Gap Return Policy In Canada (Full Guide)

Gap return Policy Canada

Do you live in Canada? Do you love to shop at the Gap? If so, you probably have a ton of questions regarding their return policy on items you no longer like or don’t fit as you had hoped. Luckily we have the answers you are looking for.

In Canada, customers have 30-days from the initial date of purchase to return their item for a total refund. The item must be in brand-new condition, never worn, and must be accompanied by proof of purchase.

While this may seem straightforward, and for the most part, there are still plenty of rules and regulations we feel are important to discuss when it comes to returning products to Gap stores; all these and more are listed in the article below.

What is Gap’s Return Policy In Canada?

If you live in Canada and recently purchased products from Gap that you no longer want, it doesn’t fit right, or it doesn’t look like you had hoped, you can return the products within, 30-days to get a full refund.

These products have to be in brand new, unused condition at the time of the return and not damaged or defective. 

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What if I Lost My Receipt? Will Gap Stores in Canada Still Accept My Returns?

A lot of people tend to toss their receipts out once they get home or accidentally lose them during transit from the store to their house.

Unfortunately, without these receipts, you probably won’t have the option of a refund, and you are stuck with the product you bought. 

With that said, if you bought the item online or with a credit card, there is more than likely some sort of paper trail that can help you out, providing proof of purchase.

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How Do I Return an Item to Gap in Canada?

If you have an item to return to Gap, you can easily do this one of two different ways. First, you can take the product back to the physical retail store.

You can do this by going into the store and heading to the customer service desk. There you will give the employee the item along with the original receipt and proof of ID. 

Once the employee has inspected the product to ensure it is in brand new condition, you will receive your refund back in the same method of payment as you originally bought it.

For example, if you paid for a t-shirt in cash, your refund will be returned in cash.

What About Online Returns?

If you purchased an item online from Gap, you could refund it in stores, or you can choose to send it back.

All returns placed within 30-days of the original sale are authorized as long as the items are sent back in brand-new condition.

Gap returns are totally free, so you won’t be responsible for any shipping costs.

To return a product to Gap in Canada, log onto your Gap account, select the item you wish to return, then follow the prompts provided.

You will receive a pre-paid return mail label to attach to your package that can then be taken to the designated shipping company.

Can I Return an Item Purchased in Store Online?

Unfortunately, you can not mail a return back to Gap if you purchased it at a physical store; the only way to return these products is by taking them to where you first bought them or another local Gap building. 

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Can I Return A Gap Purchase to Another Gap Company?

There are multiple stores owned by Gap, including Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athletica. Although they are all owned by the same corporation, you can not take an item purchased at one store back to another.

This means you can not return a pair of jeans purchased at Gap to Old Navy and Vice Versa. 

Any products purchased from Gap in Canada must be returned to another Gap. 

What if I Already Wore the Item?

Unfortunately, Gap has a strict policy regarding the return of any items already worn by the customer. If the product is missing its original tags and is noticeably worn, you will not have the option to take it back.

What if I Just Washed it?

A lot of people are in the habit of washing their new clothes before putting them on. This is a great idea for many health concerns.

However, it is crucial you are absolutely positive you want to keep the clothing before sticking it in a washing machine. If you wash the item, it is yours for good.

Gap will not accept any items that are altered in any way, and this includes products that have gone through the washer. 

Can I Exchange an Item Purchased at Gap Canada?

Say you purchased a tank top from Gap in blue and got it home only to realize red is more your color. No worries, Gap does offer exchanges for its customers and what’s even better is that it is free.

Exchange any product you want for a different color, size, or design as long as it has yet to be worn, and you have the proper proof of purchase.

Can I Return a Gift to Gap in Canada?

If you received a gift and the item was from a Gap store in Canada, you can easily return it with the gift receipt in hand to get a full refund in the form of a gift card to then use to purchase whatever you want.

Without a gift receipt, you can return the item and get a voucher in the mail for the price of the item at the current time.

Summing Things Up

The Gap return policy in Canada is extremely similar to most clothing retailers in the country and in the US. You have 30-days from the original purchase date to decide whether the product is right for you. 

Remember to always keep your receipt on hand and never wash anything until you are positive you want to keep it. 



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