Does Canadian Tire Refill Propane Tanks (6 Filling Stations)

Does Canadian Tire Refill Propane Tanks

Have you ever wondered if Canadian tires refill propane tanks? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Does Canadian Tire Refill Propane Tanks?

Yes, Canadian Tire does refill propane tanks. They also offer propane tank exchanges and new propane tanks for purchase.

Canadian Tire offers propane tanks in varying sizes, so you can refill, exchange, or purchase large and small propane tanks.

If there is not a Canadian Tire near you, there are still many filling stations that offer propane tank refills or exchanges.

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What Services Does Canadian Tire Offer?

Canadian Tire is a department store located in Canada. They specialize in cars, outdoor equipment, sports, and housewares. A similar store in the United States would be Costco, Walmart, or Dick’s.

The automotive department at Canadian Tire offers many services. These services include propane tank refills and exchanges.

They offer automotive assistance with oil changes, tire rotation and installation, and more. Canadian Tire also sells tools and equipment if you want to work on your car by yourself.

What is Special About Canadian Tire’s Propane Refill

Many filling stations have limited offerings when it comes to propane. They will only carry one brand, and they can only refill certain sizes. Canadian Tire carries several different brands, including Flame King and Coleman.

Also, if you are interested in Isobutane fuel for your camping needs, Canadian Tire carries it.

How Much Does It Cost to Refill a Propane Tank?

The cost of propane refilling will vary based on location, but in general, it will cost between 3 and 4 dollars per gallon of propane. Canadian Tire’s refills are within those boundaries.

How Much Does It Cost to Exchange a Propane Tank?

The size of the propane tank is the main factor used in determining the price of propane tank exchanges. In general, you can expect to pay between 5 and 6 dollars per gallon for a propane tank exchange.

As you can see, it is less expensive to refill a propane tank rather than exchanging your old tank for a new one.

However, not every location that offers propane services has both refunds and exchanges, so you may have limited options based on your location.

How Many Gallons of Propane is in a 20-pound Tank?

A 20-pound propane tank can hold about 4.6 gallons of propane. That means, if you refill an empty tank, it will cost between 13.8 and 18.4 dollars.

Why Exchange Rather than Refilling a Propane Tank?

Financially, refilling a propane tank is a wiser decision than exchanging the propane tank. However, if you would have to travel farther for a refill, it may not be worth the time, and an exchange can be easier.

Furthermore, propane tanks have expiration dates. After the expiration date for a propane tank has passed, you cannot refill that tank anymore. So, if your propane tank is near the end of its life, you will be better off exchanging that tank for a fresh one.

Propane Filling Stations

A filling station is also often referred to as a gas or petrol station. Many filling stations offer propane tank refills or exchanges in addition to their fuel offerings.

There are also propane filling stations at many popular automotive and department stores. If you are looking to refill your propane tanks, do not forget to check these locations.

The following filling stations offer propane tank refills or exchanges.


Sunoco is a gas filling station primarily located in the United States. The company was founded in the late 1800s in Pennsylvania. The company was known as the Sun Oil Company. The Sun Oil Company opened its first filling station.

The Sun Oil Company gradually turned into the Sunoco Company.

Amongst many of its offerings and business ventures, Sunoco also offers propane refills. The propane availability may vary based on location.

Sunoco also has a history and experience with oil and natural gas, so they have an excellent system for propane refills and plenty of resources to back it up.

To refill your propane tank at Sunoco, leave your propane tank in your car and tell the cashier or an attendant that you have a propane tank to refill.

They will have someone come and refill your tank. They will give you a receipt that you can take inside to pay for the propane.


U-Haul is not a gas or petrol station, but they do offer propane tank refills. U-Haul is widely renowned for its moving vans and trailer options, but did you know that they have many other services as well?

U-Haul can install trailer hitches, offer moving services, and offers propane refills and exchanges.

It is easy to find a U-Haul with propane refills near you, as they have a link for it on their website. Simply type in your city and state or zip code, and U-Haul will help you find a location where you can exchange your propane tank for a new one or refill your propane tank.

From that same website, you can find safety tips for working with propane.

When you refill your propane tank at a U-Haul location, there is a center located outside for propane. You can press a button to call an attendant, and they will handle the refilling process for you.

You can even pay at the pump for the U-Haul refill, so there is no need to go inside the building. This is a feature that not many filling stations offer.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire offers propane tank refills and exchanges. Canadian Tire is a department store located in Canada. The rest of this article dove into depths about the process of refilling your propane tank at Canadian Tire.

Another feature that Canadian Tire offers is the option to purchase new propane tanks. If your propane tank is near expiration and you want one that will last many years, buying a new one can extend the lifetime of your tank more than exchanging will.

You can also purchase a new tank if you need to upgrade the size of your tank.

More information on propane tank refilling and exchanges at Canadian Tire is located on their website.


Walmart is a department store that also offers automotive services. They have a gas filling station. They do not offer propane refills, but they do offer propane tank exchanges and the opportunity to purchase new propane tanks.

If you want to exchange your propane tank at Walmart, simply tell the cashier and they will have someone trade your used propane tank for a new one.

Then you will pay at the cashier. Make sure to leave your propane tank outside.

Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company offers more than just tractors. They have plenty of outdoor supplies and other farming equipment. They also offer propane tanks for sale and the opportunity to refill your propane tank.

They ask that you leave your propane tank in your vehicle until an employee can come to help you in the specially designated propane refill station outside.

Then, the process is similar to many filling stations, as the employee will fill your tank and give you a slip that you take inside to pay for the propane.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is another propane filling station that is often overlooked because the store’s primary function is as a hardware store.

Ace Hardware offers propane exchanges and refills, so you can select which service best fits your needs.

Another benefit of using Ace Hardware is they sell the equipment you would need if you plan on ever refilling your smaller propane tanks from a larger tank that you own.


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