Hobby Lobby Return Policy on Christmas Trees (Your Complete Guide)

hobby lobby return policy on christmas trees

Having the perfect Christmas tree decorating your home during the holidays is important to many people. That is why it is nice to know there are some stores out there that make returning the “wrong” tree easy.

Is Hobby Lobby one of these “easy to get along with stores?” Hobby Lobby allows you to return your Christmas tree to any of their physical locations, as long as it is in brand new condition and in its original packaging. In order to get your full refund back the same way you bought it, you must have the original receipt present. Without a receipt or after 30-days, you will only receive store credit.

If you purchased a Christmas Tree from Hobby Lobby and decided you don’t like it, you do have options. However, if you brought it home and set it up only to find out it doesn’t work, you may encounter some trouble.

What is Hobby Lobby’s Return Policy on Christmas trees?

If you bought your Christmas tree online, you can return it by mail or in-store as long as the item is still in sellable conditions and still in the original box. 

If you decide you don’t want it within 30-days of the original purchase date, you can return it for a full refund as long as you have the original receipt or invoice. This refund will be returned to you the exact same way you paid for it, with checks requiring a 10-day waiting period to ensure they are processed. 

If you do not have your receipt and you still want to return the tree, you have one of two options. You can exchange that tree for another one, or you can receive store credit for the lowest price the tree sold for within the last 60-days.

Without a receipt, if that item was ever on sale within the past two months, that’s the amount you get back, even if you paid full price. You will also need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID for the return.

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Can You Return A Christmas Tree Purchased Online to the Store?

Yes. Although Hobby Lobby has a policy stating no items over $250 bought online can be returned in-store, this rule excludes Christmas Trees.

Even if your tree was over the $250 limit, it could still be returned to a brick-and-mortar location for a full refund as long as you have the original receipt.

Can You Return a Christmas Tree to Hobby Lobby By Mail?

Hobby Lobby will accept Christmas Tree returns by mail as long as it is accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.

You are also required to pay the fees associated with the return unless you received the item from Hobby Lobby in damaged conditions; in this case, you must contact customer service before sending it back.

All products are returned by mail to Hobby Lobby in their original packaging and in sellable condition.

Can You Take Damaged or Defective Christmas Trees Back to Hobby Lobby?

If you bought a Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby and noticed it is damaged in any way, you must contact the customer service department before attempting the return.

Typically, this store will refer you to the manufacturer for any defective products, and the only way you can take it back to Hobby Lobby is if the issue was their fault.

For example, if you get your new tree home, get it set up, plug it in, and half the lights don’t light up; chances are good Hobby Lobby will not take the tree back and will tell you to call the manufacturer of the tree to receive any type of help.

Hobby Lobby is not responsible for honoring the manufactures warranty and will not accept certain items at all unless they are in the original packaging, unopened, and you have the original receipt. 

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What is the Best Way to Contact Hobby Lobby’s Customer Service Department?

For the majority of returns or exchanges, you are advised to contact Hobby Lobby’s customer service department before making a trip back to the store or slapping a shipping label on the package.

If you are trying to send back a Christmas tree you no longer want, you can contact customer service by calling 1-800-888-0321 Monday–Friday between  8 Am–5 Pm CT.

Does Hobby Lobby Keep Records of Purchases?

If you bought a Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby and you cannot find your receipt, you might be able to contact customer service and have them look up the transaction for you.

This is going to be much more successful if you bought the item online, but a transaction with credit or debit cards can be looked up as well.

If you bought your Christmas tree in a store with cash or with a gift card, there is no way for the store to look up this transaction, and the only way you can get a refund is with store credit. 

What is the Time Frame for a Refund on Christmas Trees From Hobby Lobby?

If you requested a refund from Hobby Lobby online, you would end up waiting about two weeks to see the transaction show up on your account or to get your store credit.

If you make the return in stores, cashback will be automatic, but the returned refund to a credit or debit card can take up to 14 days.

If you are receiving a refund in the form of store credit, that will be given to you immediately on a store gift card and can be used at any time. 

Summing Things Up

If you bought a Christmas Tree from Hobby Lobby and simply decided it wasn’t suitable for your holiday decor, you can return it to their stores for a full refund within 30-days with a receipt, no questions asked.

If the return takes place after 60-days or without a receipt is still possible as long as the tree is still in sellable condition and you are okay with receiving store credit. 





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