Blue Nile Return Policy: 5 Reasons Why It Sucks & 5 Reasons Why It’s Great

Blue Nile Return Policy

Do you know what Blue Nile’s return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Do you like fine diamonds and jewelry but are nervous about shopping online because of the difficulties surrounding returns when it comes to these expensive items? If so, you may worry about Blue Nile’s return policy. So, we are here to set you straight.

In the article below, we created a guide for returning products sold by Blue Nile. How to start a return, what items are refundable, why the company’s policy is excellent, and why it just sucks. 

What is the Blue Nile Return Policy

Now that you know who they are, it is essential to get a feel for how they work with their customers, specifically regarding returns.

When purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry, it is crucial to know you can take it back if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for.

The Blue Nile store has a pretty standard return policy for most of its products. They provide customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee with free shipping.

With that said, they also have their own set of rules and regulations in place to protect themselves and their customers.

Some of these policies are pretty standard, while others are a little frustrating.

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Who is Blue Nile?

Blue Nile started as an online jewelry store in 1999 by founder Mark Vadon, with headquarters located in Seattle, Washington. While the majority of sales still come from online customers, the store now has six showrooms in showrooms at malls in

  •  White Plains NY
  • Salem NH
  • Bellevue WA 
  • Tysons Corner VA, 
  •  Tigard OR
  • Long Island, New York

This company prides itself on its beautiful and ethnically sourced diamonds, with little to dispute its claims.

The company’s net worth was around ten million dollars in 2015: with its total assets in the 150-million-dollar range. 

What Does Blue Nile Sell?

Blue Nile is popular and recognized for its handcrafted engagement ring and fine jewelry retailer.

They are best known for their diamond selection and offer a variety of beautiful cuts, colors, and settings for all of your fine jewelry needs.

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5 Reasons Why the Blue Nile Return Policy Sucks

We don’t want to talk trash about quality and a successful online store. We do have a few reasons to complain about Blue Nile’s return policy.

While the company does offer a pretty basic set of rules, some of them simply suck.

1. Rings Purchased Through the Upgrade Program can’t be Returned

When you are part of an upgrade program, you automatically feel like you will receive exceptional service and better treatment than others.

However, any diamonds purchased with the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program can only be exchanged.

What is the Upgrade Program?

The majority of jewelry stores offer an upgrade program on most of their diamonds, especially wedding and engagement rings. This is a program where you can upgrade your diamond for a larger one at a fraction of the price compared to purchasing a whole new ring.

You are basically exchanging your old ring and having a larger diamond placed in the setting. 

Be aware of the fine print when taking advantage of this program. Anyone upgrading their diamond will, in fact, get a 100% credit for your old ring towards the payment of your new upgraded version. 

With that said, you are also required to buy a ring that is at least twice as expensive as the original diamond.

For example.

If you bought your wife an $8000 engagement ring when you first proposed but now want to surprise her with a larger diamond, you have to buy a ring that retails for at least $16000. 

This is a fantastic program for those who like to go big or go home when buying jewelry, but it might not be for everyone. 

2. Not All Returns Can Be Requested Through The Online Portal

Most people these days are looking for the quickest and easiest way to handle their business. When it comes to returning products purchased online, initiating transactions such as returns is best when doing it through the website.

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t let you start a return for some items online, and you have to call their customer service phone number.

This can take you a lot of time and energy, especially if you are placed on hold. 

3. Blue Nile Has the Ability to Refuse Any Returns

Most of the time, the company will not refuse your returns as long as they fit into the regulations provided.

However, there is nothing protecting you from the store refusing your items if they feel inclined to do so. 

Because the company can refuse any item immediately, you must contact them immediately if your product came in a damaged or defective state.

If you wait too long, you could be held responsible, and your refund can be denied.

4. There is a Long List of Items that Can Not Be Returned

While the list of items that can be returned is pretty long, the list of those that can isn’t short. Here are the products the Blue Nile will not accept back.

  • Special orders
  • Engraved jewelry (aside from rings)
  • All Engraved rings can be returned, but you will only receive credit, and the engraving fees are non-refundable. 
  • Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program purchases. (However, they can be exchanged within a 30-day time frame.)
  • Items returned without a receipt. 
  • Items returned without the proper paperwork.
  • All shipping fees are non-refundable

5. No Returns on Final Sales or Clearance Items

Yes, we know this is common practice for many retailers, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

When you buy an item from the Blue Nile store, whether on sale or not, you will spend a pretty penny, and it just doesn’t seem fair you can’t return it if it isn’t what you expected.

5 Reasons Why Blue Niles Return Policy is Pretty Great

Now that we bashed the online jewelry giant for its sucky return policy stipulations, we want to offer our opinion on why it can actually be a pretty great transaction as well.

1. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-days is plenty of time to decide whether or not you like the jewelry you purchased. We think this time frame is more than fair and gives customers a chance to decide whether or not the item is right for them.

2. Free Shipping on Returns

Another great part of this policy is that you don’t have to pay a penny on shipping costs when returning a product, you don’t like.

While more companies are taking up this same practice these days, it hasn’t always been something customers could count on. 

Blue Nile will provide you with a fully insured, free, pre-paid shipping label you can use to send back any product within the 30-day window. 

3. Easy Tracking and Full Disclosure

It can be a bit nerve wracking when sending back an expensive item. Thankfully, Blue Nile provides its customers with plenty of useful updates as well as an online tracker, so you can watch your purchase go through the entire shipping process. 

You can check to see where the product is while in transit and when it arrives at the store.

The company will also send you frequent emails to let you know where the jewelry is, when it arrives, and when you can expect to see a refund.

They will also let you know whether or not the item qualified for a return.

4. Quick Turn Around Time

When you send an item back to Blue Nile, you typically don’t have to wait very much time at all to receive your refund.

For many returns, it takes about three days for shipping, then between 5-7 days for the item to be inspected and a refund to be granted.

This is actually a lot quicker than many other stores we have dealt with in the past.

5. Initiating a Return is Pretty Easy

Although not all returns can be started online, most of them can. Having the ability to go to the Blue Nile company’s website to get the return process going and keep it going from there allows customers to have total control of the transaction and also makes the process quick and easy.

How to Return an Item to Blue Nile

Now that you know all of the pros and cons that come with returning products to Blue Nile, you probably want to know the process to do so.

Below are the steps required to initiate and complete a Blue Nile return.

Step 1: Initiate the Return

Before doing anything, you have to initiate the return. This means requesting that the company allows you to return the item. If your product falls into the returnable category, you will be notified, and the return slip will be sent to you.

You must place the return slip on the package when you send it in. Make sure you include a valid receipt, all paperwork, and any item that came with the jewelry in the return box when shipping it out, or the return will be denied. 

Remember, the Blue Nile will only comp customers with two free returns a year, so shop wisely. Anything after that, you will be responsible for shipping fees, and the return can be refused. 

You can also initiate a return by calling the company’s customer service phone number; these employees will provide you a return merchandise number that has to be included in the package you mail back; without that number, your return can be refused.

Step 2: Mail the Package Back

Now that your return has been approved, you must email it back to the company in a safe and clean package, preferably the packaging it arrived in.

This will keep it protected from damage that can occur in transit. While Blue Nile does pay for insurance on returns, it is better for everyone if it gets there safely.

Step 3: Wait for a Response

Your package should only take a few days to get to the Blue Nile return center. Once there, it will be another couple of days for it to make its way through the processing portion, ensuring the item is in brand new condition and eligible for returns.

Within 5 to 7 business days, you will hear back from the company via email, letting you know whether or not you are entitled to a refund and how the refund will be provided.

Most items offer a refund to the same credit card you paid with initially. However, some items sold by Blue Nile will only be eligible for store credit.

You must place the return slip on the package when you send it in. Ensure you include a valid receipt, all paperwork, and any item that came with the jewelry in the return box when shipping it out, or the return will be denied.  

Keep in mind there are a few specific items that cannot have returns initiated online.

Below are these items.

  • Items priced over $2,000—bought individually or as a collection
  • Things that need to be replaced, exchanged, or repaired
  • Products damaged after delivery
  • International returns
  • Engraved items

How Does Blue Nile Handle Exchanges?

If you bought an item from Blue Nile and decided you don’t like the color, it doesn’t fit right, or you simply want something else, they do offer exchanges on a variety of products provided by the site.

However, it will be much easier on you to just return the product you bought, get your refund, then use that money to buy the item you would rather have.

Doing this is going to save a lot of time and effort for both you and the company.


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Summing Things Up

The Blue Nile Jewelry store is famous for its beautiful diamonds and delicate jewelry items.

It is also known for having a reasonably decent return policy that makes sending rings and other products back easier than many other retailers in the same market.



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