Ikea Mattress Return Policy in Singapore (What´s Covered)

Ikea Mattress Return Policy Singapore

Do you know what IKEA mattress return policy in Singapore is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

IKEA brags a no-nonsense 365-day return policy for their mattresses in Singapore. With this policy, you can return or exchange any mattress, as long as it is not heavily used, marked up, or abused. Just make sure you have the original receipt, and IKEA will be happy to help you get a great mattress that helps you sleep tightly.

To learn more about the IKEA mattress return policy in Singapore, keep reading. This article tells you everything you need to know about returning or exchanging your IKEA mattress in Singapore. Scroll down for this and more.

Can I Return My IKEA Mattress in Singapore?

IKEA Singapore offers a 365-day return policy. What this means is that you have 365 days to return your mattress in Singapore. You will need your proof of purchase, and you will be refunded using the same payment used to originally pay for the mattress.

If you still want an IKEA mattress but just don’t like the one you have, IKEA also offers an exchange program. What this means is that you also have the option to exchange your mattress for something better. You have the choice to return the mattress or exchange it for something better.

Because of how great this return policy is, IKEA calls it their no-nonsense return policy. This Singapore return policy applies to practically all of their products, not just mattresses.

Although there are a few exceptions, almost all IKEA Singapore products fall under this return policy.

Note that this IKEA mattress return policy applies to practically all IKEA stores, regardless of location. IKEA has a pretty consistent return policy that is the same in all countries. So, this Singapore return policy also applies to other locations throughout the world.

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What’s Covered by the IKEA Singapore Mattress Return Policy?

That being said, there are some stipulations about which mattresses qualify for the refund or exchange process. Look at the mattress. It cannot have any obvious signs of damage or abuse, including dirt, marks, or stains. If you see obvious signs of use, IKEA will not accept the mattress.

IKEA reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange if the mattress is obviously damaged in any way. For this reason, IKEA workers will inspect the mattress before approving the refund.

In most cases, they accept their return as long as it is still in good condition.

As long as the mattress does not have any obvious signs of abuse or damage, you can return it or exchange it. This also applies to mattresses that have been opened and simply not liked. So, make sure not to damage the mattress, and you have 365 days to return it.

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How Long Do I Have to Return a Mattress at IKEA Singapore?

With IKEA’s no-nonsense return policy, you have up to 365 days after the original purchase to return or exchange the mattress. So, you have up to one year after the original purchase to get this done.

If you don’t remember when you purchased a mattress, look at your receipt. The time and date that you purchased the mattress will be listed. This receipt is also how the store will confirm that the mattress is still within the 365-day return window. You also have the option to look on your IKEA account if you use your account to purchase the mattress.

If you try to return the mattress just a day or two after the window has closed, some stores may still accept the return, but they have the right to decline it.

It’s best to return the mattress while it is still in the warranty window as a result.

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What You Need Return a Mattress at IKEA Singapore

In order to return or exchange your mattress at IKEA Singapore, you need your proof of purchase. Your proof of purchase is your receipt. If you have an IKEA account, you should be able to look up the receipt using your past purchases tab. If you don’t have an account, you will need the physical receipt.

This receipt is needed for a number of reasons. First, it shows that the mattress has been purchased within the full refund policy of 365 days.

Second, the receipt is used to give you a full refund if you choose to return the mattress instead of exchange it.

Once the return has been approved, the only thing left is to get your refund. You will normally get refunded through the same payment you used to pay for the mattress. For example, you will get refunded to your credit card if that’s what you used.

If you want to exchange the mattress instead, you will be able to exchange the current mattress for a different mattress of equal value.

If the new mattress is worth more, you will need to pay the difference. If the mattress is less than the original price, you will get refunded the difference for that.

Final Thoughts

Once again, you can return your mattress to IKEA within 365 days of purchasing the mattress. The mattress can be opened, but it cannot be soiled, stained, or abused in any way.

With the proof of purchase, you will have the option to return the mattress for a refund or exchange it for another mattress you like more.

Just make sure that the mattress is not overly abused and that you have the original receipt. As long as the mattress checks these two points, you can return your mattress to IKEA Singapore.




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