How Much Is It to Make a Copy of a Key at Walmart (The Truth!)

How Much Is It to Make a Copy of a Key at Walmart

You need to make a copy of your house key and have to go to Walmart to get a few things. So, you figure you’ll use the key duplication machine there. However, you’re on a budget and you have to know how much it is to make a copy of a key at Walmart so you can plan your budget accordingly.

The truth is it costs about $2 to make a copy of a key at Walmart (plus whatever your local sales tax is). However, there are discounts given when you make more than one. For instance, if you get three keys made of the same original, they will be around $1.33 per key.

Using the Minute Key kiosk is quick and easy. You just have to stay with the machine until your key duplication finishes; you won’t be able to leave and shop while you wait. Regardless, it’s fairly inexpensive and it shouldn’t gouge your budget.

Which Is Less Expensive? Using the Minute Key Kiosk or Going to a Locksmith?

The Minute Key kiosk will be infinitely less expensive than going to a locksmith. At Walmart, you’ll pay around $2 for a single copy of a key. What’s even better is if you have to make three or more copies of the same key, then the price decreases to $1.33 per key.

When you go to the locksmith, you have to pay for the key and the labor. This can cost as little as $3 or $4 but it can also be something like $10 or $15 depending on the key you’re copying.

While some locksmiths offer discounts with multiple copies, this isn’t always a guarantee.

With the Minute Key kiosk, you’re only paying for the key, not also labor. But, with a locksmith, you’re getting someone skilled and experienced.

So, the price may have to be secondary if your key is especially important or specialized.

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When Do You Pay for Key Copies Using the Minute Key Kiosk at Walmart?

Once you get your key analyzed and Minute Key verifies it has the capability to copy your key, you select the kind of blank you want.

The screen will then present you with several methods for payment. You will select either cash or credit, insert your form of payment and then the kiosk will get to work making your key.

Can I Use Cash to Make a Copy of a Key at Walmart?

Many Minute Key kiosks you find at Walmart allow you to use cash for your transaction. However, you must have an exact amount.

This is because it doesn’t provide you with the difference in change. For instance, if your keys cost $4.75 and you insert a five-dollar bill, Minute Key will keep the whole $5.

What’s more, Minute Key will not send you the difference either. They’ll offer you a discount on using their services in the future. So, ensure you bring dollar bills along with a variety of changes.

What Kinds of Credit Cards Does the Minute Key Kiosk Accept?

You can use most major credit cards with the Minute Key kiosk at Walmart. They definitely take American Express, Visa, and MasterCard along with all their variations.

While Minute Key’s website doesn’t list Discover, there are some kiosks that do list it as an option.

Bank and debit cards, on the other hand, are a tossup. It depends on if your bank attaches the debt to a major credit card corporation.

But, if you have something like NetSpend, it may not work in the kiosk. So, it might be a good idea to bring a combination of cash and credit with you to avoid unnecessary frustration.

If I Need a Refund, Do I Go to Walmart’s Customer Service Counter?

In the event your key doesn’t work after getting it copied, don’t go to Walmart’s customer service counter. They didn’t make the key in-store, so the refund will be on Minute Key. You simply contact customer support with your receipt and what’s wrong with your key.

All you have to do is go to their website and fill out the “Customer Service” form within 30 days of your transaction. It’s really quick and basic. You fill out the fields with your contact information and select “Refund Request” in the dropdown menu under your email address.

After indicating your city of purchase, write the problem in the message field and hit send. Minute key guarantees their keys 100%, so getting a refund should happen rather fast.

Does Walmart Sell Key Blank Aside from Offering the Minute Key Kiosk?

Walmart does sell key blanks aside from having the Minute Key kiosk. However, you can’t use your blank in the machine.

You have to select a blank from whatever Minute Key offers. If you buy a key blank, you will have to take it somewhere for cutting.

These can cost as little as $1.50 to as much as $50, depending on the type of key. They have a huge selection of basic keys along with designer keys, skeleton keys, and ones for vehicles.

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You can make a copy of a key at Walmart via the Minute Key kiosk for about $2. If you get multiples of the same key, at least three or more, you’ll pay around $1.33 per key. It’s fairly inexpensive, quick and easy to use.



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