Home Depot Return Policy on Lumber (All You Need to Know)

Home Depot Return Policy on Lumber

Do you know what Home Depot’s return policy on Lumber is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Home Depot is the place to go for all your lumber needs, but sometimes you purchase the wrong kind of wood or way more than you need for a project. Does Home Depot allow you to return lumber?

Home Depot accepts lumber for returns if it is unused and proof of purchase is provided.

In this article, we will cover how to return lumber to Home Depot including exceptions and time frames.

Additionally, we will review how you will receive your refund for lumber if you can return it without a receipt, and what to do about returning custom lumber orders to Home Depot.

How Do You Return Lumber to Home Depot?

If you need to return lumber to Home Depot, simply bring the unwanted lumber to your nearest Home Depot location with the receipt and the tags.

Having the UPC tags still on the lumber will help Home Depot identify that the wood came from their store and not another since there are usually no other identifying features on lumber.

While Home Depot should accept lumber for return, they also reserve the right to deny a return for any reason especially if it may be a fraudulent transaction.

When you bring the lumber to the returns department, a Home Depot associate will scan your receipt and refund you for the item you want to return.

If the lumber you are returning is damaged or defective, make sure to tell the associate handling the return so that they can accurately reflect the nature of the return and record it as a loss in their inventory.

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Can You Return All Lumber to Home Depot?

Although Home Depot is generous regarding its return policy, there are certain conditions that they will not accept lumber for returns.

Lumber that has been cut after purchase cannot be returned because it is not in its original condition. Cut lumber cannot be resold and a Home Depot associate will measure the lumber to ensure it is the correct length.

Custom orders may require special return circumstances that could include a restocking fee. If Home Depot suspects that the return may be fraudulent, they have the right to refuse the return. Otherwise, any cut of lumber that has the original UPC tag with it can be returned for a refund.

Returning lumber with a valid receipt will more likely ensure that you get a full refund for your lumber and is likely to result in the refusal of a return.

If the wood has been damaged or abused in any way that occurred after the purchase of the lumber, Home Depot may refuse to accept the return because the damage was not the fault of the supplier.

How Long Do You Have to Return Lumber to Home Depot?

You have ninety days from the date of your lumber purchase to return any unwanted lumber to Home Depot. This allows you a full three months to figure out if actually want or need the lumber you have purchased. You can extend your return time frame if you purchase lumber with one of Home Depot’s credit accounts.

If you use a Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge card, Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, or a Home Depot Commercial account, you have a full year to return any lumber purchases bought with any one of these cards.

The rules regarding cut and used lumber still apply regardless of payment method.

If you don’t have your receipt, a Home Depot may be able to look up your purchase if it was made during the past thirty days in order to accept the return.

How Will I Get My Refund for Lumber Returned to Home Depot?

As long as you have your receipt or proof of purchase, you will be given a full refund in the form of tender with which you originally paid for the lumber.

Cash back and gift cards will be issued immediately, while refunds on a debit or credit card may not hit your account until five to seven business days later.

If you are attempting to return a lumber purchase that is more than $1,000 and was originally purchased by check or cash, Home Depot may have to issue you a check from their corporate office which will be sent by mail to your home address.

Lumber returns that are not accompanied by a receipt will be refunded with a gift card. If you need to mail back your lumber return, your refund will be credited to the purchasing account as soon as the products have been processed by the returns department.

In this case, a full refund could take as long as fourteen days to be given.

Can I Return Lumber to Home Depot Without a Receipt?

Home Depot will allow you to return lumber without a receipt. However, you may not receive a full refund for the product. Returns without a receipt will be refunded with a gift card regardless of how the original purchase was made.

Additionally, the maximum refund that Home Depot can issue a non-receipted return is in the amount of the lowest sale price within the last ninety days.

If you don’t have your receipt but you paid with a debit or credit card, a Home Depot associate might be able to find your purchase by looking it up on the computer.

If he or she can successfully locate the purchase information, you may be given a full refund back on your card.

Returns without a receipt are more likely to be declined, so it is important to try to save your receipts especially if you aren’t certain that you will keep the lumber.

A Home Depot associate will ask to see a valid ID such as your driver’s license when making a non-receipted return to keep track of the quantity and nature of returns to their store.

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If I Have a Custom Lumber Order from Home Depot Can I Return It?

Custom lumber orders can be returned to Home Depot as long as they have not been cut after purchase. Any special lumber orders must also be returned to the exact Home Depot location at which it was originally purchased.

The return of such an order may also be accompanied by a restocking fee generally in the amount of 15% of the purchase.

Custom orders can be hard to resell, so Home Depot discourages returning such items but understands that sometimes they don’t work out as originally intended.

Make sure you have your original receipt when returning custom orders and talk to a customer service representative if you have any questions.


Home Depot’s lumber return policy is quite generous, allowing customers to return any unused lumber for a full refund with a receipt within ninety days of purchase.

Home Depot Commercial and Consumer cardholders can have the benefit of a full year to return lumber.

Any lumber that is cut after purchase will not be accepted for returns since it cannot be resold. Custom lumber orders must be returned to the store they were purchased and may require a restocking fee.

As long as you keep the tags on your lumber, you should be able to return to Home Depot.




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