Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality? (Review + More)

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality

Effy Jewelry is definitely one of a kind, with all sorts of unique designs in vivid colors and special styles. If you are looking for something a little different and attention-grabbing, you will probably find something you love at Effy. But is Effy Jewelry low quality? 

Effy jewelry states that it uses hand-selected gemstones in all of its jewelry and that it is handmade by experienced artisans; however, many shoppers have complained in recent years about stones falling out of jewelry and jewelry metals leaving marks on the skin. 

Jewelry can be a huge purchase, and you want to make sure you are getting the quality you think you are. Read on for some considerations that will help you decide is Effy worth it. 

What is Effy Jewelry? 

Based in NYC for 30 years, Effy sells a unique collection of jewelry featuring colored gemstones and diamonds, often in unique settings inspired by nature and designs from all over the world. 

Effy is sold in their NYC showroom, department stores, Jared jewelers and others, and on cruise ships. 

Does Effy Use Real Gemstones?

Effy claims to use real, hand-selected stones in all of their jewelry. Many customers are very pleased with the appearance of the stones in their Effy jewelry. Many of their collections contain a variety of gems in striking colors, making Effy jewelry identifiable and alluring. 

Keep in mind, Effy makes no claim that their stones are not heat-treated or enhanced, just that they use real stones.

The gemstones sold in their rings do not have certificates or grading, so it is hard to know if they are treated or what the official quality of each stone actually is. 

That being said, if you like the look of a stone, it may not matter whether it has inclusions, or whether the cut is perfect. You have to go with what you like. 

Does Effy Use Real Diamonds? 

Effy claims it uses real diamonds in all its jewelry, and there is no evidence that this isn’t the case.

The quality of the stones is difficult to determine when the stones are very small (larger diamonds are different because they are graded by labs). 

Effy claims to hand-select their diamonds, and customers tend to be very pleased with the sparkle of their Effy pieces. 

Effy sells solitaire diamonds for engagement jewelry and other diamond rings, both natural and lab-created. The lab-created stones have IGI certificates (which many jewelers believe is the best lab for certifying lab-grown diamonds).

Lab-created diamonds are considered to be real diamonds, since they are chemically and visually identical to natural diamonds (you need very sophisticated equipment to tell them apart). 

Mined diamonds on Effy do not have GIA or AGS (or IGI) certificates, which are typically the gold standard and most jewelers recommend never buying an expensive diamond without one.

When shelling out that much money, you need the certificate to know what you are getting in a stone.

For engagement diamonds, you are probably better off with an online diamond specialist like James Allen or Blue Nile

Is Effy Jewelry Good Quality?

Many purchasers are happy with their jewels from Effy and many buyers have added Effy pieces to their collections over the years and never had a problem. 

In recent years, however, there have been a huge number of complaints against the company, stating that the jewelry is not well-made and does not hold up even with minimal wear. 

Many purchasers have experienced stones falling out of their settings. Effy offers a warranty for manufacturers defects, so many of these rings can be repaired by the company, though the company does not pay for loss of stones.

If you don’t find the stone when it falls out, you may have to pay to replace it. 

Some purchasers have found that many stones have popped out of one ring, which definitely calls into question the quality of the manufacture of Effy jewelry.

Even some self-professed Effy lovers have cooled to the brand and will no longer take a risk purchasing Effy jewelry. 

Other purchasers have found that the metal in Effy rings discolors the skin where the ring sits on the finger.

This is most likely due to alloys in the metal of the ring. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you get rings made from higher karat gold, which is more pure than lower karat gold. 

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Is Effy Made in the USA?

Yes, all Effy jewelry is made in the USA.

Is Effy a Good Company? 

Online reviews have highlighted a certain “high-pressure” sales environment in some Effy stores. In addition, some have noticed that prices change on a whim. One commenter said it was like buying a timeshare. 

Other buyers have raved about the company’s customer service, so it may depend on what Effy location you are shopping. 

Effy does offer a lifetime warranty on their jewelry and will fix any manufacturer’s defects or refund the value of your piece.

Many users have found this process to be seamless, though several have noted that it takes a long time to complete the repair process.

Is Effy Jewelry Fake?

Effy fraud is on the rise–and according to the website, Effy is working on preventing it. Fake online businesses have been offering Effy jewelry at steep discounts. 

Be aware of this fraud and get your Effy from (this is the only online seller of legit Effy), department stores, or trusted jewelers. 


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Effy claims to use handpicked gemstones in its jewelry, and that appears to be the case even if the quality of the gems is difficult to determine.

If you absolutely must have a high-quality stone with some type of certification, Effy probably isn’t for you–go to a reputable online or independent jeweler. 

If you love the whimsical designs of Effy and find something you love, chances are you will be able to wear your piece for years to come–though be warned that complaints of missing stones are on the rise. 



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