7 BBQ Propane Refill Stations Near Me (Refill, Tank + More)

BBQ propane refill near me

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When the weather is warm, and the sun is shining, everyone wants to be outdoors. This is also the perfect time to lite up the grill and start cooking BBQ.

Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family, or a bunch of guests, your grill is more than likely going to require a propane refill at one point or another, so having a good idea of where to go before you run out will is going to save you a lot of time and headache from looking around.

If your propane tank is running low or already on the big E, here are a few great BBQ refill propane stations to check out.

  1. Costco 
  2. Uhaul
  3. Ace Hardware 
  4. Tractor Supply 
  5. Amerigas 
  6. Canadian Tire 
  7. Chevron 

Top 7 BBQ propane refill stations

There are plenty of retailers around that can quickly fill your propane tank at an affordable price. In this list, we have seven big brands that can be found all over the country that will refill your propane tank whenever you need it. 

Costco (Refill Service)

Costco is well-known for supplying customers with wholesale items at a discounted price. While food and household supply items are the prevalent products sold by this retail giant, they will also refill your propane tank for a fee. 

Uhaul (Refill Services and Purchase)

While Uhaul is most widely known for its moving and transportation services, they also offer a variety of propane services.

One of these services is refilling and inspecting your propane tanks. You can easily find a Uhaul refill station by logging onto their website.

 Ace Hardware (Refill and Exchanges)

Ace Hardware sells, well, hardware supplies. This is a go-to retailer for repairs and replacement parts. You can head out to any of their locations and pick up a box of nails, a can of paint, and lawn and garden supplies, and then refill your propane tank while you are at it.

Tractor Supply (Refill or Exchanges)

If you own a farm, work with animals, or simply enjoy life outdoors, you have probably already been to a Tractor Supply store.

There you can pick up food, medicine, and care products for pets and livestock or purchase items to build or fix farm and outdoor fixtures. They also offer the ability to refill or exchange your propane tank quickly and easily.

Amerigas (Refill, Purchase, or Exchange)

Amerigas companies are professionals when it comes to all things propane. So, when it is time for you to refill your tank, look online for a retailer closest to you.

If your tank is damaged or old, Amerigas is also willing to exchange your tank for a clean, full one or let you buy a new tank without the exchange.

Canadian Tire (Refill, Purchase, Exchange)

Canadian Tire sells a wide variety of tires, auto products and accessories, fitness gear, and tools and will refill your propane tank at any of their stores.

Like Amerigas, you can also purchase a new tank from this retailer or exchange your old tank for a full one in order to save a little money.

Chevron (Refills or Purchase)

There are quite a few gas stations out there that also offer propane refilling services, and Chevron is one of these places.

So, when you are out telling your gas tank, head inside and purchase a brand new propane tank or have yours refilled for a little less money.

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BBQ Propane Retailers

Not all places are comfortable with or have the equipment, to refill propane tanks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of luck once your tank runs out. Other retailers out there offer exchanges or sell new, full tanks instead.

Many companies, whether they provide refilling services or not, partake in a propane tank exchange program.

This is where you can take your old, used, and empty (or not working) propane tank in, and they will exchange it for a new and full one.

When you do this, you are only paying for the propane, saving you a few bucks compared to purchasing the new product. 

There are also places out there that offer repair services and safety checks on your tanks to ensure the old ones are still in good working condition before filling them up.

Home Depot (Purchase or Exchange)

Home Depot is a popular home improvement store that offers customers everything they need to repair, remodel, and maintain their homes and outdoors.

They are also a common location to go when you want to purchase a propane tank or exchange your old tank for a clean, full one.

Lowes (Exchanges)  

Lowes is a home improvement store that sells a lot of the same things like Home Depot stores, giving people the tools and materials they need to repair, maintain, and upgrade their homes.

Although Lowes does not refill propane tanks, they will exchange your old tank for a new one at any of their physical locations.

Walmart (Exchanges or Purchase)  

Walmart is known for being the one-stop-shop for nearly anything you need, from food to clothing, to auto repairs and so much more.

You can also go to Walmart if you are in need of propane for your BBQ grill. Many Walmart stores sell brand new propane tanks or will exchange a new tank for the old one.

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Propane FAQs

Are There Reasons a Propane Tank Can Not be Filled?

There are a few reasons a retailer might refuse to refill your propane tank. These issues include tanks that are not certified, ones with dents or serious damage, tanks without protective collars, and propane tanks that have a lot of rust.

How Can You Tell Your Propane Tank is Low?

You can typically tell your propane tank is low by checking the gauge attached to the grill, noting it is lighter than usual, or the cooking time is taking longer than normal.

Once you use a grill for a while, it becomes easier to tell how long a tank will last depending on how often you use it, helping determine when the tank is low.

Is BBQ’ing With Propane Safe?

For the most part, it is totally safe to BBQ with propane. However, you must be cautious when handling these tanks because they are highly flammable and can explode.

Always follow directions when using a propane tank and have your tank inspected yearly or replaced when it becomes old or damaged.

BBQ Propane Refill Price

Refilling a BBQ tank is rather affordable for most budgets. The price for refilling a BBQ propane tank will be different depending on where you go and where you live.

However, on average, you will pay between $8 and $20 to refill a 10-gallon tank and $15-$30 for a 20-lb tank.

Consider shopping around at local, small businesses where you will be helping out the community and possibly getting a much better price. 

Summing Things Up

When you are ready to get outside and throw your favorite summer foods on the grill, it is essential to know where to go to get your tank refilled.

Luckily, many large corporations and local retailers will provide you with propane and propane accessories to make your grilling experience go smoothly.




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