whatever you are looking for. You can obviously search in the search bar, but you can shop by brands, category, accessory, or price.

There are even trending categories and savings offerings so you can search with even more ease.

You also have the option to shop at a local Walmart location. There will be fewer accessories and options when shopping in person, but you have the luxury to try on products before purchase.

Note that most locations do not carry fine jewelry anymore. You must shop online for these products.

Walmart Jewelry FAQs

Does Walmart have decent jewelry?

Yes. Walmart sells good jewelry that classifies as fine jewelry. At the same time, Walmart sells fashion jewelry that is cheap and great for cheap accessories.

It’s important to read the description of any jewelry piece you buy to determine its quality.

Why did Walmart stop selling fine jewelry?

Walmart stopped selling fine jewelry in-store locations, but Walmart still sells fine jewelry online. Selling these products online provides the buyer with more options and helps Walmart to save time and money.

Does Walmart jewelry turn your finger green?

It depends on the jewelry you select. Jewelry that includes copper will turn your finger green. However, Walmart’s fine jewelry does not contain copper and will not turn your finger green.

Should I buy an engagement ring from Walmart?

All of Walmart’s engagement rings are authentic and come with the required certification. Walmart does not sell as many engagement ring options as other jewelers, but it’s a good idea to check out Walmart since you can find great engagement rings on a budget.


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Final Thoughts

Once again, Walmart sells a wide range of jewelry products. No matter who you are shopping for, Walmart has options for you. Walmart even sells fine jewelry, which includes real gold and diamonds.

If you are interested in Walmart’s fine jewelry, make sure to read the specifics of the piece you’re looking at. Walmart clearly labels the quality of the gold and diamond, so you know what you are buying.

If you are interested in the highest quality jewelry, Walmart is likely not for you, but it is great for shopping for high quality jewelry on a budget.



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