Cartier Return Policy: 5 Reasons Why It Sucks & 6 Reasons Why It’s Great

Cartier Return Policy

Do you know what Cartier’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Cartier is renown for its high quality jewelry and watches and has stores all over the globe. However, even the best products may have their faults and need to be returned.

Cartier has a strict thirty day return policy with explicit instructions regarding returns. There are benefits and disadvantages to Cartier’s return policy, so it pays to read it carefully before making any purchase.

In this article, we will review five different reasons why Cartier’s return policy is less than desirable and six reasons why it may make it worth it to purchase a Cartier piece.

5 Reasons Why Cartier’s Return Policy Sucks

1.    Inflexibility of Method of Return

Most retail stores allow you to return items bought online either via mail or at any physical store location. However, Cartier is very strict about where you make your returns.

Items purchased at a physical store location can only be returned at that location. Likewise, items purchased online can only be returned by mail.

If you attempt to return any Cartier creation to any store whether physical or online other than the one where you purchased it, your return will be rejected, and you will not receive a refund.

This can be extremely inconvenient if you bought something while on vacation or a friend purchased a gift for you at their local store.

2.    Unreturnable Items

Not all merchandise from Cartier is eligible for returns. If you purchased a custom piece, placed a special order, or had a piece personalized, Cartier will not accept it for a return.

Any Cartier watches or other jewelry that were altered or size adjusted at any other jewelry retailer other than Cartier will also be rejected for returns.

Cartier does not refund shipping fees if you originally purchased your order over the phone or online. Additionally, they can refuse to accept any return that they deem does not meet their condition standards.

Make sure that customized piece is really what you want, or else you may find yourself at a pawn shop trying to get your money back.  

3.    Refund Wait Time

If you decide to return your Cartier purchase, you at least want to have the satisfaction of receiving your refund right away. Well, that may not be possible.

Even items that are returned to physical stores need to undergo an inspection by Cartier’s quality control department to ensure that the piece is legitimate, has been worn or used, and matches the description of the original purchase.

This process could take up to two weeks to complete depending on inspector availability, so don’t expect to see your money until after you receive the all-clear from your item’s examination.

4.    Strict Condition of Item Being Returned

Cartier takes their returns very seriously and inspects every single piece that is brought or shipped back to the store.

Any item you wish to return must be in new condition accompanied by the original packaging, accessories, as well as certification or grading reports.

Any pieces that have been altered by jewelry outfits other than Cartier, show signs of wear or use or do not include all necessary parts will be rejected for return.

Watches that have been adjusted by Cartier must be returned with the original number of links or else it will not be accepted for return.

Additionally, LOVE bracelets that come with screwdrivers need to have these tools enclosed and properly secured, especially if they are being shipped back.

If they are missing or improperly stored, Cartier will reject the return.

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5.    Gift Giver Notification of Return

If you receive the gift of a Cartier piece of jewelry that you do not want even if you have the gift receipt, the gift giver will be notified that you returned the gift.

Most other stores typically only notify gift givers of returns if the purchase was originally made online and returned without a gift receipt.

However, Cartier will send a message to the gift giver regardless of the situation, which could result in some uncomfortable questions and interactions between the gift giver and the recipient.

If that situation is too awkward for you, you may have to live with a gift you don’t like or regift it to someone else.  

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6 Reasons Why Cartier’s Return Policy Is Great

1.    Accepts Returns for Any Reason

Despite some of the negative points of Cartier’s return policy, there are some great benefits to choosing Cartier if there’s a possibility you will need to make a return.

You don’t need a specific reason to return a piece to Cartier. If you don’t like it, that’s good enough for them.

As long as you follow the preset terms for the condition of the piece and the type of merchandise that is allowable for returns, Cartier does not need to know why you are making your return.

If the piece is damaged or defective, they may request a statement simply to mitigate any further defective merchandise from being sold to customers.

2.    Return Time Window

For as particular as Cartier can be about their returns, they do offer a generous return window of a full thirty days after purchase.

If you are planning on giving a gift or popping the question, you may want to plan accordingly so that you give the recipient enough time to return the piece if they so choose.

Otherwise, you have the luxury of a full month the decide if the piece you bought is right for you and if you don’t love it, just bring it back.

Keep in mind that this means you have thirty days from the shipment date of all online orders so make a note when that is, so you know your timeframe.

3.    Gifts Are Returnable

If you received a gift from Cartier that you aren’t crazy about, you can return it as long as you have the gift receipt.

If you don’t have the gift receipt, you can contact the gift giver and see if they will work with you to manage a return or exchange for a piece that you do want.

If you would rather exchange a gift for another item, you may do so as long as the new item’s value is equal to or less than the original gift.

Any difference in price will be credited to the gift giver’s paying account so there is no loss of money.

4.    Exchanges Are an Alternative Option to Returns

If you don’t want to return a product to Cartier for a refund, but would rather exchange it for a different piece of similar value, Cartier is more than happy to oblige.

Most jewelry retailers do not allow exchanges to be made via online or phone orders. However, Cartier offers exchange services for all transactions.

If you want to make an exchange, simply indicate so on any forms you need to fill out or by talking to a customer representative and note the identification of the piece you would like to exchange your merchandise for.

Cartier’s goal is to make sure you are ultimately satisfied with the piece you choose to own.

5.    Prepaid Return Shipping and Easy to Follow Return Instructions

Cartier makes returns easy for its customers by providing easy instructions to follow, especially for those who need to mail in their returns.

Cartier will cover the cost of return shipping by providing a prepaid shipping label you can attach to your package.

Contact Cartier’s customer service line to initiate a return and the associate will provide you with a unique return authorization number which must be included on the return forms you fill out.

Package the item along with any accessories, paperwork, and other required items and send it out via FedEx.

You will be notified when the package has been received by Cartier and whether or not your return is approved.

6.    Guarantees on Defective Products

Cartier guarantees only the best quality products and painstakingly ensures that each item is free of flaws, defects, and damages.

However, sometimes defective products slip through the quality control process and land in the hands of a customer. If you received a defective item for Cartier, immediately notify their customer service department and they will be able to help you right away.

Cartier will either replace the item with the same exact product or a similar product depending on the availability of merchandise.

You can also receive a full refund for the defective item if you prefer, although it is up to your to request your money back.

Cartier Return Policy FAQs

Does Cartier Take Trade Ins?

Some jewelry retailers will accept trade ins, especially for diamond pieces; however, Cartier is not one of them.

Cartier does not allow trade ins or participate in buy back programs. If you are not satisfied with your piece from Cartier, you must return or exchange it within thirty days of purchase in order to get your money back.

Cartier wants to ensure that the merchandise they sell to their customers is original creations by Cartier.

The reselling of older pieces, even those with valuable precious stones, is not a part of Cartier’s business model. You will have better luck trading in your piece at a pawn shop or reselling it on eBay.

Can You Cancel a Cartier Order to Avoid a Return?

If you realize that you made a mistake on your order or circumstances have changed in the time that you order a piece and before you receive it, you do not have the option to cancel your order with Cartier.

You must let the transaction be completed and wait to receive the order before proceeding with a return or exchange.

Cartier wants to ensure that you are confident in your purchase and since they take pride in their creations, cancellation of orders is not allowed.

If you are already a piece from Cartier, especially if it is personalized or customized, be 100% sure that you want it before ordering because you cannot cancel the order and, in some cases, you cannot return it either.

Can You Return or Exchange an Item from Cartier After Thirty Days?

Cartier is very strict on its return window and will not allow returns to be made after thirty days.

If you discover that you do not want a piece purchased from Cartier after the thirty day window, your best bet is to regift it, pawn it, or resell it online.

Cartier also does not have buy back or trade in programs, so the thirty day window is a definitive timeframe.

Cartier requires proof of purchase for all returns for many reasons – one of them includes proof of date purchased.

There is no wiggle room when it comes to the return window for Cartier.

Does Cartier Have Good Return Customer Service?

As with most businesses, there are positive and negative reviews from Cartier customers who have had to return items to the jeweler.

However, the majority of feedback from Cartier customers indicates that the return service was less than satisfactory.

One of the biggest issues with returning items to Cartier remains with the strict boundaries of their return policy.

They adhere to every condition laid out and make no exceptions. Some customers were less than happy with the actual customer service and also claimed that Cartier rejected returns that should have been valid under their policy.


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Cartier is one of the world’s leading jewelry retailers, but that doesn’t make it exempt from the possibility of returns.

They have a strict return policy that requires all returns to be made within thirty days of purchase, returns must be in the same manner as purchases, and the returned items must be in pristine condition.

However, Cartier does allow exchanges, returns on gifts, and immediate responses to defective products.

While they don’t require a specific reason for return, oftentimes their policy is so strict that it can be difficult to make a legitimate return which can leave customers dissatisfied.



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