Is Walmart 14k Gold Real? (All You Need To Know)

Is Walmart 14k Gold Real

Do you know if Walmart 14K gold is real? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When shopping for jewelry at Walmart, you may stumble upon 14K gold within the store’s Simply Gold line. This line includes some 14K gold products, though most gold products at Walmart are 10K or 12K. Nevertheless, all of Walmart’s 14K gold is authentic.

For a closer look at the quality of Walmart’s 14K gold products, keep reading. This article tells you everything you need to know about Walmart’s gold quality and helps you determine if Walmart’s 14K gold pieces are right for you.

Is Walmart’s 14K Gold Authentic?

Whenever you find a 14K gold piece at Walmart, you can trust that the product really is authentic 14K gold. 14K gold products from Walmart have been tested to ensure that the products are 14K as described. Some of Walmart’s 14K pieces even come with certification to prove authenticity.

Furthermore, all of Walmart’s pieces come with a warranty that guarantees quality. As such, you can get Walmart gold tested.

If the gold is not real 14K as claimed, you can return the product. So, all of Walmart’s 14K gold pieces are authentic.

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Understanding Gold Quality

In order to understand why we know Walmart gold is authentic, it’s important to understand how to read gold quality when shopping.


The “K” in “14K” stands for karat. Karat is the measurement that tells you how much real gold is within a certain product.

The best rating is 24K. A 24K rating means that the piece is 100% gold with no alloyed metals involved.  Although similar, karat is different from carat, which is used to measure diamond quality.

14K gold is considered medium-tier. Whenever a product contains 14K gold, it means that about 40% of the product is pure gold. The remaining 60% is a variety of alloyed metals.

The lower the karat rating, the less pure gold will be involved. Conversely, more pure gold is in the product if it has a higher rating.

What this means for Walmart 14K gold is that the gold had to be tested to determine the content in the first place. As such, anything sold at Walmart that claims to be 14K really is.


In addition to knowing the karat of gold, it’s also important to understand different abbreviations when purchasing gold products from Walmart.

Many cheap items may contain 14K gold, but the piece itself may not be gold all the way through. Instead, many affordable items contain a cheap metal base that is covered in gold plating.

Gold-plated pieces are affordable and attractive as a result. However, the quality and value are lower than that of an authentic gold piece.

Whenever an item is plated in gold, it normally tells you so outright on Walmart’s website. Anytime you see the abbreviation GEP, GP, or RGP, it means that the piece of jewelry is gold-plated.

Conversely, pieces of jewelry that are not plated and contain 14K gold all the way through are very clear about the content.

They will advertise the product as being non-plated so you know that the piece of jewelry is not gold-plated.

Putting It Together

What this means whenever you are purchasing gold at Walmart is that there are many factors to consider. Just because an item has 14K gold in the title does not mean the piece is valuable.

At best, a 14K gold piece from Walmart is mid-tier because 14K gold itself is mid-tier. At its worst, a 14K gold piece may simply be gold plated with 14K gold but contain a center or base of a cheaper metal.

It’s important to read the specifications of the piece you are looking at to better gauge the value of the jewelry.

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What Walmart Pieces Are 14K?

Walmart sells a variety of 14K gold pieces. These pieces can be found in many jewelry categories, including Women’s Jewelry, Men’s Jewelry, and Fine Jewelry.

Walmart’s Simply Gold line contains the highest number of 14K gold pieces. This line contains simple yet elegant jewelry that contains 14K gold. These products are highly attractive, but they are affordable too, much like other jewelry at Walmart.

Whenever you are looking for 14K gold jewelry, it’s best to simply look on their website. Most Walmart locations today do not carry fine jewelry, which means they don’t often carry 14K gold at in-store locations. Looking online will give you a lot of options, though.

It’s important to point out that most gold sold at Walmart is not 14K. Walmart mainly sells 10K and 12K gold, which is of lower quality than 14K gold.

14K gold is generally the highest quality gold Walmart sells. Any 14K gold pieces will be clearly marked as a result.

Is Walmart a Good Place to Buy Gold?

Now that we’ve learned about Walmart’s gold quality, one question remains: is it worth it to buy gold at Walmart? The answer ultimately depends on why you are shopping for gold and what you want from the piece.

Yes, When…

Walmart is a good place to buy gold if you are looking for attractive pieces that are mid-tier and affordable. Walmart has plenty of 14K gold pieces.

The gold is authentic, but the pieces themselves are elegant, attractive, and more affordable than the competition.

For example, Walmart may be a good place to buy gold if you are looking for gold jewelry that will last you several years and never go out of style.

As such, gold pieces from Walmart make a good gift to yourself or a gift for birthdays or holidays.

No, When…

You probably will not want to shop at Walmart for gold if you want high-value gold. Because Walmart does not generally sell above 14K gold, you will be hard pressed to find pure gold pieces that are more valuable.

If you are looking for the most valuable gold pieces, select a different jeweler.

For instance, you likely will want to go to another vendor if you want to select a gold piece whose value will hold true into the future.

You also might want to select a different vendor if you want the highest quality gold for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or some other serious purpose.

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Walmart Jewelry FAQs

Does Walmart have decent jewelry?

Yes. Walmart sells fine jewelry, including authentic gold and diamonds. You will have to read the specifications of the jewelry you pick since Walmart sells cheap jewelry too.

Walmart makes it easy to distinguish its cheap, fashion jewelry from its fine jewelry.

Where does Walmart jewelry come from?

There are many suppliers for Walmart jewelry. Fashion jewelry is normally supplied by manufacturers, whereas fine jewelry is supplied by independent jewelers and retailers across the nation.

All Walmart pieces include the original shipping location in the description online.

Why did Walmart stop selling fine jewelry?

Walmart did not stop selling fine jewelry. Fine jewelry can still be found online and there are thousands of options.

Walmart does not sell fine jewelry at its in-store locations anymore, though. Walmart does not accept fine jewelry returns at in-store locations either.

Can you return jewelry to Walmart without a receipt?

Yes. Walmart can accept jewelry without a receipt, but the jewelry will have to go undergo an authentication process first.

It is ultimately up to the general manager’s discretion if you’re returning a product in-store, though.


Walmart sells authentic 14K gold jewelry, as well as other gold karat pieces. Any jewelry that comes with a 14K classification is authentic.

Note that the quality of the jewelry may be lessened if the piece is simply gold plated with 14K gold.

Whenever you are purchasing a gold product from Walmart, make sure to read the specifications closely. The specifications will let you know about the gold quality.

You will find that the 14K gold at Walmart is medium tier and highly affordable compared to the competition.


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