Is Alani Nu Pre-Workout Vegan? (Best Tips!)

Is Alani Nu Pre-Workout Vegan

Do you know if Alani Nu Pre-Workout is vegan? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Alani Nu is a brand that’s all about helping people be healthier versions of themselves. They choose ingredients carefully, so you aren’t buying a tub full of fillers. Pre-workout supplements are important for many of us that exercise regularly.

So, is Aluni Nu Pre-Workout vegan? Alani Nu’s Pre-Workout is vegan and packs a punch for anyone looking for an extra boost to do their best. It’s made of ingredients that matter and has nothing your body doesn’t need. It’s a balanced formula that keeps you going through your workout and helps you recover better after.

We’re looking at what is and isn’t included in the Alani Nu Pre-Workout supplement. Read on to find out more about why this is a good option for those eating a vegan diet.

Is Alani Nu’s Pre-Workout a Vegan-Friendly Supplement?

The Alani Nu Pre-Workout supplement mix is vegan-friendly. There is nothing in the formula that’s derived from an animal.

Most of the ingredients are plant-based, with a few exceptions falling into the synthetic category. 

Is Alani Nu a Vegan-Friendly Company?

Alani Nu is a health-friendly company. Though they offer plenty of vegan-friendly products, they also offer some that aren’t.

For instance, you can opt for vegan protein powder or whey protein powder. 

Alani Nu prides itself on using only ingredients that provide your body with something it needs. They formulate supplements without adding a lot of fillers and nonsense ingredients. 

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What’s In Alani Nu Pre-Workout?

The pre-workout has a blend of L-tyrosine, caffeine, L-theanine, L-citrulline malate, and beta-alanine. Below are brief descriptions of what each of these does. 


This compound helps your body produce enzymes, hormones, and proteins. It also aids in sending messages back and forth between nerves.

It’s important for supporting your body in producing dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.


Alani Nu pre-workout has 200 mg of caffeine in each serving. Caffeine is a stimulant. It works to wake up your nervous system and your brain.

Caffeine helps increase focus and get the body pumping more chemicals through the blood.


This is an amino acid. It’s typically found in tea and mushrooms. L-theanine helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

It also helps people sleep better. L-theanine is added to pre-workout to help with recovery after the workout by keeping you from crashing with fatigue later.

L-Citrulline Malate

The L-citrulline promotes the production of nitric oxide within the body. Nitric oxide allows your arteries to open more for better blood flow.

Better circulation during exercise is helpful for the workout and your recovery.

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Beta-alanine supports your muscles and other parts of your body through rigorous exercise and more intense workouts.

It’s an amino acid that promotes carnosine production, which helps give you better endurance during workout sessions.

What Other Supplements Does Alani Nu Offer?

Alani Nu’s product line Includes all things tied to health and wellness. The company offers supplements in the following categories:

  • Essentials
  • Workout ; Recovery
  • Energy Drinks ; Snacks
  • Fit Snacks

Alani Nu also offers some fun products in the accessories category.

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Where Can I Buy Alani Nu Pre-Workout?

You can purchase Alani Nu products straight from their website.

If you sign up for automatic delivery, you’ll never have to run out and you save some money.

The pre-workout is also sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, Target, and Walmart. You can order it on Amazon, as well. 

What Do Customers Say About Alani Nu Pre-Workout?

The Alani Nu Pre-Workout supplement powder is highly rated. Customers report that all the flavors taste good.

They also rave about how well it performs. It works well, fast, and keeps users strong throughout their workouts.

What Flavors Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout Come In?

This pre-workout comes in several flavors. Users report they all taste delicious. Here’s a list of the unique flavors.

  • Arctic White
  • Cosmic Stardust
  • Aloha Pineapple
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Galaxy Lemonade
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Island Crush
  • Breezeberry
  • Carnival Candy Grape
  • Mimosa
  • Pink Guava

They come in tubs with 30 servings included. A serving is 10 grams, which is one full scoop.

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking Alani Nu Pre-Workout?

Most customers report they love that there are no weird side effects with this pre-workout. No one reports having jittery nerves, upset stomachs, or bloating. 

One mild side effect some users notice is a small tingling in the skin of the hands or face after drinking the pre-workout and before starting exercise.

This is a normal side effect of beta-alanine. It fades once you start your activity.


Alani Nu Pre-Workout is vegan-friendly and performs well. It’s made with ingredients that do something for your body, not fillers you don’t need.

This product comes in several unique flavors that taste great. It gets your body ready for some high-intensity exercise, so you can get the most out of all your workouts.



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