Are Pure Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss (Best Tips!)

Are Pure Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss

Do you know if Pure protein bars are good for weight loss? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Protein bars have been made popular in recent years due to their extravagant flavors, convenience, and associated health claims.

They’re the snack bar of choice for many people, with many offering ‘high protein’ and ‘low sugar and low carb’, they would appear an attractive option for those looking to lose a few pounds. 

One of the most popular protein bars on the market is Pure Protein Bars, so let’s discover are Pure Protein bars good for weight loss? Yes, Pure protein bars are good for weight loss. Some research suggests that a high-protein diet can aid weight loss, Pure Protein Bars are also made using ingredients that contain high levels of saturated fats, such as palm oil, canola oil, and dairy products.

They also use a range of artificial sweeteners and other ingredients and are calorie-dense, with most 50 gram bars containing 200 calories.

But they are still a great way to lose weight.

What’s in a Pure Protein Bar? (Nutrition Facts)

Pure Protein Bars are available in 10 different flavors and exact ingredients vary.

The most common ingredients amongst all the protein bars are a source of protein, flavoring agents, and a source of sweetener: either natural (sugar) or artificial sweeteners. 

Most Pure Protein Bars have the same nutritional facts per 50-gram bar:

  • Calories: 180 – 200
  • Protein: 20 grams
  • Sugar: 1 – 4 grams
  • Fiber: 1 – 7 grams
  • Saturated fats: 3- 4.5 grams 

While these numbers may seem innocent enough, it’s a review of the ingredients that reveals more about what’s really in them.

Let’s shine the spotlight on the ingredients list and look at if Pure Protein Bar’s marketing claims are of any benefit for those looking to lose weight. 

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Whey Protein

Whey protein provides the bulk of the protein ingredients in Pure Protein Bars and protein is a great way for people to build muscle and aid muscle recovery.

Whey protein is also considered a good choice for those looking to lose weight. 

Fats and Saturated fats

Pure Protein’s ‘Chocolate Salted Caramel’ bar contains 5 grams of fat, and most of that fat isn’t going to help you achieve weight loss.

Almost all of the fat contained in this particular protein bar is saturated fats, and a single 50-gram serving contains 23% of your recommended daily intake of saturated fats. 

If you’re looking for a protein bar that is low in fat, avoid ingredients such as palm oil and canola oil as they contain high levels of saturated fats.

Also, a good protein bar shouldn’t have any trans fats. None of the Pure Protein Bar flavors contain trans fats. 

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High in Calories

Most protein bars are calorie-dense and provide a significant amount of calories in a single bar. Most of the Pure Protein Bars contain around 200 calories per serving (one 50-gram bar). 

For those looking to lose weight, this isn’t ideal, as you should aim to consume fewer calories per day than what you burn.

In other words, consuming a single Pure Protein Bar would require just over 30 minutes of exercise on the dreaded treadmill. 

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Low in Sugar

Most of the Pure Protein Bars contain between 1 and 3 grams of sugar per serving, which is pretty remarkable considering their flavors and how sweet they taste.

This isn’t magic but merely food science, and most protein bars use chemically formulated artificial sugars to flavor their bars and make them super tasty. 

The most common artificial sweetener is sucralose which has been formulated to be almost calorie-free.

The downside is the heavy processing and chemical components (chlorine) that are added to make this process possible.

While calorie-free may sound like a great deal for those looking to fit into last year’s jeans, the trade-off is some pretty nasty side effects, including inflammation, intestinal irritations, and intestinal diseases.

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Are Pure Protein Bars Healthy?

“Healthy“ is a big word and can be used in very diverse circumstances, meaning very different things depending on who you talk to.

If you’re looking at building a good diet plan to lose weight, it’s always worth discussing snack options such as protein bars with a dietician or nutritionist. 

Pure Protein Bars are:

  • A good source of protein
  • Low in carbs
  • Relatively low in sugar, although there are better options
  • Known for having a good range of vitamins and minerals 

However, you shouldn’t look at these facts alone as many other artificial ingredients are likely to cause negative health effects.

Most nutritionists will shy away from using the word ‘healthy’ to describe any protein bars, including Pure Protein Bars. 

For those with special dietary requirements, Pure Protein Bars may not be suitable as they contain nut-based ingredients, dairy, soy ingredients, sugars, and other ingredients that may cause intestinal irritation.

Are Pure Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss?

Pure Protein Bars are considered a great way for losing weight when used alongside a healthy and balanced diet plan.

Protein bars should never be considered a food replacement and should be consumed as a snack when you require a high-protein, low carb, and low sugar boost. 

Be mindful of the high-calorie count of Pure Protein Bars which may interfere with a structured exercise and diet plan.

When working towards a stable and consistent weight loss plan, it’s always best to consult a nutritionist and dietician so there’s room for a few guilt-free snacks along your journey!

After all, moderation is key to everything.

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