Does Tractor Supply Refill Propane Tanks (6 Filling Stations)

Does Tractor Supply Refill Propane Tanks

Have you ever wondered if Tractor Supply refills propane tanks? Well, look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Does Tractor Supply Refill Propane Tanks?

Yes, Tractor Supply Co. does refill propane tanks. Their store is open on evenings and weekends, which makes it a convenient choice for propane tank refills.

Some Tractor Supply Co. locations also offer propane tank refilling for RVs. This is a unique feature. It is not available at all locations, so it is important to call your location and confirm if you intend to refill your RV’s propane tank.

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How to Refill Your Propane Tank at Tractor Supply Co.

The propane refill process at Tractor Supply Co. is very painless. The company makes sure every propane refill is both efficient and safe.

1. First, you will find a Tractor Supply Co. location near you. You can do this on the Tractor Supply Co. website.

2. When you arrive at your nearest Tractor Supply Co. you will want to leave your propane tank in your vehicle or outside. For safety reasons, you should never bring your propane tank inside the store.

3. Go into the store and tell an employee that you need help with a propane tank refill. They will take you outside to the propane refilling gate. If you left your propane tank in your vehicle, you will need to bring it over to the refilling area.

4. The employee will then inspect your propane tank to make sure it is safe to refill. There are several flaws in propane tanks that for safety reasons, Tractor Supply Co. cannot ignore. Those imperfections include:

  • Propane tanks that are not certified. Propane tanks have expiration dates. They are certified to be safe and functional within that time. They are not considered safe after the expiration date unless they are re-certified.
  • Propane tanks that do not have protective collars. The protective collars on propane tanks help protect the valves and prevent them from being damaged or broken. The propane tank collar is also frequently the location of the expiration date and other pertinent information.
  • Propane tanks that have bent, damaged, or missing foot rings. The foot ring acts as a stand for the propane tank. It helps prevent the tank from tipping over. It also keeps the propane tank off of the ground.
  • Propane tanks with large amounts of rust. Propane tanks are made of metal and will likely naturally collect rust. A small amount of rust is normal, but when there get to be large collections of rust, you run the risk of leaks and punctures in the propane tank.

5. Stay at least 25 feet away as the employee refills your propane tank. This will help keep you safe. Likewise, if you are refilling the propane for an RV or other camper, you need to vacate the vehicle before the employee can complete the refilling process.

6. The employee will then give you a receipt or slip acknowledging how much propane you were given and they will escort you inside where you can pay for your propane.

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Propane Filling Stations

A filling station is also commonly referred to as a gas station. However, not every gas station offers propane refills. Likewise, not every location that offers propane tank refills is a gas station.

A perfect example of this is Tractor Supply Co. which specializes in supplies for farming and livestock, not fuel.

The following filling stations offer propane tank refills or exchanges. Some are listed as filling stations even though they only offer exchanges. Exchanges can cost more, as you have to pay for the tank as well as the propane.

However, that is valuable if you need a new propane tank. This list of filling stations is not exhaustive, but it will get you started on finding more propane.


U-Haul is most famous for helping people move. They offer moving vans, moving trucks, and trailers. They also offer services that can help with moving like installing trailer hitches. One of their lesser-known services is propane refills.

The website for U-Haul also has lots of information to help people with all of the safety questions propane users may have. 

When you refill your propane tank at U-Haul, they have a button you can press outside to ask for assistance with refilling. The employee will take care of the refilling, so you know the process will be safe.

They will also inspect your propane tank for safety. If it is not safe, they offer new propane tanks you can purchase.

You can pay outside at a machine, so you do not even have to go inside during the entire process.

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Chevron is a popular gas station with thousands of locations around the world. This is a great example of a gas station that is also a propane filling station.

Most Chevron locations offer propane tank refills or propane tanks for sale.

Refilling a propane tank is easy at a Chevron station. You tell an employee you would like to complete a propane refill. They will help refill your tank and give you a slip so you can head inside to pay for your propane.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a prime example of a propane filling station that does not double as a gas station. Ace Hardware specializes in hardware and other home and yard supplies.

It is popular for people doing fixes around the house. Some of those repairs might require propane, so they also offer propane tank refills.

Do not bring your propane tank into an Ace Hardware location. Just let an employee know that you need assistance with a propane tank refill, and they will help refill your tank and then bring you to a cashier to pay for the propane.

At Ace Hardware, you can also purchase the equipment needed to refill a small propane tank from a larger one, so if you have a large propane tank and you frequently need to refill a small tank, this is a great option.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is more than just a tire store. It is a department store that offers sports and fitness equipment as well as automotive supplies.

In addition to this, Canadian Tire offers propane tank refills and exchanges. You can also purchase new propane tanks.

Depending on which service you need, the process at Canadian Tire can change. If you just want to purchase a new propane tank, you just need to inform the cashier and they can help you bring one to your vehicle.

For propane tanks and exchanges, you will have to ask an employee for help and then they will help you with the refilling or exchanging process. You will then go back inside to pay for the tank or fuel.

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Amerigas is a versatile propane refilling station. They specialize in natural gasses. This means they have plenty of services available for your propane tank refills, exchanges, or purchases.

You can find the closest Amerigas location to you on the Amerigas website. The website also lets you filter for the particular propane services you need.

Once you’ve found your location, an employee can help you get more propane.


Lowe’s is another popular hardware store. They offer lawn care, paint, and garden supplies. They do not offer propane tank refills, but they do offer propane exchanges.

Propane exchanges are great if your propane tank is due to be recycled. Exchanges cost more than refills because when you refill you are only paying for the propane.

When you exchange your propane tank, you are paying part of the cost of a new propane tank.

Lowe’s makes propane tank exchanges easy and pain-free.


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