How Many Gallons In a 250 lb Propane Tank (Propane Tank Sizes)

How Many Gallons In a 250 lb Propane Tank

Do you know how many gallons are in a 250 lb propane tank? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

A 250 lb propane tank holds 250 lb of propane, right? Well, not exactly.

Propane is one of the most important gases in modern living because it provides us with a power source that can generate heat. Whether you want to grill or heat up your home, you might depend on propane.

The trick is selecting the correct propane tank size based on the task at hand, but that can be difficult since propane tanks are labeled by the pound, not gallons.

To put it simply, on average you have 0.236 gallons = 1 pound of propane.

So, how many gallons are in a 250 pound propane tank? Most 250 pound propane tanks are designed to hold 59 gallons of propane. This amount of propane is ideal as a supplemental heating source or for some home appliances, such as water heaters or generators. In reality, a 250 lb propane tank is about 80% full, so the most you can put in is 50 gallons

Of course, it’s important to know how to calculate how many gallons are in your propane tank instead of just taking our word for it.

Below, you will learn how to calculate how many gallons are in your propane tank for next time. Keep reading for this and more.

How Many Gallons Are In a 250 lb Propane Tank?

A 250 pound propane tank can hold 59 gallons of propane. 59 gallons of propane is well above the average size tank, making 250 pound propane tanks large.

Most 250 pound propane tanks are used for home appliances and supplemental heating since 59 gallons is quite a lot of propane.

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How Do You Calculate How Many Gallons Are In a Propane Tank?

If you are just looking for a quick answer to how many gallons are in a 250 pound propane tank, you have your answer.

That being said, we always recommend doing the math yourself and learning how to do the calculations on your own. That way, you’ll be able to figure out how many gallons are in a different propane tank in the future.

Luckily, calculating how many gallons are in a propane tank is not very difficult. With just some quick conversion, you can calculate the number of gallons in any propane tank.

As a rule of thumb, one pound of propane equals 0.236 gallons.

If you multiply the maximum propane capacity in pounds by 0.236 gallons, you will be able to estimate how many gallons are in a propane tank. Here is the formula to use:

0.236 X capacity of propane tank in pounds = capacity of propane tank in gallons

In the case of a 250 pound propane tank, all you need to do is multiply 0.236 by 250. When you do, you will find that there are 59 gallons in a 250 pound propane tank.

Keep in mind that this formula works for all propane tanks, not just 250 pound tanks.

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Temperature: A Changing Variable

One thing to keep in mind is that the calculation of how many gallons are in a propane tank is dependent on temperature.

You probably know that propane tanks are supposed to be stored at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason for this is that temperature affects how the gas molecules act.

If the temperature goes up, the molecules spread out and take more space. If the temperature goes down, the molecules constrict and get closer to one another.

When it comes to propane and tanks, 60 degrees is the ideal temperature. It creates a stable environment that is safe for propane tank usage. Since 60 degrees is the recommended temperature for propane tanks, the 0.236 conversion is based on this temperature.

If the temperature changes, the ratio of gallons to pound changes. We do not recommend changing the temperature of propane because this can be dangerous, though.

Always try to shoot for 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you do, you will be safer, and the conversions will be easier.

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How Much Does a 250 lb Propane Tank Weigh Full?  

If you want to know how many gallons are in your 250 pound propane tank, you might also want to know how much a tank weighs when full.

Whenever you calculate how much a full propane tank weighs, you have to add the weight of the propane to the weight of the tank itself.

Obviously, a 250 pound propane tank holds 250 pounds of propane. The tank itself weighs about 483 pounds. To determine how much the tank will weigh when full, you have to add 250 to 483.

When you do the math, you will find that this propane tank weighs about 733 pounds when full. Of course, you’ll want to weigh the tank beforehand because not all tanks are the same.

Propane Tank SizeLengthWidthHeightEmpty Weight
1 lb8 inches4 inches4 inches1.3 pounds
2 lb10 inches5 inches5 inches2.1 pounds
3 lb10 inches7 inches7 inches3.7 pounds
5 lb12 inches8 inches8 inches6.7 pounds
10 lb18 inches9 inches9 inches9.8 pounds
11 lb12.4 inches12.2 inches12.2 inches10.4 pounds
15 lb18 inches10 inches10 inches11.8 pounds
20 lb18 inches12 inches12 inches13.5 pound
25 lb21 inches12 inches12 inches15.1 pounds
30 lb24 inches12.5 inches12.5 inches19.2 pounds
33 lb26.75 inches12.5 inches12.5 inches23.3 pounds
40 lb27 inches14.5 inches14.5 inches27.4 pounds
50 lb27.4 inches15.1 inches15.1 inches34.1 pounds
60 lb44.1 inches12 inches12 inches37.3 pounds
80 lb46 inches12 inches12 inches43.2 pounds
100 lb48 inches14.5 inches14.5 inches67 pounds
120 lb48 inches16 inches16 inches75 pounds
150 lb48 inches18 inches18 inches101 pounds
200 lb48 inches19.6 inches19.6 inches127 pounds
120 gallon52 inches30 inches30 inches260 pounds
150 gallon85 inches25 inches25 inches298 pounds
200 gallon88 inches27 inches27 inches387 pounds
250 gallon92 inches30 inches30 inches483 pounds
300 gallon100 inches30 inches30 inches591 pounds
400 gallon112 inches32 inches32 inches794 pounds
500 gallon120 inches37 inches37 inches949 pounds
750 gallon160 inches39 inches39 inches1,365 pounds
1,000 gallon190 inches41 inches41 inches1,760 pounds
2,000 gallon288 inches55 inches55 inches3,400 pounds

How Long Does a 250 lb Propane Tank Usually Last?

Calculating how long a propane tank lasts can be difficult. You have to consider the BTU rating of your burner and how long you intend to burn the burner.

The size of the tank also impacts how long the tank will last. Let’s look at an example to show how these factors change the life expectancy of a tank.

Let’s say that your 250 pound propane tank is being used on an 80,000 BTU burner. It will last for about 67.48 hours. If you were to use a burner with a 100,000 BTU rating instead, the propane tank would only last 53.99 hours since this burner is more powerful.

These numbers show that how long your propane tank last ultimately depends on moving factors. You will want to consider your unique burner and situation in order to calculate how long the propane tank will last.

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How Do 250 lb Propane Tanks Compare To Other Sizes?

A 250 pound propane tank is considered a large model. It is suitable for commercial and residential purposes. It is best for heating entire units, and it is not used for small appliances.

There are quite a few other propane tanks to look at, most are smaller, but there are a few propane tanks larger than 250 pounds. Take a look:

Tank SizeGallons of Propane
5 lb1 Gallon
11 lb2.6 Gallons
15 lb3.53 Gallons
20 lb4.6 Gallon
30 lb7 Gallons
33 lb7.7 Gallons
40 lb9.2 Gallons
50 lb11.4 Gallons
100 lb23.6 Gallons
120 lb28.3 Gallons
250 lb60 Gallons
420 lb96 Gallons
500 lb400 Gallons
1000 lb800 Gallons
30,000 lb24,000 Gallons

Because there are so many propane tanks of different sizes, always make sure to compare the different sized options for the task at hand.

When you do this, you will ensure that you select the best propane tank for your home and needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a 250 pound propane tank is able to hold about 59 gallons of propane. You can take our word for it, but you could also do the math yourself.

Remember, one pound of propane is loosely equivalent to 0.236 gallons of propane.

That being said, this conversion mainly only works whenever you store the propane properly within a 60 degree environment.

Any changes in temperature will throw off the conversion. So, make sure to store your propane tank at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you know how many gallons are in a 250 pound propane tank, you can decide if this propane tank is right for your needs.

If not, there are plenty of other propane tanks to select from. Select the option that is best suited for your needs.


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