How Much Is a Wedding Cake for 100 Guests? (How to Order?)

How Much Is a Wedding Cake for 100 Guests

Lindsey, do you know how much a wedding cake for 100 guests will cost? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The cost of a wedding cake is determined by several factors, the most significant of which is the size. Wedding cake sizes are based on how many people they will feed.

So, how much is a wedding cake for 100 guests? A wedding cake for 100 guests averages about $500 to $600. Other factors that affect the price include the number of tiers, the type of frosting, the shape, and the decorations.

Planning a wedding includes budgeting for the different items and services you choose for your big day. The wedding cake is a tradition that dates back to the end of the 19th century.

A little more than three quarters of couples order wedding cakes for their unions. Keep reading to find out more about the cost and how to order a size-appropriate wedding cake.

How Much Is a Wedding Cake for 100 Guests?

Data shows that most couples spend around $500 for their wedding cakes. That number is based on the range of cost per slice.

Generally, the cost per slice will be anywhere from $1.50 to $12. When you average that to get the middle of the range, it’s $5.25 per slice. 

  • $5.25 x 100 guests = $525

The final price of your cake depends on much more than just how many people you plan to feed. Let’s look at the various options that affect cake prices the most.

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What Else Affects the Price of Wedding Cake?

Once you’ve set a budget for your cake, do your best to stick to it. The best way to stick to your budget is to know what factors affect the price and how much.

Read on to learn how you can cut down the cost of your wedding cake.


You can choose cakes in many flavors. Some are more common than others. Some are simply cake with frosting.

Others are fancy and made to stand out. The more exotic the ingredients are in your wedding cake, the higher the price will be. 

For example, let’s say you want your cake to include gold leaf that your guests can eat. Edible gold leaf increases the cost of your cake. 

Number of Tiers

The number of tiers for your cake is tied into the number of guests you’re feeding, however, sheet cakes for the same number of people cost less.

Should you decide to go with a tiered wedding cake, the taller your cake gets, the higher the price goes.

Not only is it more work on the baker to build the tiered cake, but you also have to consider the delivery of the cake. The cost of delivery will certainly be higher for a tiered cake.


Your choice of frosting will affect the price of your cake. If you’re having trouble staying under your budget, choose buttercream frosting. It’s less expensive than any other type and is easy for bakers to decorate with. 

Stay away from fondant if you’re trying to go cheap. Fondant is expensive and many people don’t like to eat it. Though it looks amazing, it has a strange texture.


The more customized your cake becomes, the higher the price will be. Your baker has to put more work into a highly customized wedding cake.

If you’re going to order a specific cake shape, which is non-traditional, make sure to budget for a higher price.


Expect to pay more for multi-flavored cakes. It’s more labor intensive for the baker to mix up several batter flavors. If every tier is going to be a different flavor, get ready to pay more for your wedding cake.

How Should You Plan Your Cake Order?

Here’s the thing about the wedding cake. Almost all couples end up with a ton of wedding cake left over. It’s because they overestimate the size to order. Here’s what we mean by that.

You have 100 guests coming to your wedding. Many couples make the mistake of ordering a wedding cake to feed 100 guests. But the reality is, that not all of those guests will eat the wedding cake. 

Order a cake to feed a percentage of your guests. Many wedding planners recommend ordering a cake to feed half of your guests.

If you’re worried you’ll run out, then choose a slightly higher percentage you’re comfortable with. 

The other option you have is to order a cake for 50 guests and cut half slices. Bakers calculate servings that are larger than most people will eat.

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Pricing Out Your Wedding Cake

It’s important to price out your wedding cake properly. Make sure you get all the information you need up front. 

When you do your consultation with the baker, make sure you ask the right questions. Most of the time the final price includes more than just the cost of the cake.

Ask about the cake tasting, any dishes or stands, the delivery, and even the consultation itself. Some bakeries charge extra for any or all of these.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding cake may be the centerpiece of your reception or simply just a dessert. Regardless of what you want it to be, you need to budget properly for it.

Wedding expenses add up quickly. The better you do at planning your budget, the less stressed you’ll feel. 

You can plan to spend around $500 for a wedding cake to feed 100 guests. However, with the tips we’ve provided here, you can cut that price down to something you’re more comfortable paying if needed.



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