Are Engagement Rings Negotiable? (Do This Instead)

Are Engagement Rings Negotiable

Lindsey, do you know if engagement rings are negotiable? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Engagement rings are negotiable when you’re shopping in the right places to haggle. Big name chain jewelry stores will not negotiate with you. Private jewelers and some small franchise jewelry stores do allow price negotiating and even expect it. You may also do well to haggle with sellers on websites.

This article is about getting a deal on an engagement ring that fits your budget. You don’t always have to accept the price on the tag.

We’re looking at techniques for negotiating engagement ring prices and going over tips for what you should and shouldn’t do. Read on for all you need to know about haggling over engagement rings.

Can I Negotiate the Price of an Engagement Ring?

You can negotiate with jewelers over engagement ring prices. There is a catch, though. You can only haggle with some jewelers. Others aren’t able to accept different price offers. 

Typically, the national chain stores do not allow negotiating on jewelry prices. You can’t walk into a well-known shop in the mall and try to strike a lower deal on the ring you want.

The employees working in that store are held to prices set by the company that is not negotiable. 

Now, if you have a local jeweler in your area, there’s a good chance you can negotiate the price of a ring there.

You just need to go about it politely and realistically.

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Do Jewelers Think It’s Rude when Customers Haggle?

Jewelers will not think it’s rude if you try to negotiate a price. Many of them expect you to. They may have even set their prices with negotiation in mind. So, don’t be shy about asking for a lower price.

While it’s not rude to try haggling with jewelers, the way you go about it can be perceived as rude. Be mindful of how you ask for a different price.

Don’t try to get a price that’s not reasonable. If you start the negotiation by trying to undercut the jeweler, you aren’t likely going to get very far. 

You also don’t want to be aggressive or pushy. That’s not how you want to be treated as a customer, so don’t treat the jeweler that way, either. 

Make an offer that’s realistic and shows that you value the jeweler’s time and the engagement ring.

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Know Your Budget–But Don’t Disclose It

You should not go shopping for an engagement ring without knowing what your budget is first. Set a budget that’s comfortable for you before you look for the ring. 

Here’s an important tip. Don’t reveal your budget to the jeweler up front. If he knows you can spend up to a specific amount up front, he will try to push rings on you that meet the top end of your budget range. 

Should the jeweler ask you specifically about what your budget is, it’s ok to answer him honestly. That would be better than lying or making the interaction awkward because you refuse to tell him. 

Prepare Yourself with Knowledge

The more you know about diamonds, gems, and engagement rings, the more successful you’ll likely be at negotiating the price.

The reason is the jeweler will see you respect his time since you came in knowing something about what you are looking for. He will be impressed.

It’s worth mentioning that you should be cautious about how you use your knowledge of rings while you’re interacting with the jeweler. You don’t want to come off as a know-it-all who feels they must educate the jeweler.

That could easily translate into arrogance, which isn’t going to do much for you in terms of getting a better deal.

Instead, learn enough about the type of ring you’re looking for and the stone you want to show you’re knowledgeable and serious about what you’re there for.

That will help you connect with him and may score you the better price you want.

Don’t Devalue the Ring

Do not devalue the engagement ring you want in an attempt to get a lower price. So, what do we mean by this?

You may think that talking negatively about a ring could prompt the jeweler to come down on the price to keep you interested. That’s not going to work. All you’ll manage to do in this case is make the jeweler feel insulted and defensive. 

You need to speak highly of the ring you want. The jeweler should feel that the ring is exactly what you’ve been looking for. There’s no other ring for you. Speak positively and praise the ring.

Don’t overdo it so that you sound disingenuous but allow the jeweler to see how much you like the ring. 

Understand the First Discount Is Never Going to Be the Best

You don’t have to take the first discount that gets put on the table. Though it may be tempting, it’s not usually going to give you the lowest price the jeweler is willing to go. 

You should take a minute to consider the offer but offer a counter. When you counter, don’t ask for something unreasonable. Remember what we said above in this article.

If you ask for too much of a discount, you run the risk of angering the jeweler, and then the whole deal could get called off. 

Don’t Purchase an Engagement Ring You Don’t Like Just for the Price

Jewelers are salespeople. They sell things to make money. For this reason, you will encounter some that are set on simply making a sale, regardless of what you want.

They will focus more on finding a great deal for you rather than what kind of ring you’re looking for.

For example, you may come in and tell the jeweler you want a rose gold engagement ring with a three-stone setting and diamonds. You also tell him you’re trying to be mindful of how much money you spend. 

Instead of spending time with you to show you the options that are close to what you’re looking for, the jeweler brings you a white gold engagement ring with a single diamond that’s oval cut.

He tells you this is the best deal he has right now. You can get the ring for half of its original price. 

It may be enticing, but you could get a good deal on the ring you want if you take the time to. Don’t let the jeweler convince you to buy something you don’t really want.

You’ll miss the opportunity to find what you want, and you’ll likely end up regretting your purchase later.

Engagement Rings FAQs:

How much do engagement rings cost?

Engagement rings come with all sorts of price tags for many different budgets. There is a general rule you can follow, though. Choose a ring that costs what you make in two months of work. 

What is the best month to buy jewelry?

You’ll find some good sales on jewelry during the holiday season, like in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The best time to buy jewelry, however, is in January.

Is it cheaper to buy an engagement ring online?

It is generally cheaper to buy engagement rings online. You could save up to 40% by purchasing a ring online.

Keep in mind that it’s easier for sellers to scam you online. Do your research and buy from a reputable vendor with plenty of good reviews.


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You can negotiate the price of an engagement ring if you go to a private jeweler or small franchise store. Chain store jewelers aren’t able to negotiate because there’s a corporate entity that sets their prices. 

If you’re respectful, knowledgeable, and reasonable, you may get yourself a great deal on the engagement ring you want. Show the jeweler respect and be courteous for the most favorable outcome.



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