Are Simply Protein Bars Vegan? (Best Tips!)

Are simply Protein Bars Vegan

Are Simply protein bars vegan? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Vegans have more options for food items than ever before. The vegan lifestyle has gained in popularity over the last decade or two.

So, are Simply protein bars vegan? While the protein in them is all plant-based, Simply Protein Bars are not labeled vegan. The lemon-flavored crispy bar is made with milk. Other flavors aren’t made with milk but are processed on equipment where milk is used. It doesn’t mean there’s milk in these bars, just that there’s a chance for trace amounts.

This article is about Simply Protein Bars and if any of their varieties are a good fit for those eating a vegan diet.

Read on as we explore the ingredients further and look at what certain packaging terms mean.

Are Simply Protein Bars Vegan?

The answer isn’t as black and white as you may prefer. There are three types of Simply Protein Bars. Let’s look closer.

Crispy Bars

There are three flavors of Simply Protein Crispy Bars. You can choose Lemon, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel, or Peanut Butter Chocolate. Each has slightly different ingredients.

The Lemon flavor is not vegan. It has plant-based ingredients but also contains milk. 

The other two flavors do not have milk or other animal-derived substances in their ingredients lists. So, they’re vegan, right? Maybe. Maybe not. 

The packaging states there may be trace amounts of milk contained in the bars because they’re processed on equipment where milk is used.

It means there are other products made with milk that touch that same equipment, so the company cannot guarantee there’s no milk in these bars.

Some vegans are ok with calling products like these vegan-friendly. While they know there’s a chance a bar may have trace levels of milk in it, they also know there’s a better chance that it doesn’t. 

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Snack Bars

This category includes three flavors, as well. They come in Lemon Coconut, Dark Chocolate Almond, and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

All three flavors are vegan-friendly. There are no dairy ingredients or other ingredients sourced from animals. 

The snack bars also aren’t indicated to contain any trace amounts of non-vegan-friendly ingredients. 

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Cookie Bars

The two flavors of cookie bars are Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip. Strict vegans should avoid both flavors of cookie bars.

The Peanut Butter Cookie flavor is processed in a facility that uses milk in other products.

The Chocolate Chip bars are made on equipment where milk is used. 

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Are All Vegan-Friendly Foods Labeled as Such?

In a perfect world, all vegan-friendly foods would simply state they were suitable for vegan diets.

Though the Food and Drug Administration is adding regulations for recognizing vegan and vegetarian foods, not all of them are labeled that way. 

This industry is changing at a rapid pace. New foods are created with plant-based ingredients often.

As more manufacturers of these products enter the market, more guidelines are established to ensure honest and transparent labeling is adhered to.

What’s In Simply Protein Bars?

Each of the different varieties has varied levels of nutrition and ingredients. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in them.

Crispy Variety

Simply Protein Crispy Bars have up to 15 grams of soy protein isolate in them. They have only 3 grams of sugar and up to 5 grams of fat. Each bar contains 150 calories and 7 grams of fiber. 

Those with food allergies or sensitivities should not eat these protein bars, as they’re made with some high-allergen foods.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor has peanuts in it. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel contains almonds. All flavors are produced in a factory that processes foods with other allergens in them.

Snack Variety

The Snack Bars have only 2 grams of sugar and 12 grams of plant-based protein. The sodium content is only about 8% of the recommended daily value. The bars provide 7 grams of fiber and have calcium, iron, and potassium to offer.

Cookie Variety

The Cookie Bars are slightly larger than the other two types. One serving is 50 grams rather than 40. They have up to 220 calories and 12 grams of fat.

Each contains 11 grams of protein and about 2 grams of sugar. 

Do Simply Protein Bars Taste Good?

Most customers report these bars as tasty. Some say they have a “healthy” taste to them. They warn that the bars don’t taste like candy bars, but that they are good. 

Customers also report they’re easy on the stomach.

Some other brands of protein bars cause discomfort in the midsection. The natural ingredients in these are easier for your body to digest.


Simply Protein Bars are not certified as vegan. However, some of the company’s products are vegan-friendly.

 It’s up to you to read through the ingredients lists to see which variety works for your diet. With our tips combined with your consideration, you’ll find the right bars to fit your lifestyle.



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