Clean Origin Return Policy (Full Guide)

Clean Origin Return Policy

Lindsey, do you know what Clean Origin´s return policy is? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Clean Origin provides customers with 100% ethical diamonds that sparkle and glisten. All diamonds are high quality and come with fantastic customer service. Clean Origin even provides a fantastic return policy and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you get your money’s worth from the purchase.

Whether you change your mind or there is a defect in the jewelry, the Clean Origin return policy has you covered. Read on for a comprehensive look at Clean Origin’s return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.

Clean Origin Return Policy

Clean Origin provides a 100-day return policy. Within 100 days of purchase, you can return your Clean Origin diamonds or jewelry for any reason.

If you have the applicable documentation, you have the choice to return the product for a full refund or exchange.

However, not all returns are covered. For example, you will need applicable documentation, and you won’t be able to return products that are damaged due to your own negligence.

As such, it’s important to know the specifics of this policy to understand what is covered.

Return Window

The Clean Origin return policy includes a return window of 100 days. This gives you plenty of time to try out the product and determine if it is right for your needs.

It also gives you enough time to contact Clean Origin if something is wrong with the product.

No Questions Asked

Clean Origin calls its return policy a “100-Day No Questions Asked Return.” As such, you can return a Clean Origin product up to 100 days after the initial purchase for any reason.

Even if you want to return the product just because you changed your mind, the warranty is applied. As long as the product is in its original condition, then no questions are asked.


Whenever you return a product through the return policy, Clean Origin covers the shipping. You won’t have to pay for a thing.

Your only responsibilities are to contact Clean Origin for postage and get the product in the mail.

Unfortunately, this shipping policy is only available in the United States at the moment.

You can still return products if you ordered Clean Origin from the UK, Australia, or Canada, but the return shipping will not be free.


In order to return your Clean Origin product, you need the required documentation, such as the lab-created diamond certificate.

You will also need the original packing slip, which serves as a receipt, and all packaging that came with the product.

Furthermore, the piece must be in its out-of-box condition. In other words, you cannot return a product because you have broken or damaged the piece in some way.

The product must be in the same condition it arrived.


Even though Clean Origin offers a 100-day, no questions asked return policy, there are a few exceptions to this policy.

If the order you wish to return has been exchanged, resized, custom made, or engraved, it will not be eligible for return. All sales are final with custom products. In other words, you can’t return products that have been custom-made or resized for your finger.

Likewise, Clean Origin considers past returns when approving your current return. For example, the return may not be approved if you have a history of trying to return products and seem to be abusing this system.

These exceptions are pretty standard within the industry. Almost every return policy related to jewelry has these exceptions.

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Clean Origin Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

When talking about the Clean Origin return policy, it’s good to know about the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty protects you in the case of a defect or damage caused by a manufacturer’s flaw. Unlike the return policy that only lasts 100 days, this warranty lasts a lifetime.

With the Clean Origin lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, your Clean Origin product is covered from manufacture-related defects for a lifetime. If a manufacturing defect is found, Clean Origin will repair or replace the product at no additional cost.

They will also cover all shipping and handling, as well as the inspection required to determine if the defect is caused by a manufacturing flaw.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence, wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of the material.

If the inspector determines that the flaw is caused by negligence on your part, then they will ship the product back to you, and you will have to pay for the shipping.

How to Return Items to Clean Origin

Whether you are returning something through the return policy or lifetime warranty, the process begins by contacting [email protected].

Explain the situation and why you are returning the product. In response, Clean Origin will provide you with a free FedEx return shipping label and a matching tracking code.

Whenever you package the item, make sure to include all the original packaging, packing slip, accompanying materials, and documentation.

If you do not include everything, you could be charged a fee. For example, you will be charged a $150 certificate replacement fee if you do not return the lab-certified diamond certificate.

Clean Origin asks that you do not write anything on the box. Because diamonds are included, writing an identifying message on the outside of the packaging could make the package a target for thieves. So, just add everything in the package and seal it up using the provided postage.

Note that there is insurance on the product whenever you return it or resize it, but the insurance is only available whenever you use the FedEx prepaid label.

So, opt for this prepaid label because it covers you in case the product gets damaged or lost.

During the return process, you will have the choice to get the product refunded or replaced. This choice is entirely up to you.

Select which option is most convenient based on your needs and desires.

The Clean Origin Refund Process

If you completely change your mind and just want your money back, you can select the Clean Origin refund. The refund process takes a little bit of time in order to ensure authenticity, but the process goes as quickly as possible, nonetheless.

After you drop off the return package, you now must wait for the refund process to begin. Before you will get refunded, the package must arrive at the Clean Origin facility center. This can take a few days, depending on the time of year and your location.

Once the package arrives, one of our technicians unboxes the product and verifies its authenticity. This entire process is done under a recorded video to ensure everything received is not misplaced, lost, or broken.

This process can take up to seven days to complete.

After the verification process is complete, Clean Origin issues a refund. You’ll be refunded on the same payment method you used to pay for the product.

If you paid for the product through a credit card, you may have to wait a while to see the repayment. It can take up to a full month’s billing cycle to receive the credit card refund.

If you paid through a bank wire, the refund process will be a bit different. You will be mailed back a check. It may take a week or so for the check to arrive at your location.

Clean Origin Return Policy FAQs

Can I return Clean Origin’s diamonds?

Yes. You can return Clean Origin diamonds up to 100 days after the initial purchase. You must have all items that came in the original packaging, and the diamonds must be in the same state as they were out-of-the-box.

Are Clean Origin shipments insured?

Yes. All Clean Origin shipments are 100% insured This insurance applies to return orders, as long as you select the free FedEx postage we provide.

Where does Clean Origin offer free returns?

Clean Origin offers free returns in the United States, but you can return your product if you live overseas in Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

You will have to pay for shipping if the package is coming outside of the US, though.

Do I need the original receipt to return a Clean Origin product?

Yes. You need all items that came with your purchase, including packaging, packing slip, jewelry box, and certificates.

Failing to include all of the required items can result in a fee or a return refusal.

Does Clean Origin come with a warranty?

Yes. Clean Origin offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers all manufacturer’s defects. If you live in the US, shipping for products returned under the warranty is free.

Final Thoughts

If you have a Clean Origin product, you have the option to return it within 100 days of the original purchase.

You will need all original documentation and products to return your Clean Origin diamonds, and the product must be in the same condition as it was received.

Note that there is a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. There’s also insurance on all shipped products. This warranty and insurance further ensure that you make the most of the money you spend.

If you have any issues or wish to return your Clean Origin product, contact customer support.



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