How Many Gallons In a 50 lb Propane Tank (Propane Tank Sizes)

How Many Gallons In a 50 lb Propane Tank

Propane tanks are great to have on hand, but they can be difficult to work with since they don’t outright tell you how many gallons are in the tank.

This applies to all propane tanks, including 50 pound propane tanks. Consequently, you may be wondering, how many gallons are in a 50 pound propane tank?

A 50 pound propane tank can hold about 11.8 gallons of propane whenever the propane is kept at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Changing the temperature of the propane will change this number, but most 50 pound propane tanks hold 11.8 gallons.

If you just want a quick answer to how many gallons are in 50 pound propane tanks, great. You have your answer.

However, we recommend reading on so you can learn how we got this answer and learn how to calculate propane tank pounds to gallons. Read on to learn more.

How Many Gallons Are In a 50 lb Propane Tank?

50 pound propane tanks are considered slightly above average in size. The standard size propane tank is 20 pounds.

As a result, a 50 pound propane tank is slightly larger than the standard size. Consequently, 50 pound propane tanks are larger than the standard size in both dimensions and gallon capacity.

Simply put, 50 pound propane tanks can hold about 11.8 gallons of propane. The tanks themselves are normally 27.4 (L) inches by 15.1 (W) inches by 15.1 (H) inches. The empty weight of the container is 34.1 pounds as well.

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How Do You Calculate How Many Gallons Are In a Propane Tank?

Once again, you have the answer to the main question of this article. Even so, we recommend learning more about how many gallons are in a 50 pound propane tank. More specifically, you should want to learn how to do this calculation on your own so you can determine how many gallons are in any propane tank in the future.

The easiest way to calculate how many gallons are in a propane tank is to use the pound to gallon conversion whenever the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, 1 pound of propane is roughly equivalent to 0.236 gallons.

You can use this information in order to determine how many gallons are in a propane tank. All you need to do is multiply the capacity of the propane tank in pounds by 0.236. Use the formula below to determine how many gallons are in your propane tank:

0.236 X tank capacity in pounds = tank capacity in gallons

Let’s apply this formula to a 50 pound propane tank. Simply multiply 0.236 by 50, and the result is 11.8 gallons. This formula can apply to any other size propane tank as well. Just substitute 50 for however many pounds are in your propane tank.

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The One Exception: Temperature

That being said, the temperature can make this conversion unhelpful. The conversion of 1 pound being equivalent to 0.236 gallons only works whenever the temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you change the temperature, 1 pound of propane will have a different gallon equivalent.

Why is that? Temperature determines how the gas molecules interact. Higher temperatures cause the gas molecules to spread out, whereas colder temperatures cause the molecules to get tighter. Changing the temperature above or below 60 degrees Fahrenheit will then change the gallons as a result.

If the temperature is the one exception, why does this conversion rely on 60 degrees Fahrenheit specifically?

60 degrees Fahrenheit is the safest temperature for propane stored in a tank. Increasing or decreasing the temperature could cause the tank to be unsafe or not work properly.

So, all propane tanks should be stored at 60 degrees anyways.

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How Much Does a 50 lb Propane Tank Weigh Full?  

A related question is how much the propane tank weighs when full. Figuring the full weight is a lot easier than the above formula, which is already pretty easy. Simply add the empty weight of the tank to the weight of the propane.

For a 50 pound propane tank specifically, you will need to add 50 pounds of propane to the weight of the tank. Most 50 pound tanks weigh about 34.1 pounds when empty. 50 + 34.1 equals 84.1, meaning the weight of a 50 pound propane tank when full is 84.1 pounds.

That being said, it’s important to weigh the tank before you fill it up. Not all 50 pound tanks will weigh 34.1 pounds. Weighing the tank beforehand gives you the most accurate answer.

Here is more information about the empty weight of different size propane tanks:

Propane Tank SizeLengthWidthHeightEmpty Weight
1 lb8 inches4 inches4 inches1.3 pounds
2 lb10 inches5 inches5 inches2.1 pounds
3 lb10 inches7 inches7 inches3.7 pounds
5 lb12 inches8 inches8 inches6.7 pounds
10 lb18 inches9 inches9 inches9.8 pounds
11 lb12.4 inches12.2 inches12.2 inches10.4 pounds
15 lb18 inches10 inches10 inches11.8 pounds
20 lb18 inches12 inches12 inches13.5 pound
25 lb21 inches12 inches12 inches15.1 pounds
30 lb24 inches12.5 inches12.5 inches19.2 pounds
33 lb26.75 inches12.5 inches12.5 inches23.3 pounds
40 lb27 inches14.5 inches14.5 inches27.4 pounds
50 lb27.4 inches15.1 inches15.1 inches34.1 pounds
60 lb44.1 inches12 inches12 inches37.3 pounds
80 lb46 inches12 inches12 inches43.2 pounds
100 lb48 inches14.5 inches14.5 inches67 pounds
120 lb48 inches16 inches16 inches75 pounds
150 lb48 inches18 inches18 inches101 pounds
200 lb48 inches19.6 inches19.6 inches127 pounds

How Long Does a 50 lb Propane Tank Usually Last?

Figuring out how long your propane tank will last is an important task. Unfortunately, it can be a bit difficult to calculate this because many moving factors impact the lifespan of a single tank of propane. Most importantly, the BTU of the burner impacts how long a tank will last.

Looking at an example will probably be the most helpful.

Let’s say that you are using a 50 pound propane tank on a 32,000 BTU burner. That tank will last about 33.74 hours.

If you move that tank when full to a 40,000 BTU burner instead, the tank will only last 26.99 hours. On the flip side, the tank will last 35.99 hours if you move it to a lower-rated 30,000 BTU burner.

These different examples show that the BTU of your burner is the number one determiner of how long your propane tank will last. Determine the BTU and you’ll be able to predict how long the tank will last.

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How Do 50 lb Propane Tanks Compare To Other Sizes?

A 50 pound propane tank is slightly above the average size. The average size propane tank is 20 pounds, which is able to hold 4.6 gallons of propane. In comparison, a 50 pound tank can hold nearly three times as much propane at 11.8 gallons.

Even though a 50 pound propane tank is larger than the standard propane tank, it is far from being the biggest option available. There are some propane tanks as large as 30,000 pounds.

As you might imagine, propane tanks that are 100 pounds and over are normally used for commercial or serious residential uses.

In comparison, tanks smaller than 50 pounds are normally used for small appliances. A 20 pound propane tank, for instance, is frequently used for grilling purposes.

In other words, there are tons of different propane tank sizes to choose from. It’s important to consider the tank size in pounds and gallons to ensure that the tank you select is perfect for your intended uses.

Tank SizeGallons of Propane
5 lb1 Gallon
11 lb2.6 Gallons
15 lb3.53 Gallons
20 lb4.6 Gallon
30 lb7 Gallons
33 lb7.7 Gallons
40 lb9.2 Gallons
50 lb11.8 Gallons
100 lb23.6 Gallons
120 lb28.3 Gallons
250 lb60 Gallons
420 lb96 Gallons
500 lb400 Gallons
1000 lb800 Gallons
30,000 lb24,000 Gallons

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Final Thoughts

A 50 pound propane tank can hold about 11.8 gallons of propane. This amount of propane is nearly three times more than the amount of propane held in the standard 20 pound propane tank.

As a result, a 50 pound tank is larger and better suited for slightly bigger appliances.

Although you can take our word for it, you can do the math yourself by multiplying 50 by 0.236. You can even use this conversion to figure out how many gallons are in any propane tank, regardless of the size.

It’s important that you figure out how much a propane tank can hold before making your final decision so that you can select the best propane tank based on your intended uses.

If not, you could get a propane tank that’s far too small or large for whatever job you have.                               


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