Does Lowes Refill Propane Tanks (With 6 Filling Stations)

Does Lowes Refill Propane Tanks

Have you ever wondered if Lowe´s refill propane tanks? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Does Lowe’s Refill Propane Tanks?

Yes, Lowe’s does not refill propane tanks. They do, however, offer the opportunity to exchange an empty propane tank for a full one or to purchase a new propane tank. This makes it easy to get more propane when your tank is empty.

While refilling a propane tank is easy and has many financial benefits, many stores do not offer this because of safety concerns.

There are also advantages to exchanging your propane tank for one that was recently inspected for safety.

Refilling vs Exchanging Tanks

In theory, refilling and exchanging propane tanks are very similar processes. You will go to a filling station with an empty tank, pay for propane, and leave with a full tank.

There are, however, differences between the two processes that can affect the price tag of the service.

When you refill a propane tank, you walk away with the same propane tank you brought. This is regardless of whatever state your propane tank is currently in.

The exceptions to this are if the tank is unsafe to refill or expired.

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If you are at a self-service propane tank refill station, you could technically fill it yourself. However, this is unsafe and not recommended.

If you go to a refill station where an employee fills your tank for you, they cannot refill expired tanks.

When you exchange your propane tank, you will walk away with a different propane tank. The tanks are inspected before the exchange for safety.

This means they should not leak and they should be clean. If your propane tank is near its expiration date, then this can be one way to extend the life of your propane.

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Price Differences Between Refilling and Exchanging Propane Tanks

It is less expensive to refill a propane tank than to exchange one. This is because when you refill a propane tank, you are only paying for the propane you are putting into the tank.

On the other hand, when you exchange a propane tank, you are also paying for the inspection and the newer tank.

There are benefits to both of these situations, and you can choose which suits you the best.

What Brands of Propane Tanks does Lowe’s Carry?

Lowe’s has several brands of propane tanks available including:

  • Blue Rhino
  • Worthington Cylinders
  • Worthington Pro Grade

The availability of these different brands can vary based on location. If you have a preference for one brand over another, you can call your location to see which they currently have in stock.

Also, most Lowe’s stores that offer propane exchanges offer exchanges with Blue Rhino tanks.

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How Much Does It Cost to Exchange a Propane Tank at Lowe’s?

It costs about 20 dollars to exchange a 20-pound propane tank at Lowe’s. That is the most common propane tank size, and it will be the easiest to exchange.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a New Propane Tank at Lowe’s?

If you decide to purchase a new propane tank rather than exchanging one, that will cost between 40 and 50 dollars.

This is for a 20-pound propane tank. This means exchanging a propane tank can save between 20 and 30 dollars when compared to purchasing a new propane tank.

Why Do Propane Tanks Have Expiration Dates?

Propane tanks have expiration dates to keep you safe. The older a tank gets, the more likely it is to have rust, leaks, and small holes.

Propane is a dangerous gas. You do not want to be inhaling it due to a leak and you do not want to risk a fire or other accident due to a damaged propane tank.

Can You Recycle Propane Tanks?

The materials that make up most propane tanks are recyclable. However, due to the propane that may remain in the tanks, there are special protocols required when recycling a propane tank.

For this reason, you should not send propane tanks to average recycling plants.

The easiest way to recycle a propane tank is to exchange it for a new one. Because propane tanks are inspected during the exchange process, it means your old propane tank can safely be reused.

Many other stores and locations offer collections for expired propane tanks, if you want to dispose of your old, empty, or expired propane tanks.

If you are unsure of where to dispose of your propane tank, you can contact your local hazardous waste disposal system.

Propane Gas Filling Stations

Filling stations are often also called gas stations. Many of these stations also offer services like car washes, tire refilling stations, and even propane refills.

Many propane refilling stations are not located at gas stations. Those filling stations are often located at automotive repair shops and department stores.

The following list is not exhaustive but will give you a good place to start if you are looking for places to refill or exchange your propane tanks.

U-Haul Propane Refills and Exchanges

U-Haul is famous for helping people move. They offer moving vans, moving trucks, and trailers. U-Haul is popular because they have locations around the nation, so you can pick up a trailer and drop it off in a different city from where you started.

U-Haul also offers services that are not as directly related to moving. For example, they will help install a trailer hitch on your vehicle so that you can tow your supplies.

Another popular but lesser-known service that they offer is propane refills.

U-Haul offers 24/7 propane refills and the opportunity to pay at the pump, rather than going into a formal location. This is easy for people who need propane refills on the road.

If you are refilling at a U-Haul location, simply press the button at the propane station to request assistance.

Then, the employee will hand you a slip and you can either pay inside or outside. (Outside payment may not be available at all locations).


Costco is widely known for its options for buying items in bulk. Many Costco locations also offer gas refilling stations, tire work, and automotive repairs. Many locations that offer automotive repairs will also have propane refills or exchanges.

One thing to keep in mind when considering Costco is that you will need to be a Costco member to use their services.

When you refill your propane tank at Costco, you will notify a cashier or someone at the automotive department that you have a propane refill.

Some locations may have a button to call an employee to help you at the propane station.

Once they refill the tank, you can go inside to the cashier to pay. For safety, be sure to leave your propane tank outside while you pay.

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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a national chain that offers hardware and home supplies. Many of the locations also offer propane refills.

This is a unique filling station, because Ace Hardware does not offer automobile fuel, and many other filling stations do.

If you leave your propane tank in your car and tell an employee that you need to refill your tank, they can help you and provide you with a receipt to take inside and pay.

Another benefit of Ace hardware is that they sell the equipment to use your own larger propane tanks to refill your smaller ones.


Chevron is a gas-filling station company with thousands of locations around the world. This makes it a very convenient place for propane refills and exchanges.

Chevron has one of the most standard propane refills you can find. Simply ask an employee to help you refill your propane tank and then go to the cashier to pay for the propane.

Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. is another filling station that you may not expect to have propane refills. They specialize in farming equipment and supplies. They also offer propane tanks for purchase or propane refills.

The process for refilling propane is the same at Tractor Supply Co. as at Ace Hardware.

If you want to purchase a new tank, you will pay for it at the cash register, and then an employee can help you collect the tank and take it to your vehicle.


Amerigas is a popular propane supplier in the United States of America. They have dozens of locations, and if you find the one nearest to you on their website, you can go in and have your propane tanks refilled.

You can also exchange old propane tanks or purchase a new one at most Amerigas locations.


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