Blue Nile Return Policy Canada (Full Guide)

Blue Nile Return Policy Canada

Blue Nile Canada has all the options you’ve ever wanted when it comes to stunning pieces of jewelry from rings to necklaces and more. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, can you return it?

So, what is Blue Nile return policy in Canada? Blue Nile Canada does accept returns on most of their jewelry products provided the customer sends in all the appropriate paperwork along with the returned item.

In this article, we will review how to return items to Blue Nile Canada, what products cannot be returned, and how will you be refunded.

Additionally, we will cover the return window for Blue Nile Canada and how to check the status of your return.

How Do I Return Products to Blue Nile Canada?

All returns made to Blue Nile Canada must be shipped back to their returns department. In order to initiate a return, you have to obtain a return merchandise authorization number so that Blue Nile Canada can track your order appropriately.

For returns that are less than 2,500 CAD, you can initiate your return online and follow the provided instructions to receive your authorization number.

For purchases larger than 2,500 CAD you need to call one of Blue Nile Canada’s customer representatives to begin the return process.

Once you have been given a return merchandise authorization number, carefully package your return merchandise and include all necessary paperwork including grading reports for any diamond products.

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that you insure your return package since Blue Nile Canada will not reimburse you for lost or stolen return packages.

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Are There Certain Products That Cannot Be Returned to Blue Nile Canada?

While most products are eligible for returns to Blue Nile Canada, there are certain items that cannot be returned.

Special orders and jewelry that have been engraved with the exception of rings are ineligible for returns to Blue Nile Canada.

If you purchase diamonds through Blue Nile Canada’s Diamond Upgrade Program, you cannot return these, although exchanges are allowed.

Even though engraved rings can be returned, you will not be reimbursed for the engraving fee. Rather, the refund will only cover the cost of the ring itself.

Any shipping fees originally applied to the purchase will not be refunded. However, you will be reimbursed for return shipping fees for your first two returns of the year.

After that, you will need to cover the costs without reimbursement.  

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How Will I Get a Refund for a Return Made to Blue Nile Canada?

Refunds will be credited to the original purchasing account – either the bank account associated with the card used to make the purchase or your PayPal account.

You will be notified that your return has been received within a day of the shipment arriving at the processing center.

The quality assurance department may take five to fifteen days to verify the return. Once it has been verified, funds will be sent to the purchasing account.

Bank account reimbursements can take up to ten business days and PayPal refunds usually take about two weeks.

The total processing time for a refund from Blue Nile Canada can take up to a month after receipt of your return package, but you can track your return’s (and your refund’s) progress through the whole process.

How Long Is the Return Window for Blue Nile Canada?

You have thirty days from the purchase date to initiate a return with Blue Nile Canada and contact them for a return merchandise authorization number.

Any exchanges you’d like to make especially with diamonds purchased through the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program must also be initiated within thirty days of purchase.

Outside of the thirty day window, Blue Nile Canada will not accept returns and will not issue reimbursements.

If you ship a return outside of the thirty day window, it will only be considered for a return if the return merchandise authorization number was requested and acquired during the thirty day time frame.

If you purchased a diamond larger than a third of a carat and you wish to return it after the return window, you can send it back under the CIRCA diamond buyback program.

As long as you include the grading report and other certifications, Blue Nile Canada will pay the current market value for the diamond.

How Do I Check the Status of My Blue Nile Canada Return?

The status of your return can be easily tracked through Blue Nile Canada’s website. As long as you have properly initiated a return and obtained a return merchandise number, you can enter that number and your phone number or email address to see where your return is.

Alternatively, you can call Blue Nile Canada’s customer service representatives who are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to answer all your questions regarding returns including the status of your return.

You should be notified via email once your return reaches Blue Nile Canada’s processing facility.

Blue Nile Warranty FAQs

Can You Return or Exchange Engagement Rings from Blue Nile Canada?

Like most jewelry stores, Blue Nile Canada will accept engagement rings for returns or exchanges within thirty days of purchase.

The ring should be accompanied by the grading report for the diamond or else you may be charged a fee to issue a new one.

If the engagement ring was engraved, you can still return it, although you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the engraving.

For diamond rings that are returned after the thirty day return window, Blue Nile Canada will reimburse you for the current market price of the diamond under Blue Nile Canada’s diamond buyback program.

Can I Send a Ring Back to Blue Nile Canada for Resizing?

Rings can be returned to Blue Nile Canada for resizing free of charge. You must initiate a return by acquiring a return merchandise authorization number even if you are simply sending the ring in for resizing.

When you request your authorization number, the representative who assists you should be able to mark the request as a resize instead of a refunded return.

Resizing services are available at no cost to you and you will be provided with a prepaid shipping label to send in the ring for resizing.

Certain rings cannot be resized however because of the placement of gems or the material of the band. Rings with a designated number of stones per finger size or rings made tungsten and some types of silver are not resizable.

Will Blue Nile Canada Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

Blue Nile Canada will not accept returns without a receipt. In fact, proof of purchase is not the only required paperwork when making a return.

Certifications and grading reports along with any other paperwork you originally received with the piece need to be included in your return package or the return may be rejected.

Grading reports can be reissued for a fee of $200 upon receipt of the diamond in question for return. Always make sure to include all paperwork with your return package.


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Blue Nile Canada allows returns on most of its products within thirty days of purchase. Returns must be initiated by contacting Blue Nile Canada and obtaining a return merchandise authorization.

Once you have sent back your item for return, the quality assurance department will inspect and approve the piece and issue a refund back to the original purchasing account.

Refunds can take up to one month once the return package has been received. Blue Nile Canada will not reimburse original purchasing shipping fees or engraving fees.

Be sure to include all necessary paperwork in order to make a valid return.



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