Are Pure Protein Bars Gluten-Free? (What You´ll Never Imagine)

Are Pure Protein Bars Gluten-Free

Do you know if Pure protein bars are gluten-free? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

After a workout, you need a quick punch of protein to help your muscles grow and develop new strength.

Luckily, Pure protein bars offer 21g of protein, which should be more than enough to help reach your target gains.

Although they are nutritious and delicious, you’re probably wondering if they fit into a gluten-free diet.

So, are pure protein bars gluten-free? Yes, Pure protein bars are gluten-free and completely compatible with a gluten-free diet. Rather than relying on hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, Pure protein bars are made using whey protein, which comes from dairy, not wheat. The remaining ingredients include soy isolates, collagen, and nut products such as peanut and almond.

Let’s explore in more detail why you might be better off not eating gluten and look into some of the secret ingredients in your protein bars that could be making you sick.

The Truth Behind Gluten and Protein Bars

As you reach for a protein bar, you’re probably thinking of the high-protein content that’ll help you grow stronger faster.

With their complex mix of amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, protein bars provide a quick post-workout recovery. But not all of those proteins come from gluten-free sources.

After all, gluten is a type of protein. It might be more common in baked goods, such as cake, bread, and pastries, but it’s also found in a whole host of other foods.

 If it’s made using wheat, barley, or rye, it has gluten in it! That also includes foods that use proteins sourced from these three grains.

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When is it Bad to Eat Gluten?

Although it’s become trendy to eliminate gluten from your diet, most people can consume and enjoy gluten-rich foods without any issues.

The problem is if your body cannot process gluten. For some people, this could be a simple gluten intolerance; for others, it could be a serious allergy known as Celiac disease.

If you suffer any of the following symptoms, you might have a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease:

  • Sudden and violent diarrhea after eating gluten
  • Constipation that lasts for days after eating gluten
  • Sudden bloating or gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Persistent irritable bowel syndrome

For some people, these symptoms come on almost immediately. Others can consume small amounts of gluten but if they overdo it, they’ll suffer from symptoms for a few weeks.

The mechanism that causes gluten intolerance isn’t fully understood yet but scientists think they may have found the culprit.

One theory posits that it’s caused by a missing enzyme, leaving the complex gluten proteins to tear through the digestive system. Another theory considers that it might not be the gluten to blame at all.

Instead, gluten intolerance could be the result of fermenting carbohydrates trapped within the GI tract.

As they continue to ferment, they create excess gas and bacteria, leading to bloating, diarrhea, and pain. For now, though, we’ll have to wait for the research to find a conclusive answer.

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Gluten-Free Alternatives to Wheat, Barley, and Rye

If you have gluten intolerance, you don’t have to live without carbohydrates entirely. A simple diet change can make all the difference.

Instead of consuming bread and cakes, try switching to foods made from the following ingredients:

  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Nuts
  • Millet
  • Flax

These foods are gluten-free and can often act as a substitute for gluten-heavy grains.

Stealthy Ways Gluten Sneaks into Your Protein Bars

Manufacturers are not required to identify whether their products contain gluten, so it can be difficult to know if you’re eating Celiac-safe protein bars.

Unfortunately, though, even with a vigilant eye, you can sometimes overlook hidden sources of gluten in your food.

To keep yourself from accidentally ingesting gluten, keep an eye out for these lesser-known sources:

  • Maltodextrin and dextrin, both of which are made from wheat
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, which are also wheat by-products
  • Modified vegetable starches produced from barley
  • Artificial and natural flavorings, many of which come from barley

You should also look out for the commonly used scientific names for gluten-rich grains.

Most manufacturers will show their common names in parentheses but, if not, these ingredients can sometimes fly under the radar.

  • Triticum spelta (spelt flour)
  • Triticum vulgare (wheat)
  • Triticale (a wheat and rye crossbreed)
  • Secale cereale (rye)
  • Hordeum vulgare (barley)

Are Pure Protein Bars Celiac Safe?

Fortunately for those with Celiac disease or mild gluten intolerance, Pure protein bars are 100% gluten-free.

They’re made from a combination of whey proteins, soy isolates, nut products, and collagen.

Although they are not vegan-friendly, they are a good source of protein for anyone who cannot eat common grain products.

Pure protein bars come in three different chocolatey flavors, including chocolate deluxe, chocolate chip, and chocolate peanut butter.

You can find them for sale at most grocery stores or at your local supplement shop, meaning you can start getting the gains you want without upsetting your stomach.

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